House of the Dragon episode 8 trailer reveals another time jump and someone new on the Iron Throne

"Those vipers rule in my father's name"

It’s all kicking off in the first-look trailer for House of the Dragon episode 8, as it reveals another time jump and someone new sitting on the Iron Throne. The promo, which you can watch above, appears to show Otto Hightower temporarily assuming power in Viserys’ absence – which, in turn, suggests that the ailing King doesn’t live to see out the leap forward. 

The one-minute clip opens with Otto (Rhys Ifans) standing in front of the coveted seat, as he declares, “As Hand, I speak with the King’s voice on this and all other matters.” As expected, Rhaenyra Targaryen (Emma D’Arcy) isn’t thrilled about that fact, and later voices her disdain to her uncle Daemon (Matt Smith), whispering, “Those vipers rule in my father’s name…” and urging him to see that it’s some sort of trap.

In response, Daemon puts forward another idea: taking the Driftwood Throne instead. The schemer points out to his new wife that the Sea Snake, AKA Lord Corlys Velaryon, has been wounded in battle at the Stepstones, presumably hinting that he may have to step down from his duties in the near future.

“The threat of war looms,” Otto says in another sequence, following glimpses of him sitting pretty in the Iron Throne. In George R.R Martin’s book Fire & Blood, the “war” is known as the Dance of the Dragons, and refers to the political tensions between the Targaryens and the Hightowers in the wake of King Viserys’ death.

House of the Dragon is set to continue on Sunday, October 9 on HBO and HBO Max in the US, and the following day on Sky Atlantic and NOW in the UK. To ensure you never miss an episode, keep up to date with our House of the Dragon release schedule.

Amy West

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