How to practice safe Switch!

How to practice safe Switch!

As simple as it may all look, attaching and detaching straps from your Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons can actually be fraught with peril.

We say this from (really dumb) experience, having put one on upside down within minutes of excitedly unpacking our shiny new console. While we still argue that it’s a design flaw – you shouldn’t be able to put them on arse-about in the first place, grumble, grumble, grumble – we were lucky. With some very careful flat screwdriver wielding we managed to prise the seemingly unbudgeable object off our Joy-Con without destroying our expensive new toy.

But let’s face it, it’s easier just to avoid such mishaps in the first place by practicing safe Switch.

Nintendo obviously agree with us, issuing a pair of videos outlining the correct way to both attach and remove the straps from your Joy-Cons without stuffing anything up.

To save you hunting about all over the big, wide web, here they are…

Nintendo Switch at JB Hi-Fi!

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