Here's How the iPhone Managed to Change the World for Good

On June 29, 2007, the world’s first iPhone was released. The $499 iPhone was a mobile phone, a music player, and an internet device rolled into one. It comes with 4GB of storage.

Since iPhone was released to the world, 1.2 billion units have been sold, and Apple has become “one of the most profitable public companies in the world,” according to CNET.

While iPhone wasn’t the first smartphone, it can be considered the first modern smartphone, according to MUO. Throughout the years, it managed to surpass its competitors and stay ahead of the competition.

It is undeniable that iPhone has changed the world for good. It rocked the world when it was first released, and throughout the years, it brought changes to the world in various ways. Here’s how it managed to change the world in the last 15 years.

Here's How the iPhone Managed to Change the World for Good
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1. The iPhone Gave Us the Joy of Using the Internet Whenever We Want

Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone on January 9, 2007. During that time, he said that its “a revolutionary mobile phone,” and a “breakthrough Internet communications device.” True to his words, mobile internet traffic “exploded” because of iOS apps, photos, and videos, according to Vox. If not for iPhone, we would not be enjoying the internet on our mobile phones today. The iPhone indeed put the internet in everyone’s pocket.

2. The iPhone Made Us Into Photographers

The original iPhone only has a 2MP rear camera. While it was nothing compared to the ones that we have today, it was considered a big leap in mobile devices. Throughout the years, Apple kept on improving its phone cameras, and people were given more opportunities to take photos of the major events in their lives. We can say, just like what MUO mentioned, that iPhone “put a camera into everyone’s pocket.”

3. The iPhone Made Social Media More Accessible

It was through iPhone that many people became exposed to social media. Now social media is a part of our everyday life. Through our mobile devices, we can easily access our social media accounts with just a few clicks. We no longer need to go home to log in to our computers just to access our social media. Thanks to iPhone for being one of the catalysts of social media proliferation in our life.

4. iPhone Modernized Apps’ Distribution

A year after Apple released iPhone, the company launched its App Store, according to Vox. It initially had 500 apps. Fifteen years after, the App Store now has 2.1 million apps. Software used to be distributed differently before App Store; now, everything that we need, from calendars to mobile banking apps and everything else. In some ways, the creation of iPhone changed the way software was created and distributed to users.

5. iPhone Gave Apple Unprecedented Success to Apple

Apple was doing okay before iPhone was released into the market. But it was not the giant that we know today. iPhone brought unprecedented success to Apple. Currently, iPhone is Apple’s “biggest seller.” Thanks to iPhone, Apple is now considered one of the world’s biggest and most powerful tech companies.

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