How to solve Kerosenia plant puzzles in Tower of Fantasy

How to solve Kerosenia plant puzzles in Tower of Fantasy
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While exploring Tower of Fantasy’s large open world, you’ll encounter suspicious-looking plants that look like they might be hiding rewards. You’re not wrong—these environmental puzzles run rampant across Aida and usually hide something amazing inside. But unlike Supply Pods, which you can loot simply by interacting with them, environmental puzzles require you to put in a little extra work to get rewards.

Among these puzzles are Kerosenia plants, which look like green leaves surrounding a red bowl with black liquid oozing out of it. Don’t ignore these amazing plants—they hide rewards including Black and Gold Nuclei! Here’s what to do when you encounter Kerosenia.

How to loot items from plants with red oil bowl in Tower of Fantasy

How to solve Kerosenia plant puzzles in Tower of Fantasy

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

The black liquid oozing out of the Kerosenia plant is oil, which naturally explodes when in contact with fire. With that said, you can use any weapon that can apply the fire element to burn the Kerosenia and release the reward hidden inside it. All players get a fire element weapon called the Composite Bow during the tutorial, so you can loot items from Kerosenia even when you’re a new player! Keep in mind that the Kerosenia will not always release a reward. But when it does—you’re likely to get a Black or Gold Nucleus.

Check out our guide on How to solve Chowchow plant puzzles in Tower of Fantasy to loot items from another strange plant in the game.

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