Ghislaine Maxwell trial latest: Photos of British socialite caressing Epstein's feet shown to court

Ghislaine Maxwell massages Jeffrey Epstein‘s foot aboard his private jet – US Department of Justice /PA

    Ghislaine Maxwell's criminal trial has entered its eighth day after jurors heard testimony from three women who said they were teenagers when the British socialite facilitated their sexual abuse by Jeffrey Epstein.

    It comes after a collection of intimate photos were unveiled to jurors on Tuesday showing Ms Maxwell caressing the feet of the billionaire paedophile while aboard his private jet.

    Other pictures, recovered from an FBI raid of Epstein’s Manhattan townhouse in July 2019, depict Epstein with his arm around the British socialite or her kissing him on the cheek.

    Much of the testimony from two of Ms Maxwell's accusers who have taken the stand so far has centred on massages, which prosecutors called a “ruse” to get girls to touch Epstein.

    Attorneys acting on behalf of the alleged victims testifying against Ms Maxwell have attempted to paint a picture of her and Epstein as “partners in crime”.

    Ms Maxwell, 59, has pleaded not guilty to eight counts of sex trafficking and other charges for her alleged role in recruiting and grooming girls for Epstein to abuse between 1994 and 2004.

    Defence attorneys for Ms Maxwell have argued her accusers' memories have been corrupted over the years, and that she is being scapegoated for the deceased financier's conduct.

    04:41 PM

    Why prosecutors are targeting the mystery of Ghislaine Maxwell’s extraordinary wealth

    Josie Ensor and Jamie Johnson provide their account on why prosecutors are honing in on mysterious source of Maxwell's millions.

    Mystery has always surrounded the source of Ghislaine Maxwell’s vast wealth.

    Even the heiress herself “cannot remember off the top of her head just how many millions of dollars she has”, a court heard earlier this year.

    In three transactions over the course of eight years, Jeffrey Epstein directly wired more than $30 million to the British socialite, the jury heard. She used at least $7 million to buy a helicopter.

    Prosecutors are seeking to prove that Ms Maxwell was so close to Epstein that she must be complicit in his crimes. Lawyers told the jury on Monday that the vast sums of money she received from Epstein – still only a fraction of his estimated $630 million fortune – showed what an integral figure Ms Maxwell was in his life.

    Others have gone further, and suggest Ms Maxwell was paid to groom underage girls for Epstein to sexually abuse.

    “So many have asked me: why would Ghislaine do it? Why would a woman bring girls to her boyfriend for him to sexually abuse?” asked Lisa Bloom, a lawyer for a number of Epstein’s victims.

    “The prosecution theory is pretty simple: money. Shocking amounts of it. What a life she lived with Epstein's vast wealth. Here's but one small example,” she said, referring to the $18.5 transfer from Epstein to Ms Maxwell. Ms Bloom is not involved in the current trial.

    04:22 PM

    Epstein seen relaxing in Queen's log cabin at Balmoral

    Newly released photographs show Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein relaxing at the Queen’s log cabin on her Balmoral estate.

    The photograph of the pair relaxing at the Queen's cabin were among a trove of pictures linking Ms Maxwell to the convicted sex offender by prosecutor in her sex trafficking trial.

    Maxwell and Epstein pictured in the log cabin on the Balmoral Estate where the Queen would spend her time – US Department of Justice /PA

    It is unclear when the photograph was taken, although it has previously been reported that Ms Maxwell and Epstein were personally hosted at Balmoral by Prince Andrew in 1999.

    In the photograph released this week, Ms Maxwell and Epstein are relaxing on a bench on the porch of the Queen's log cabin in Glen Beg.

    Ms Maxwell can be seen leaning against Epstein, with her arm resting on his leg. Both of them are dressed casually.

    One woman who formed part of the entourage previously claimed the prince personally welcomed the party to the castle in mid-1999.

    04:14 PM

    Boyfriend of accuser 'Carolyn' takes the stand

    Prosecutors at Ghislaine Maxwell's criminal trial have called to the witness stand a former boyfriend of a woman who said she was a teenager when the British socialite set her up for sexual abuse by late financier Jeffrey Epstein.

    The man, who identified himself as Shawn, testified that he had begun dating a woman, known only in court as Carolyn, in Florida when he was 17 and she was 14.

    Carolyn, now in her mid-30s, testified on Tuesday that she had sexual encounters with Epstein at his Palm Beach, Florida, mansion beginning when she was 14 in 2002.

    She accused the British socialite of grooming her for abuse by the disgraced Epstein, recalling how he would touch her breasts and buttocks, and that the 'sexual' massages would end with Epstein performing a sex act on himself.

    She told jurors she initially took her clothes off and left her underwear on, but that changed over time when she would massage Epstein fully nude.

    “Something sexual happened every single time,” Carolyn, who chose not to reveal her last name, told jurors in Manhattan federal court.

    03:56 PM

    Maxwell told me 'I had a great body' for Epstein, says accuser

    The third accuser of Ms Maxwell to take the stand claimed she was groped by the British socialite when she was 14 years old.

    The alleged victim, known only as Carolyn, told jurors on Tuesday that the British socialite “felt my boobs and my hips and my buttocks” before commenting “I had a great body for Mr. Epstein and his friends.”

    Carolyn offered some of the most explicit descriptions so far at the New York trial of Ms Maxwell's alleged grooming of underage victims, who prosecutors say were lured into “a pyramid scheme of abuse.”

    Witness Carolyn answers question from defence attorney Jeffrey Pagliuca – Jane Rosenberg/Reuters

    At times choking up, she testified that she was a heavy drug user and middle school dropout when she was first taken to Epstein's estate in Palm Beach, Florida, by an older teenage friend, Virginia Roberts, now known as Virginia Giuffre.

    They were greeted by Maxwell, who said “You can take her upstairs and show her what to do,” Carolyn testified.

    She said Giuffre and Epstein had sex while she watched. She added she was paid $300 in $100 bills at the end of the encounter.

    “I was young and $300 was a lot of money to me,” Carolyn said. After that, she became a regular at the estate, hired to perform sexualised massages.

    03:36 PM

    Who will be testifying today

    As the sex trafficking trial of Ghislaine Maxwell enters its eight day, we are expecting the following witnesses to take the stand:

    1. Janine Gill – a records keeper at Donald Trump's Mar a Lago estate in Florida. She is predicted to bolster the evidence that Virginia Roberts’ father worked there at the time that Ms Maxwell first met Virginia.

    2. It is also likely we will hear from David Rodgers, another pilot for Jeffrey Epstein.

    3. During the evening we may also see Annie Farmer testify, the fourth and final accuser of Ms Maxwell to take the stand. She is the only one of the four accusers against Ms Maxwell to waive her anonymity.

    03:12 PM

    Reminder: What are the charges against Maxwell?

    03:03 PM

    Ghislaine Maxwell's sister Isabel and brother Kevin arrive at court

    Ghislaine Maxwell's siblings, Kevin and Isabel Maxwell, have been pictured arriving at court.

    Kevin Maxwell told reporters outside the New York courthouse last week that he had submitted a complaint to the United Nations over Ghislaine's treatment during her detention.

    Kevin Maxwell said seeing his sister for the first time in 500 days gave him ‘tremendous relief’ – Seth Wenig/AP

    Isabel Maxwell, Ghislaine's sister, has been a constant figure of support in the courtroom since the start of the trial.

    Isabel Maxwell, sister of Ghislaine Maxwell, arrives for the eight day of the trial – Seth Wenig/AP

    02:56 PM

    Maxwell's defence seeks difficult balance in attacking accusers

    As Ghislaine Maxwell's lawyers cross-examine her accusers, they face the difficult task of casting doubt on their credibility without seeming too aggressive toward women who say they were abused, legal experts have said.

    Prosecutors have accused the British socialite of recruiting young girls to be sexually abused by financier Jeffrey Epstein, who took his own life aged 66 in a Manhattan jail cell in 2019.

    An advert for a massage therapist for Epstein’s Florida Palm Beach estate unveiled to jurors on Tuesday – PA/US Department of Justice

    Ms Maxwell's attorneys have already cross-examined three of the four women cited as victims in the indictment who are testifying at the trial.

    They sought to undermine the witnesses' credibility by asking about inconsistencies in statements they made to law enforcement and, for two of the women, asking about past drug use.

    Experts said that going after accusers aggressively could risk backfiring and alienating the jury, particularly as the #MeToo movement has brought more attention to issues of sexual abuse.

    Daniel Hochheiser, a New York criminal defence attorney and former prosecutor, said: “Any good defence attorney would try to challenge the credibility of these young women, but in doing so you really have to walk a tightrope so that the jury doesn't hate you”.

    02:49 PM

    Maxwell and Epstein were 'partners in crime', photos reveal

    A giggling young Ghislaine Maxwell squeezes boyfriend Jeffrey Epstein’s foot on board a private jet as she looks teasingly at the camera, Josie Ensor reports.

    The intimate shot of a couple appearing very much in love was shown to a New York jury in Ms Maxwell’s sex-trafficking trial on Tuesday, as part of a collection of 19 never-before-seen photographs recovered from an FBI raid of Epstein’s Manhattan townhouse in July 2019.

    Another shot of Ms Maxwell getting up close and personal with Epstein – PA/US Department of Justice

    They were presented by attorneys for the government, who tried on Tuesday to paint a picture for jurors of two individuals who were closer than close – “partners in crime”.

    Maxwell and Epstein on holiday – PA/US Department of Justice

    Another picture showed Epstein's foot pressed up against Ms Maxwell's chest as she rubbed it. Much of the testimony of two of her accusers who have taken the stand so far has centred on massages, which prosecutors called a “ruse” to get girls to touch Epstein.

    Prosecutors unveiled the photos to show Epstein and Maxwell as ‘partners in crime’ – PA/US Department of Justice

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