How to raise Two Point Campus attractiveness

Everything you need to know about finding out and increasing your Two Point Campus attractiveness for various challenges, from adding decor to student clubs

How to raise Two Point Campus attractiveness

Looking for ways to raise Two Point Campus attractiveness? This stat applies to rooms, gardens, and hallways in your campus and can affect your Two Point Campus happiness and room prestige. There are also various challenges that task you with raising your attractiveness, so it’s important to know how to do this, and how to monitor areas which need a little love.

To see problem areas, select the eye at the bottom of the screen to get an overlay menu of all the stats. Select attractiveness, which is the pink flower icon, and it’ll cover your campus in a colourful green (hopefully) overlay – green means the areas are attractive and clear is where there are no attractive items.

How to increase Two Point Campus attractiveness

Now you know how to find the areas that need work, here’s how to quickly increase your Two Point Campus attractiveness. Be sure not to add lots of the same item as a quick fix, as this negatively affects your room prestige, and it’s no fun.

Furnishings and decorations

The easiest way to increase the attractiveness of your campus is to place furnishings and decorations like plants, posters, and paintings around the campus. Or, if you’re improving your outside area, fountains and trees are another good way to quickly increase the overall attractiveness. You can see which items in the menu increase the attractiveness of the room, but again, don’t overdo it with the same items as this decreases room prestige.

Keep it clean

Ensure your campus is clean and tidy by placing lots of bins around for messy students to drop their litter. Also hire plenty of janitors to keep things in tip top condition, as a dirty campus affects the attractiveness, and therefore happiness of your students and teachers.

Nature Club

Consider placing a Nature Club Stand to improve the attractiveness in a large radius, so you don’t have to worry about individually placing items. Students can join this club and members even keep the campus tidy and attractive.

These are the quickest and most efficient ways to raise your Two Point Campus attractiveness. If you’re just getting started, here’s our Two Point Campus guide for beginners, how to increase Two Point Campus grades, and a Two Point Campus Kudosh guide on how to farm this rare currency.

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