Highlights, India vs New Zealand 2021, Full Cricket Score: Ravindra, Patel conjure miraculous escape as match ends in draw

Highlights, India vs New Zealand 2021, Full Cricket Score: Ravindra, Patel conjure miraculous escape as match ends in draw
© Provided by Firstpost Highlights, India vs New Zealand 2021, Full Cricket Score: Ravindra, Patel conjure miraculous escape as match ends in draw

16:50 (IST)

That brings us to the end of our coverage of the first Test between India and New Zealand in Kanpur. The caravan moves to the western part of the country, with Mumbai’s Wankhede Stadium hosting the second and final Test starting four days from now. It was a Test befitting the two finalists of the inaugural World Test Championship as the two sides fought tooth-and-nail till the very last ball on the final day, and ultimately ended up sharing the spoils for this game.

We hope you enjoyed our live coverage of the game. For now, this is Amit Banerjee signing off.

16:49 (IST)

Shreyas Iyer is the Player of the Match

Iyer: It’s a great feeling, but if we won the game it could have been the icing on the cake. The wicket was still intact. My mindset was just to play the sessions. People say I’m very flamboyant and don’t control my instincts, but this time I decided to play for the team. It really helped the way Ashwin, Jadeja and Saha contributed. I am really proud of the way we turned things around. I’m really happy with the overall performance of the team. Pressure is always there. They got off to a great start, played two sessions very positively. Once we got a sniff, we saw that as a moment to attack, and we made the best use of the situation.

16:48 (IST)

Ajinkya Rahane, India captain: Not really. I tried my best. They played really well throughout the game. But I thought the way we came back was great. We wanted to get that partnership going, we lost four-five wickets quickly. We were looking to bowl five-six overs in the end. I don’t think we’d have done anything different. It was about the light. As the fielding you want to bowl more overs. As a batting team, you don’t. It was all about rotating the bowlers, and they bowled really well. First of all, Im really happy for Shreyas. The way he worked on his game, his record in First-Class cricket is really good. Virat obviously is coming in the next game, and we have to wait and see. I won’t make any comments.

16:48 (IST)

Kane Williamson, New Zealand captain: As we’ve seen throughout this Test, it’s been touch and go with the light. The Indian side are a formidable one, and they were on top for the most part. We just hung in there till the end. Given their quality bowling attack, we knew it was a lot of hard work. Lots of fantastic experiences today. Really good experiences today. We saw the emotions of a really good Test match. Was a great game overall. The two fast bowlers that we played were outstanding for us. Kept us in the game for long periods for time. Also the way the guys adjusted with the bat as well. But know we get to Mumbai on a different surface, and will prepare accordingly.

16:35 (IST)

“We were keeping things under control and bowling in good areas. Light was always going to come in the last session, and we did expect it. We thought we could get the job done, and came together well. (On surpassing Bhajji) I know these are milestones that are constantly kept on tab. It’s wonderful. It’s the memories that matter, and I want to have some special memories going forward in the next three-four overs. The pitch has played its part going into the last three or four overs. Just tells you a story. Anybody can defend these days. Getting these tailenders not as easy anymore,” says Ravichandran Ashwin in a chat after the close of play.

16:34 (IST)

The man of the hour!

rachin ravindra on debut, named after rahul dravid by his cricket loving father, denies rahul dravid victory in his debut as india coach! #INDvNZ

— Gaurav Kalra (@gauravkalra75) November 29, 2021

16:33 (IST)

Tailenders and their fighting spirit!


Light or no light. Bowlers love batting. Here for the battle. Test cricket 🙌🏾

— Sheldon Cotterell (@SaluteCotterell) November 29, 2021

16:32 (IST)

The first of the many light jokes that will be cracked today

For New Zealand, the light at the end of the tunnel is the light meter.

— Gaurav Kapur (@gauravkapur) November 29, 2021

16:31 (IST)

Couldn’t be more proud of his teammates

Incredibly gutsy performance. Proud of all you lads! @BLACKCAPS #INDvNZ

— Jimmy Neesham (@JimmyNeesh) November 29, 2021

16:27 (IST)

And that’s that! The umpires say no further play is possible due to the light, and the first Test between India and New Zealand in Kanpur ends in a nail-biting draw, the two-match series currently level at 0-0.

Special credit to debutant Rachin Ravindra for sticking through to the very end to ensure New Zealand earn a hard-fought draw on foreign cycle that will no doubt come in very handy for them in the World Test Championship cycle.

16:22 (IST)

After 98 overs,New Zealand 165/9 ( Rachin Ravindra 18 , Ajaz Patel 2)

Jadeja in place of Ashwin. Nearly all the fielders circle Ajaz in this over. Jadeja switches angle to round the wicket midway through the over, before going back to over the wicket off the fifth. Rahane has a chat with Jadeja before the last ball of the mandatory overs, and Ajaz manages to defend it. And Ravindra asks for a change of gloves right after.

16:20 (IST)

After 97 overs,New Zealand 165/9 ( Rachin Ravindra 18 , Ajaz Patel 2)

Axar continues. Chance goes begging in the third delivery as an inside edge off Ravindra’s bat flies past Iyer at leg gully, running away for a four. Ravindra survives the remaining deliveries. Minimum of one over to be bowled after this.

16:16 (IST)

After 96 overs,New Zealand 161/9 ( Rachin Ravindra 14 , Ajaz Patel 2)

Big cheer from the stands at the start of the this over as the Sun apparently is now peeking through the clouds and offering some respite to the Indians, who are anxious to get the final wicket before bad light forces close of play. Ashwin bowls from the other end. Loud appeal for LBW in the fifth ball against Ravindra, turned down by the umpire. Rahane goes for a desperate review, and it is pitching outside leg. Maiden for the offie. Two overs left now. 

16:13 (IST)

After 95 overs,New Zealand 161/9 ( Rachin Ravindra 14 , Ajaz Patel 2)

Axar brought in place of Ashwin, with the hosts desperate to grab the final wicket amid rapidly fading light. Maiden over. The umpires are continuously checking the light meter and it is quite dark at Kanpur at the moment.

16:09 (IST)

After 94 overs,New Zealand 161/9 ( Rachin Ravindra 14 , Ajaz Patel 2)

Ajaz gets an outside edge that carries the ball past the diving gully, allowing the New Zealand No 11 to get off strike right away. Ravindra follows suit two balls later, also collecting a single. Ajaz survives the last three balls. Minimum of four overs to be bowled after this one.

16:06 (IST)

After 93 overs,New Zealand 159/9 ( Rachin Ravindra 13 , Ajaz Patel 1)

Ravindra blocks his way through this over. Ashwin switches to over the wicket in the fifth delivery after bowling from round the wicket for the first four. Maiden. Ajaz will be on strike against Jadeja next over.

16:05 (IST)

After 92 overs,New Zealand 159/9 ( Rachin Ravindra 13 , Ajaz Patel 1)

Couple of singles collected in this over, as New Zealand live to fight another over. Umpires checking the light meter at the end of this over, but play will go on for now. Minimum of six overs to be bowled after this one.

16:01 (IST)

After 91 overs,New Zealand 157/9 ( Rachin Ravindra 12 , Ajaz Patel 0)

Ravindra decides to push for two at the start of the over after guiding the ball through midwicket off the first ball. Blocks the remaining deliveries of the over to stay put at his crease. Two from the over. Minimum of seven overs left after this.

15:58 (IST)

After 90 overs,New Zealand 155/9 ( Rachin Ravindra 10 , Ajaz Patel 0)

Six fielders placed around Southee in this over. The pressure created as a result does get the better of Southee as he is trapped LBW plumb in front of off in the second delivery, bringing Ajaz Patel to the crease as the last man in for NZ. As many as seven fielders, including a short cover, surround Ajaz in the last delivery.

15:55 (IST)

OUT! There’s that celebrappeal from Jadeja again as he traps Southee leg-before, the ball staying low and hitting him bang in front of middle. Southee reviews, but there’s nothing here to save him. NZ 155/9; India need one wicket to win

Southee LBW Jadeja 4(8)

15:53 (IST)

After 89 overs,New Zealand 155/8 ( Rachin Ravindra 10 , Tim Southee 4)

Ravindra decides to leave the first delivery alone, with the carrom ball sneaking back in and nearly clipping the off stump on its way. Ashwin finishes the over with a footer that barely climbs above the surface and hits Ravindra on the boot. Maiden.

15:51 (IST)

After 88 overs,New Zealand 155/8 ( Rachin Ravindra 10 , Tim Southee 4)

Southee gets off the mark with a boundary off the last ball, getting a gentle tickle on a full delivery going down leg, with the hard new ball having that extra zip that ensures it races away to the fence. Light rapidly fading at the moment, and India desperate for the remaining two wickets.

15:49 (IST)

After 87 overs,New Zealand 151/8 ( Rachin Ravindra 10 , Tim Southee 0)

Four byes added to the New Zealand total as the Kiwis go past the 150-mark in this over as the ball beats not only Ravindra’s outside edge, but goes right between the keeper’s gloves. Southee, meanwhile, is the new man in.

15:48 (IST)

After 86 overs,New Zealand 147/8 ( Rachin Ravindra 10 , Tim Southee 0)

Jadeja continues from the other end, and makes an impact with the second new ball right away as he traps Jamieson LBW off the last ball, as the Black Caps lose their eighth wicket less than 150 on the board. Wicket maiden for Jadeja.

15:47 (IST)

OUT! The move to take the second new ball works, as Jadeja traps Jamieson plumb leg-before in front of off and middle as the ball grips and turns. Surprisingly, Jamieson doesn’t consider reviewing it. NZ 147/8

Jamieson LBW Jadeja 5(30)

15:44 (IST)

After 85 overs,New Zealand 147/7 ( Rachin Ravindra 10 , Kyle Jamieson 5)

The second new ball has been taken, and it’s Ashwin who gets to make first use of it. And the offie creates a chance in the last delivery as Jamieson gets an inside edge, with Pujara at leg slip failing to grab what can be described as a tough reflex catch, allowing the batter to collect a single.

15:43 (IST)

After 84 overs,New Zealand 146/7 ( Rachin Ravindra 10 , Kyle Jamieson 4)

Jadeja continues after the drinks break. Jamieson gets an inside edge in the second delivery, the ball flying wide of short leg. The ball stays low in the next delivery, but Jamieson is able to bring his bat down in time. Jamieson punches through cover for a brace off the fourth, followed by a single off the fifth. Dot to end the over.

15:33 (IST)

After 83 overs,New Zealand 143/7 ( Rachin Ravindra 10 , Kyle Jamieson 1)

Jamieson gets off the mark with a single off the third delivery. Ashwin bowls from over the wicket to Ravindra in the fourth, before switching to round the wicket next ball. Just one from the over. The players will have a drink now. One hour remains in this Test, with India needing three wickets to win.

15:32 (IST)

After 82 overs,New Zealand 142/7 ( Rachin Ravindra 10 , Kyle Jamieson 0)

FOUR! Streaky boundary for Ravindra off the penultimate delivery of this over as the outside edge carries wide of the slip and runs all the way to the third man fence for a boundary.

15:30 (IST)

After 81 overs,New Zealand 138/7 ( Rachin Ravindra 6 , Kyle Jamieson 0)

No sign of the second new ball, though Rahane might consider it later if the current formula of the two senior spinners with the old ball doesn’t yield any further wickets. Another maiden for Ashwin.

15:26 (IST)

After 80 overs,New Zealand 138/7 ( Rachin Ravindra 6 , Kyle Jamieson 0)

Jadeja appeals for LBW against Ravindra off the second delivery, the ball staying low and appearing to hit him just outside off. Ravindra goes for the review right away as the Indians begin to celebrate, and sure enough overturns it as impact indeed is outside. Fifth maiden in a row for Jad. The second new ball is available for the Indians, though Rahane might just persist with Ashwin and Jadeja with the old ball.

15:23 (IST)

After 79 overs,New Zealand 138/7 ( Rachin Ravindra 6 , Kyle Jamieson 0)

India inch closer to victory as Ashwin dismisses Blundell, whose blockathon comes to an end. Looks to glance this towards fine leg, but ends up deflecting it onto his stumps off his glove. Wicket maiden for Ash.

15:20 (IST)

BOWLED! Blundell ends up playing onto his stumps while attempting to defend a delivery angled down leg, as Ashwin grabs his third wicket. NZ 138/7; India need three wickets to win

Blundell LBW Ashwin 2(38)

15:18 (IST)

After 78 overs,New Zealand 138/6 ( Tom Blundell (W) 2 , Rachin Ravindra 6)

Jadeja continues from the Media End, and collects his fourth maiden on the trot as his namesake continues to defend his deliveries. The way these two are blocking everything at the moment, New Zealand might just escape with a draw, especially with light starting to fade at the Green Park.

15:17 (IST)

After 77 overs,New Zealand 138/6 ( Tom Blundell (W) 2 , Rachin Ravindra 6)

Ashwin brought back in place of Axar. Ravindra gets an inside edge off the third delivery, the ball out of short leg’s reach. Ravindra clips the ball through midwicket off the penultimate delivery, getting enough time to come back for a third. LBW appeal off the last ball after Blundell misses while leaning forward to defend. Ashwin’s not convinced about the review, thinking it’s sliding down leg, but skipper Rahane thinks otherwise and goes for it. And it is missing leg indeed, leaving India just one more review. Three from the over.

15:12 (IST)

After 76 overs,New Zealand 135/6 ( Tom Blundell (W) 2 , Rachin Ravindra 3)

Third maiden on the trot for Jadeja, who’s the pick of the Indian bowlers so far with figures of 2/25, slightly better than Ashwin’s 2/28.

15:10 (IST)

After 75 overs,New Zealand 135/6 ( Tom Blundell (W) 2 , Rachin Ravindra 3)

The overs are rushing past at the moment, as the two left-arm spinners continue one maiden after another. Ravindra blocks his way through Axar’s 19th over of the innings.

15:07 (IST)

After 74 overs,New Zealand 135/6 ( Tom Blundell (W) 2 , Rachin Ravindra 3)

Third maiden in four overs, Jadeja’s second in a row. Looks like Blundell and Ravindra are blocking their way through the overs at the moment, hoping the light meter eventually comes to their rescue.

15:04 (IST)

After 73 overs,New Zealand 135/6 ( Tom Blundell (W) 2 , Rachin Ravindra 3)

The final delivery of this over rears up from good length, and not only beats Ravindra, but also catches substitute keeper Bharat by surprise as it runs away for four byes towards long stop.

15:00 (IST)

After 72 overs,New Zealand 131/6 ( Tom Blundell (W) 2 , Rachin Ravindra 3)

Back-to-back maidens for the Indians now, the second in the 15 overs Jadeja has bowled so far.

14:59 (IST)

After 71 overs,New Zealand 131/6 ( Tom Blundell (W) 2 , Rachin Ravindra 3)

Axar continues to build pressure from the River End, collecting his ninth maiden in 17 overs. The Indian spin trio, meanwhile, is finally hunting in a pack at the moment, and the New Zealand batters clearly are under pressure at the moment.

14:57 (IST)

After 71 overs,New Zealand 131/6 ( Tom Blundell (W) 2 , Rachin Ravindra 3)

Jadeja inflicts a huge blow on New Zealand’s hopes of saving this game, trapping Williamson LBW for 24 off the first ball as the ball skids on and hits him on the back pad bang in front of off. Rachin Ravindra is the new man in, and gets off the mark with a treble off the last ball. Three runs and a wicket from this over.

14:53 (IST)

OUT! Jadeja’s on a roll at the moment! Gets rid of the man who was standing between India and a victory, trapping the Black Caps leader plumb in front of the off stump. From 118/2, NZ lose their next four wickets for just 10 runs. NZ 128/6

Williamson LBW Jadeja 24(112)

14:49 (IST)

After 69 overs,New Zealand 128/5 ( Kane Williamson (C) 24 , Tom Blundell (W) 2)

Axar continues with a fielder placed in all directions close to Blundell. Two balls later, Pujara moves from leg slip to short extra cover. The ball keeps low in the third delivery after pitching outside off. Fourth maiden on the trot.

14:48 (IST)

After 68 overs,New Zealand 128/5 ( Kane Williamson (C) 24 , Tom Blundell (W) 2)

Jadeja nearly has Williamson in that over. The second delivery grips and turns and zips past the outside edge as Williamson looks to defend off the front foot. The rest deliveries are taken care off easily. Another maiden.

14:46 (IST)

Jadeja continues….

14:46 (IST)

After 67 overs,New Zealand 128/5 ( Kane Williamson (C) 24 , Tom Blundell (W) 2)

Another maiden. Axar was disciplined with his lines. But Blundell is solid in his defense.

14:41 (IST)

After 66 overs,New Zealand 128/5 ( Kane Williamson (C) 24 , Tom Blundell (W) 2)

Jadeja varies his pace nicely in that over. Williamson is trying to slow things down, takes his time to get ready before the delivery. He is solid in his front foot defense and plays a couple very late off the back foot. A maiden.

14:40 (IST)

Jadeja continues…

14:40 (IST)

After 65 overs,New Zealand 128/5 ( Kane Williamson (C) 24 , Tom Blundell (W) 2)

A successful over from Axar. That’s what India needed. A wicket early after tea. Axar traps Nicholls LBW first ball of the over. It stayed a touch low but Nicholls played down the wrong line. After three defenses, Blundell turns one to the leg side for a couple. The last one is defended as well. Two runs and a wicket off the over.

India vs New Zealand Live Score, Final Cricket Score and Live Streaming, Latest Updates: And that’s that! The umpires say no further play is possible due to the light, and the first Test between India and New Zealand in Kanpur ends in a nail-biting draw, the two-match series currently level at 0-0.

India vs New Zealand, Day 4 report: Shreyas Iyer and Wriddhiman Saha struck half-centuries on Sunday before India declared its second innings on 234-7 on day four of the first test against New Zealand to set the tourists a target of 284 in Kanpur.

Iyer scored 65 runs, while Saha was unbeaten on 61 runs as they resurrected the Indian innings from a precarious 51-5.

At stumps, New Zealand was on 4-1 with Tom Latham on 2 and William Sommerville on nought after losing Will Young (2) shortly before the close of play.

Earlier, India had reached 84-5 at lunch after Kyle Jamieson (3-40) and Tim Southee (3-75) ran through the Indian top-order in the morning.

Cheteshwar Pujara (22) nicked off his gloves down leg side off Jamieson. Southee had Mayank Agarwal (17) caught at slip and then trapped Ravindra Jadeja lbw for nought.

Azaj Patel (1-60) trapped Ajinkya Rahane (4) lbw to reduce India to 51-5 after starting from an overnight 14-1.

Then, Iyer put on 52 runs for the sixth wicket with Ravichandran Ashwin (32) on either side of lunch and rescued the Indian innings.

Following his debut hundred in the first innings, Iyer’s half-century in the second innings came off 125 deliveries and included eight fours and a six.

Sunil Gavaskar was the last Indian batsman to score 50-plus in both innings of his debut test, a feat he managed against the West Indies in 1971 .

“I had been in this situation before as well in domestic cricket. My mind set was to play the session and play as many balls as possible. I wasn’t thinking too far ahead,” Iyer said.

He also became the first Indian batsman to score a hundred and a half-century on his test debut.

“It feels good (to have that record) but the most important thing is to win the match… We felt that 250 including the first innings lead would have been a good score, so we’re very happy with where we are now,” Iyer added.

Jamieson bowled Ashwin after India crossed 100. Iyer then added 64 runs with Saha as they helped India reach a defendable total.

Southee dismissed Iyer before tea as India reached 167-7 at the break.

Saha scored his sixth test half-century and put on 67 runs with Axar Patel (28 not out) for the eighth wicket.

India declared with little time left in the day but Ashwin managed to remove Young before stumps. The ball seemed to be missing leg but the batsman ran out of time to use a DRS review.

New Zealand will need 280 runs on the final day for victory.

India scored 345 in the first innings thanks to Iyer’s 105 and New Zealand was bowled out for 296 in reply as Axar Patel took 5-62 on day three.

With inputs from AP

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Minnie Mouse trades iconic dress for a pantsuit. Not everyone's a fan.

For Disneyland Paris’ 30th anniversary celebration, British designer Stella McCartney dressed Minnie in a navy blue pantsuit emblazoned with black polka dots. Read more »

Vedanta to take demerger call by March-end: Chairman Anil Agarwal

© Provided by Zee Business Metals and mining group Vedanta Ltd will announce the contours of a proposal to spin off key businesses into separate listed companies by March-end, its ... Read more »

Shakib Al Hasan joins the trend, mimics Allu Arjun after snaring Faf du Plessis

© Provided by The Indian Express Movie star Allu Arjun has become a popular figure in the ongoing edition of the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL). Ever since his film Pushpa: ... Read more »

Researchers achieve milestone on path toward nuclear fusion energy

The Target Chamber of the National Ignition Facility is seen at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in Livermore, California. Reuters WASHINGTON, Jan 26 – U.S. government scientists said on Wednesday ... Read more »

Air India: From employee retention to fleet size what comes as part of divestment deal?

© Provided by Zee Business In a big development the government handed over the national carrier to the Tata Sons and a meeting of the new board is also scheduled. ... Read more »

Netflix Finally Launches Space Force Season 2 Trailer

Netflix/YouTube “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for streaming kind” is probably akin to what Netflix executives had in mind when they first green lit Greg Daniels ... Read more »
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