Health care workers strike: ‘Shame that we have to fight for wages after corona'

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Trade unions reacted differently to this final offer: FNV rejected the offer, CNV presented it to the members and NU’91, the trade union that mainly defends the interests of nurses, approved the final offer.

Healthcare personnel see nothing in the final offer. Security guard Hans, laboratory technician Erna and nurse Rolien and administrative employee Roland demand a better collective labor agreement. They are laying down work today. This is why.

Rolien Koomans van den Dries (55), nursing department of minor operations UMC Groningen

“I’ve been working in healthcare since I was nineteen, and this is my first ‘Sunday shift’. That says something. We’re on our toes. I do get a 3.5 percent pay increase, but my colleagues don’t. I dare the cleaners can’t even face it anymore: after all, we all do it together.”

“If we really want to invest in healthcare – and that is badly needed – we must also invest in younger staff. If we are not careful, we will soon have a beautiful hospital here in Groningen, but no staff. and far beyond, is very important. There must be a better collective bargaining offer, not only in terms of money, but also in terms of the generation pact, otherwise younger colleagues will walk away.”

Health care workers strike: ‘Shame that we have to fight for wages after corona’
Source link Health care workers strike: ‘Shame that we have to fight for wages after corona’

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