Genshin Impact won’t be getting new endgame content, may be “too anxiety-inducing” for players

Genshin Impact won’t be getting new endgame content, may be “too anxiety-inducing” for players

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Genshin Impact’s combat system is rife with experimentation and customization, allowing you to create an endless amount of teams that synergize with each other and deals tons of damage. The best teams are a satisfying and chaotic blend of particles and numbers, completely obliterating the enemies that Genshin Impact tosses your way. However, there’s a common complaint that there isn’t enough challenging content to push these teams to the limit, and this doesn’t seem like it will change anytime soon.

An interview from Gamespot with Genshin Impact developers provided players with some insight about what the future may hold for the free-to-play open-world gacha extravaganza, and the responses from the developers are leaving some fans feeling underwhelmed. A particular sticking point: there are no new plans to release further endgame content aside from the Spiral Abyss.

One question that asked whether there were any plans for new, permanent endgame content was swiftly shot down. There will be no new endgame content, because “not everyone is interested in Musk Reef.” HoYoverse believes that if new difficult content like the Spiral Abyss was released, it “might end up creating excessive anxiety for our players.”

This has already caused quite some noise within the Genshin Impact community. Popular Genshin Impact streamer Zy0x took to Twitter to express his disappointment, stating that the news “made [him] so sad,” and Redditors are weighing in as well.

Instead, the developers seem to be focusing on casual content such as an upcoming trading card game mode. It’s also worth mentioning that this just means new challenging content is not on HoYoverse’s radar and may come sometime in the future.

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