How Rihanna became a billionaire thanks to her lingerie (without singing a note) | show

How Rihanna became a billionaire thanks to her lingerie (without singing a note) | show

Rihanna (33) is officially billionaire and the richest singer in the world, according to business magazine Forbes. And that while she hasn’t made a new record in five years. How did she do that?

It has little to do with her music, the magazine concludes. The star, born in Barbados as Robyn Rihanna Fenty, is sixteen years after her breakthrough with Pon the replay especially an entrepreneur.

Her lingerie brand Savage x Fenty, launched in 2017, is now worth around 1 billion dollars (844 million euros). That’s still peanuts compared to her makeup company Fenty Beauty, which is worth $2.8 billion and owns half of it. In the first full financial year 2018, the brand immediately recorded a turnover of 550 million dollars, more than 464 million euros.

Fellow cosmetic giants like Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian could only dream of such sums, writes Forbes. Its success is partly due to Rihanna’s huge fan base on social media. With 103 million followers on Instagram alone, a quick post is enough to promote products. But there she is, next to Kylie (254 million followers) and Kim (241 million), a modest player. That is not the core.

50 colors

The key word is inclusivity. Rihanna was one of the first entrepreneurs to create makeup for a wide range of skin tones and advertise with models to match. Her foundation is available in dozens of colors.

“Many women noticed that there were no products for their specific skin color,” market expert Shannon Coyne told the magazine. ,,You had light, medium, medium-dark and dark. We all know this is not the reality.”

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plus size

Nor were the fashion shows of lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret, with the always thin models in the smallest sets. Rihanna’s brand also has larger sizes and has featured plus-size models in campaigns.

Romee Strijd at the 2018 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. © AFP

The star thus ‘clipped’ according to Forbes single-handedly the famous angel wings of Victoria’s Secret, which has meanwhile stopped the shows. While the brand is struggling with declining sales, Savage x Fenty is well on its way to becoming the market leader after a 200 percent increase in sales last year.

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Bigger than Rihanna

The end is also far from in sight for Rihanna. Fenty Skin, a line of skin care products launched last year, also promises to be a huge success. That doesn’t apply to everything Rihanna touches, by the way. At the end of last year, she pulled the plug on a fashion and accessories branch of Fenty, which had suffered greatly from the corona pandemic.

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The only bad news for her fans: Rihanna is very busy with her businesses. Where she previously presented a new album almost every year, it has been since Anti from 2016 now silent. Although she will undoubtedly sing again one day, she does not have to do it for the money.

,,She builds a brand outside herself”, says market expert Coyne. “It’s not just about Rihanna. Even if you don’t like her music, she has created a real style in the fashion and beauty market.”

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How Rihanna became a billionaire thanks to her lingerie (without singing a note) | show
Source link How Rihanna became a billionaire thanks to her lingerie (without singing a note) | show

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