Halo Infinite Could See Switch to Unreal Engine as 343 Looks to Combat Delays, Reports Claim

halo infinite could see switch to unreal engine as 343 looks to combat delays, reports claim

Developer 343 Industries could reportedly be planning to move Halo Infinite over to Unreal Engine, doing away with its proprietary Slipspace Engine, as the studio allegedly seeks to combat delays to features and content for a game it’s pledged to support for at least ten years.

“I can only confirm that many sources are saying this and very clear that it’s already been decided and Halo is for sure switching to Unreal,” journalist Jeremy Penter wrote on Twitter. “I feel like it’s time for other switches behind the scenes including people leaving and their past problems,” he added. “Unreal is a great choice.”

Of course, should 343 decide to make the switch to Unreal Engine for Halo Infinite, it could potentially see fewer delays to content and features for the game, including things you’d normally take for granted like campaign co-op, which is set to arrive this November (with new achievements). This comes after almost a year since Halo Infinite first launched.

It’s thought that battle royale could also be coming to Halo Infinite at some point.

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