How to activate Samsung warranty

Today, with every Samsung phone device, users have a plan to activate Samsung warranty after just a few simple steps. And the following article will guide you to do this.

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For those who are familiar with new Samsung devices today, learning how to activate Samsung warranty is one of the essential things for users to be able to use this device safely. warranty support incentives from distributors.

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How to activate Samsung warranty

How to activate Samsung warranty

To be able to perform the Samsung phone warranty activation, we will have the following operations:

Step 1: You access the caller from the main screen of the phone.

Step 2: At this point we will proceed to enter the character code *#06# as shown below so that we can continue to check iMEI on our Samsung phone.

How to activate Samsung warranty

And to be able to proceed with Samsung warranty activation, you need to remember the IMEI number displayed on this screen.

Step 3: Then, we will perform Samsung warranty activation by accessing the messenger as shown below. Here you will compose the activation message according to the syntax

Code_imei_phone_Samsung_number send 6060.

How to activate Samsung warranty

At this time, the Samsung switchboard system will confirm the Imei code that you have sent and make a successful warranty activation message to your phone..

* How to check Samsung warranty

Similar to how to activate Samsung warranty that we learned above, you can continue to compose a message with the syntax: Code_imei_phone_Samsung_number send 6060 to be able to capture the device warranty date information from the time the device is successfully activated.

Thus, we have just come together to learn about the steps to activate Samsung warranty, one of the product lines that are being chosen by many people today with a variety of models and prices to choose from. you choose to buy.

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