GTA Online Weekly Update: It's All About Cayo Perico

New tracks to race on and new beach treasures to dig up.

GTA Online Weekly Update: It's All About Cayo Perico

This week’s GTA Online update gives bonus rewards for participating in activities in Cayo Perico, like racing on the new tracks and digging up treasures around the island. Cargo Bonuses also yield bonus in-game cash this week, and as always, there are discounts on cars. All ammo and bunkers are discounted this week as well.

New Cayo Perico Series

  • 10 new races around El Rubio’s lair
  • 2X GTA$ and RP

Beach Treasures

  • A metal detector and map can be found on Los Santos beaches. Players can use those to find buried treasures on Cayo Perico.
  • Treasures yield GTA$ and RP

Cargo Bonuses

  • Special cargo warehouses–30% off
  • Sourcing cargo time and costs–50% reduction
  • Executive office source cargo mission completion–bonus GTA$150K


  • Keinemusik Cayo Perico tee for logging in anytime during the week.
  • White Beat Off Earphones for completing any gunrunning, nightclub warehouse, mc, or special cargo sell mission.

Cars, Cars, Cars

  • Car meet top prize: Ocelot Swinger, if players win three days in a row in the pursuit series.
  • New Declasse Draugur: Heavy-duty off-road truck
  • Simeon’s Showroom: Declasse Tornado, Vulca Nebula Turbo, Annis Remus, Enus Cognoscenti, and Benefactor Stirling GT
  • Lucky wheel top prize: Ubermacht Cypher


  • All ammo–30% off
  • All bunkers–40% off
  • Enus Super Diamond–50% off
  • Enus Cognoscenti–40% off
  • Vapid FMJ–40% off
  • Progen T20–30% off
  • Shitzu Defiler–50% off
  • Vapid Imperator (Arena)–40% off
  • Progen Itali GTB–30% off
  • HVY Brickade–40% off
  • Enus Windsor Drop–40%
  • Ocelot Penetrator–30% off

GTA+ members August benefits

  • Lampadati Corsita sports car
  • Upgrades for executive office
  • Free clothing and accessories
  • 50% bonus rewards on operation paper trail missions

GTA+ is a relatively new GTA Online subscription service where players can get extra in-game rewards for around $6/month. GTA+ is only available on PS5 and Series X|S.

In related GTA news, GTA 6’s development is “well underway,” according to Rockstar. Not much is currently known about the next GTA’s gameplay, nor a concrete release date. You can check out our article on all GTA 6 rumors for what speculations people have.

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