Fuzzy Custom Cult Of The Lamb Controllers Embody Its Cute And Horrifying Vibe

The controllers are part of a launch celebration and cannot be purchased.

The Cult of the Lamb development team has shown off custom fuzzy PS4 controllers to promote its upcoming cute and creepy action RPG.

The controllers lean into the game’s cutesy folk horror aesthetic. The face buttons are not the typical PlayStation symbols, but runes with the appropriate colors. The PS4 controller’s touchpad is emblazoned with a red eye. The two handles of the controller are covered in material made to look like lamb’s wool. The analog sticks have white indentations, made to look like the titular Lamb’s eyes. The combined effect is at once comfy and unsettling.

Fuzzy Custom Cult Of The Lamb Controllers Embody Its Cute And Horrifying Vibe

The custom Cult of the Lamb controllers, as described above.

They were specifically created by custom controller creators We Are Robots to celebrate the launch of the game. The controllers will not be sold, according to the official Cult of the Lamb Twitter, but will be part of upcoming giveaways.

Cult of the Lamb is an upcoming roguelike and village simulation game. It casts you as the small lamb leader of a horrific cult. The game is split between an action-RPG where you battle enemy cults and managing a village made up of your followers. You can fight rival cult leaders, preach the truth, and sacrifice fellow cultists. It releases on August 11, 2022 for PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation.

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