How to Display Hockey Cards

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Instead of keeping your hockey cards stashed away in old shoe boxes, go ahead and show off some of your favorites! If you have some high-value cards, use professional-grade preservation methods so you can display them without harming them. Even run-of-the-mill hockey cards are best displayed in protective sleeves or card albums. For a fun project, mount a hockey stick on the wall and use it as a display rail for some of your favorite cards!


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How to Display Hockey Cards

Use rigid top-load sleeves and tripod holders for shelf displays. Top load sleeves are made of clear, rigid plastic and—as the name indicates—you insert a hockey card by sliding it into the slit at the top. Look for them as sports memorabilia stores or online, where you’ll also find display tripods that hold the sleeves upright for display. Simply unfold a tripod and set the sleeved card onto it for a quick and easy display option.

  • Put a few of your favorite hockey cards on a bookshelf along with your favorite hockey books, DVDs, or video games. Or, place some of your hockey equipment, such as a helmet or glove, on the shelf with your cards.
  • If you want to display a card and a puck together, look online for combined card-and-puck holders that are ideal for setting on a bookshelf or desk.

How to Display Hockey Cards

Place a single card inside a picture frame for display. Slide the card into a top-load sleeve for protection, then use tape or glue to stick it to the center of a sheet of black construction paper (or similar paper) cut to fit inside the picture frame. Close up the frame and either hang it on the wall or set it on a shelf with your other hockey memorabilia.

  • Use a picture frame that has UV protection to prevent your card from fading. Also, put the frame in a spot that doesn’t get direct sunlight.
  • If you want to display a high-value card this way, have it professionally framed by someone who works with sports memorabilia.

How to Display Hockey Cards

Buy a sports card wall display frame to show up to 20 cards. These display frames are essentially large photo frames with numerous (often 20) matted cut-outs for displaying sports cards under the glass. Simply remove the back panel of the frame, put your cards in place, stick the back panel on again, and hang the display frame wherever you want it.

  • Look in sports collectible stores or online for display frames that provide UV protection. Even if you’re displaying cards that aren’t worth lots of money, you don’t want the sun to fade them out!

How to Display Hockey Cards

Protect numerous display-worthy cards in a sports card binder. Most sports card binders have 3 metal rings that accept 9-sleeve clear plastic page sheets. This means you can display 9 cards (front and back) or 18 cards (front only) per sheet, and often hundreds within a single binder! Just put the binder in an easily-accessible location, like on a bookshelf or coffee table.

  • While your hockey cards won’t be on visible display, keeping them in a binder makes them far less susceptible to fading and other problems caused by exposure to UV rays.

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How to Display Hockey Cards

Have your top-value cards professionally mounted for private display. This is the best way to preserve the value of a rare, mint-condition hockey card. Contact sports card collectors in your area to find a reputable grading agency that can properly assess and mount your card in a labeled protective display case.

  • Even when given this ultimate level of protection, it’s best to keep the card out of view in a dark spot with low humidity and average room temperature. Just get it out to enjoy yourself (or show off to others) from time to time!

How to Display Hockey Cards

Display your important cards in magnetic or screw-tightened cases. These display mounts have 2 pieces of clear acrylic that enclose your card either by magnets or by tightening 2 screws. These cases are made for high-value cards and provide UV protection, but you should still display your cards away from direct sunlight.

  • Set an encased card on a sports card display tripod to show it off on a shelf with your favorite signed hockey puck or an autographed stick blade.

How to Display Hockey Cards

Make photocopies of your valuable cards for display purposes. With a good flatbed scanner, a color printer, and some card stock, you can make a decent (or better) replica of the front image of a hockey card. You won’t fool any collectors, but the copied card will look fine to display on a shelf once placed in a top-load or other protective case.

  • Use a sharp pair of crafting scissors or a crafting knife to cut the copied card to size.
  • Don’t use a top-load scanner that feeds the item you’re copying into the mechanism—you might ruin your favorite hockey card!

Method 3 Method 3 of 3:Making a Hockey Stick Display Rail Download Article

How to Display Hockey Cards

Use a level to mark where you’ll hang the hockey stick on the wall. Hold a spirit level (also called a carpenter’s level) against the wall so that the bubble is centered, then draw a pencil line on the wall across the top of the level. Remove the spirit level and hold your stick to the wall horizontally (with the blade pointing up) so that the top of the stick’s shaft is even with the pencil line. Extend the pencil line to equal the entire length of the stick’s shaft.

  • It’s possible for you to do this alone, but it is a bit easier with a second set of hands to help out!

How to Display Hockey Cards

Use adhesive strips to hang your stick without damaging the wall. Peel the backing off one side of 3-4 removable adhesive strips, space them out evenly along the side of the stick that will be against the wall, and press them firmly in place. Peel the backing off the other side of the strips and use the level line on the wall as your guide as you firmly press the stick into place.

  • 3M Command strips are one of the most well-known brands of removable adhesive strips. No matter which brand you choose, follow the product instructions for specific guidance.
  • Removable adhesive strips that incorporate hook-and-loop (such as Velcro) closures in between the adhesive elements are best for this application, as they make it easier to remove the stick (and the strips) from the wall.
  • The average modern adult-size hockey stick weighs only around 2 lb (910 g), which is well within the holding range of 3-4 large removable adhesive strips.

How to Display Hockey Cards

Find 2 wall studs along the level line if you’re not using adhesive strips. Use a battery-powered stud finder to locate 2 wooden framing studs behind the finished wall along your level line. Mark these stud locations with a pencil so you can drill directly into the studs when hanging your hockey stick.

  • Stud finders typically light up and beep when they pass over studs.
  • In the U.S., wall studs are typically located 16 in (41 cm) apart. With some practice, you may be able to find them simply by tapping on the wall with your knuckle or a hammer—you’ll hear a duller “thud” when you’re over a stud.
  • If you can’t find 2 studs where you need them, install plastic wall anchors that expand and hold tight when you drive a screw into them.

How to Display Hockey Cards

Buy and install stick mounting brackets so you can swap out sticks. Hold the display mounts (which are usually blocky C-shaped plastic clips) over the marked stud locations, mark the screw locations with a pencil, and drill pilot holes into the wall studs with a power drill. Use a screwdriver to secure the mounts to the wall with screws, then press the stick into the mounts until it snaps in place.

  • Search for “hockey stick mounting brackets” for buying options. Follow the specific installation instructions for the brackets you purchase.
  • To display a different stick, simply pull the old stick free from the clips and pop in a new one!

How to Display Hockey Cards

Screw the stick directly to the wall for a permanent and seamless setup. Hold the stick up to the wall along the level line, blade pointed up, and transfer the marked stud locations to the stick’s shaft. Use a power drill to drill pilot holes through the center of the stick’s shaft at these market locations. Hold the stick back up to the wall, stick a pencil through the pilot holes in the stick, and mark your drilling locations on the wall. Drill pilot holes in the wall studs, then use a screwdriver to secure the stick to the wall with screws.

  • While this method involves drilling holes into the stick, it also secures the stick flush against the wall for a more streamlined look.

How to Display Hockey Cards

Put your hockey cards in clear display sleeves or cases. Rigid display sleeves or cases are best here, not floppy plastic sleeves. Use common top-loading sports card display sleeves for lower value cards and high-end, UV-protected, magnetic or screw-tightened display cases for higher value cards.

  • If you’re displaying high-value hockey cards on the wall, make sure they’re in UV-protected sleeves and won’t be in direct sunlight!

How to Display Hockey Cards

Stick the covered cards to the wall, lined up above the stick’s shaft. Use the stick’s shaft to line up the bottoms of all the cards, but keep them in place by sticking them to the wall itself. Use poster putty or mounting tape to secure the cards in place.

  • The cards will look like they’re resting along the top of the hockey stick, but they will be more securely in place because they’re attached to the wall.
  • Mount multiple hockey sticks in parallel to display several rows of hockey cards on a single wall!

Things You’ll Need

Making a Hockey Stick Display Rail

  • Stud finder
  • Spirit level
  • Pencil
  • Power drill
  • Screwdriver
  • Screws
  • Wall anchors (optional)
  • Rigid protective sleeves for sports cards
  • Poster putty or mounting tape
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