How to register for Twitter, create a Twitter account

For those who are interested in the social network Twitter, then how to register for Twitter, create a Twitter account below will help readers quickly get themselves a Twitter account that is gaining a lot of popularity. this user.

Exit Twitter account on iPhone, log out Twitter, logout Twitter on iPhone, iPad
How to change Twitter name on iPhone, iPad
How to report fake Twitter accounts on your phone, fake Twitter accounts
Delete Twitter account on iPhone, Remove Twitter on iPhone, iPad, iOS
Twitter will delete inactive accounts on 11/12 to free up usernames

To be able to help other people participate in social networks Twitter One of the most popular social networks to receive today, in this article will introduce and guide you how to register for Twitter, create the latest Twitter account today.

How to register for Twitter, create a Twitter account

How to register for Twitter, create a Twitter account

To create a Twitter social network account on the phone, we will have the following steps:

Step 1: You can download and install the latest version of Twitter for Android and iPhone here:+ For Android devices: Download Twitter for Android
+ For iPhone devices: Download Twitter for iPhone

Step 2: Next, we will start this application after it has successfully downloaded and installed.

Step 3: At this point, we will in turn click on the item, select the item Create an account and enter the account information and Email used.

How to register for Twitter, create a Twitter account

Or you can click on Use phone to enter your phone number to register, create a Twitter account on your phone.

Step 4: Once you have entered all the necessary information, we will click on the Register item, if you use Email as an example to create an account, Sign up for Twitter below, the system will send an Email containing an activation code like figure below.

How to register for Twitter, create a Twitter account

– You will need to in turn click on the Gmail application as well as the content of the letter containing the activation code for this Twitter account.

How to register for Twitter, create a Twitter account

– You need to correctly enter this Twitter registration confirmation code into the application, then the application system will continue to ask the user to create a password for this account.

How to register for Twitter, create a Twitter account

Step 5: Next, we will need to click on I am not a Robot and confirm Continue.

How to register for Twitter, create a Twitter account

Step 6: For those who use Email to register for Twitter, you will need to enter the phone number as well as the confirmation code sent by the switchboard via text message.

How to register for Twitter, create a Twitter account

Step 7: Then the system will notify that the process of creating a Twitter account has been completed and unlocked, please click Continue with Twitter in turn and confirm whether to allow this application to sync with phone contacts.

How to register for Twitter, create a Twitter account

– Finally, the system will ask you to select the interests when using this social network and switch us to the main interface of this social network application.

How to register for Twitter, create a Twitter account

So, we’ve just gone together to learn about the steps on how to register for Twiiter, create an extremely hot social networking application account today when you are bored of joining Facebook to have yourself new experiences, you can learn more how stream live video on Twitter here.

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