How to download Windows 11 ISO file from Microsoft

If you are looking for a way download Windows 11 ISO file from Microsoft, to install Win or make a computer ghost, you have come to the right place. Windows 11 version has tools to help you optimize screen space, maximize your productivity.

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Operating system Windows 11 comes with a large amount of new features, has a streamlined layout with pastel colors, rounded corners to the launch sound. Windows 11 delivers new experiences that are tailored to the way you work, secure by design and easy to use. Downloading Windows 11 is easier than downloading Windows 10. The following article Taimienphi will guide you to download Windows 11 ISO file from Microsoft with just a few steps.

How to download Windows 11 ISO file from Microsoft

Link to download Windows 11 ISO from Microsoft

Instructions to download Windows 11 ISO file from Microsoft

Step 1: Open a web browser on your computer, visit the link HERE
Step 2: At the Microsoft interface, scroll down and select Windows 11 section Download Windows 11 Disk Image (ISO) => press Download.

How to download Windows 11 ISO file from Microsoft

Step 3: Next you choose the display language as English section Select the product language => press Confirm To go to the next step, you can choose a different Windows 11 language if you want.

How to download Windows 11 ISO file from Microsoft

Step 4: The system will now provide a link to download the Windows 11 ISO file from Microsoft with the language you selected in the above step, press the . button 64-bit Download green Blue.
– Note: Windows 11 OS only has 64bit, there is no 32bit version like Win10/8/7/XP version.

How to download Windows 11 ISO file from Microsoft

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