Hon Gai Customs: Reforming support methods to enterprises

VCN - Instead of waiting for enterprises to come to the Customs offices, the Customs Sub-Department of Hon Gai Port Border Gate (QuangNinh Customs Department) has met, contacted and established working delegations at the headquarters of enterprises. Thanks to that, it has brought positive effects in the work of accompanying and supporting enterprises.

reform, enterprises, support, work The leaders of the Customs Sub-Department at Hon Gai port border gate contacted and met with enterprises The Customs Sub-Department of Hon Gai port border gate performs the State management of customs in four towns and cities, including: Ha Long, Uong Bi, Dong Trieu town, Quang Yen town; five ports (QuangNinh port, CICT port, Hon Gai floating port, B12 petroleum port, Ha Long international passenger port). In addition, the sub-department is also assigned to manage two bonded warehouses (Vosa, Sao Bac), sixduty-free shops, threeindustrial parks that have been put into operation (Cai Lan, Viet Hung, Dong Mai), 36 inspection locations at factories/works and more than500 enterprises engaged in import and export activities

Being creativity in working methods

Facing the requirements of management makes the Hon Gai Customsinnovate, promote reform, and modernisation, improve the quality of human resources, build and develop relationships tokeep traditional enterprises, attract enterprises, improve the satisfaction of enterprises and people, thereby improving the competitiveness index, increasing budget revenues andcontributing to creating an open and convenient business investment environment.

To achieve the goal, the Hon Gai Customs determined to focus on propaganda with the population which the main object is enterprises participating in import and export activities. On that basis, the unit has researched, selected and registered the model of "smart propaganda with population” as: "Well contacting, propagating, supporting, providing information, accompanying import and export enterprises and local people”.

In contact with enterprises, the sub-department often exchanges with enterprises in many forms like meeting face-to-face at the office in the process of handling administrative procedures, by phone, email, Zalo and fanpage.

In 2020, the unit met, contacted and worked with more than120 enterprises and investors in industrial zones to grasp project information, production and business situation, grasp difficulties, problems, guide procedures, resolve difficulties and advise competent authorities. At the same time, publicise the phone number of the sub-department leaders, the enterprise support team to receive information and comments24/7 about customs procedures, problems, attitudes and reality and responsibilities of Customs officers.

The Sub-Department has set up an enterprise Support Team, implemented effectively with the participation of highly qualified cadres and civil servants who havea firm understanding grasp of expertise and professional skills, and have maintained operations to support enterprises every day, right in the process of customs clearance.

According to the Deputy Director of Hon Gai Port Customs Sub-Department Vu Quy Hung, compared to previous years, instead of waiting for enterprises to come to the Customs office, in recent years, especially in 2019 and 2020, the sub-department took the initiative to meet and contact enterprises, set up working groups to work at the headquarters of enterprises, and even invited enterprises to the Customs offices to work on topics; proactively approached projects, guide enterprises right from the stage of making investment projects that have not incurred professional activities related to the Customs. In addition to the form of direct contact, the contact via social networks, fanpage are a very effective method, especially amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Through the fanpage, the Hon Gai Customs not only exchanges, answers and instructs enterprises to carry out procedures at the unit, but also contacts, answers, promotes images to businesses and people nationwide.

Change mind to action

To turn the goals, programmes and plans into action, the sub-department has created creative and breakthrough methods in reforming administrative procedures, applying information technology in customs operations to simplify procedures, shorten customs clearance time. The sub-department has smoothly operated the customs information technology system, received and handled 100% of public administrative procedures at level 4 through the VNACCS/VCIS system, the online public service systemHQ36a, automatic customs supervision system at seaports, National Single Window, and ASEAN Single WindowPortal, electronic tax collection and payment and clearance 24/7...At the same time, advanced equipment has been applied in inspection and supervision of goods and means through cameras and electronic seals, widely applying risk management techniques forall customs operations.

Nguyen Thi Hoan, Director of Song Hanh Investment and Import-Export Joint Stock Company (an enterprise that regularly carries out procedures for exporting wood chips andimporting machinery and equipment through the sub-department, contributingfrom 500 to 700 million VND each month to the budget revenue - reporter) said that during the customs procedures through the sub-department, the company had many advantages in exchanging and supporting information from the Customs through the online public service system, face-to-face meetings.In addition, the fanpage of the sub-department has helped enterprises quickly and promptly access new legal documents in the customs fields. All problems of enterprises are received and answered 24/7 by leaders of sub-departments, officials, the company did not have to go to the Customs officeto help shorten customs clearance time and reduce costs for enterprises. In addition, import-export goods of company often arises outside of working hours, on holidays, the company werealso arranged by staff and civil servants to guide and settle customs clearance immediately.

"In the past, it took the company 10 to 15 days to process procedures for a shipment, now it only takes 1-2 days, many shipments are cleared within the same day," Nguyen ThiHoan shared.

The propaganda, support and accompanying enterprises with useful products, jobs on the basis of information technology application, customs modernisation and spread through social network are a good and creative method that Hon Gai Port Border Gate Customs Sub-Department has promoted well, and it is highly appreciated by the business community. Through survey results to assess competitiveness at the local level, the Hon Gai Customs is always top of the leading units of QuangNinh Customs Department.

By the end of December 25, 2020, the Customs Sub-Branch of Hon Gai port border gate registered and made procedures for more than 19,200 declarations, with a total import-export turnover of US$4.66 billion. Compared to the same period in 2019, the number of declarations increased by 15.6% and by 7.32% in turnover.

The number of enterprises carrying out procedures through the sub-department increased by 4.52% over the same period last year, from 332 enterprises to 347 enterprises, of which 109 newly registered enterprises, completing procedures, increased revenue by nearly 180 billion dong.

By Quang Hung/ Binh Minh

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