From CBD oils that do nothing to getting high, myths and reality explained by Hong Kong cannabidiol advocates CBD Peoples

From CBD oils that do nothing to getting high, myths and reality explained by Hong Kong cannabidiol advocates CBD Peoples

After discovering and falling in love with CBD (cannabidiol) brand Hemptuary Hawaii, Hong Kong-based Christina Ko and Loretta Chen decided to bring the label to Hong Kong. As they started doing market research, however, they soon realised that there was a general lack of knowledge about CBD both among consumers and in the wellness industry.

Their mission expanded to the sharing of education, tips and hacks on CBD usage, which is how the platform CBD Peoples was born.

“We’re really trying to map the market to let consumers know what’s worth the money – and what’s just gimmickry. We see a lot of low-dose CBD oils that will do nothing for you, CBD aromatherapy products which are basically useless, spa therapists who don’t actually know what CBD is, and restaurants or bars that are just looking for ideas for their next monthly promotion,” says Ko.

CBD Peoples’ Instagram account offers product reviews, advice and all kinds of useful – and unapologetically useless – information about all things CBD.

The company has also started hosting events to educate people about CBD. A recent rooftop wellness retreat featured a DIY CBD gel workshop, where Ko and Chen showed guests the difference that topical CBD can make on tight muscles and how easy it is to make your own CBD muscle-relief product.

Here they shed light on some common misconceptions about CBD and its use.

CBD is derived from marijuana – true or false?

“While CBD is present in marijuana, most commercially available CBD is derived from hemp, which has a much higher concentration of the ingredient, and is less expensive to source.

“So really, CBD comes from a plant that is used to create a whole variety of commercial and industrial products, from rope and cloth to paper.”

From CBD oils that do nothing to getting high, myths and reality explained by Hong Kong cannabidiol advocates CBD Peoples

Christina Ko (left) and Loretta Chan, founders of CBD Peoples. Photo: Nora Tam

Should CBD make you feel something or get you high?

“CBD acts on the body’s endocannabinoid system, which is how your body helps you feel ‘normal’ in response to stress, mood and other physical and emotional factors.

“So CBD can’t and won’t get you high – it will help your body activate its natural relaxation response, which can freak you out because, sadly, some of us don’t ever really feel relaxed.

“Often, people don’t feel anything at all, because what it’s meant to do as an ingestible health supplement is to make you feel normal. It’s interesting to note that many of our friends actually report having vivid dreams after taking CBD before bed.”

CBD is for sleep – yes or no?

“Because CBD helps you relax by releasing physical or mental stress, it can help some people with sleep issues – but it is not a sleeping pill.

“Taking a higher dose of CBD in the early evening can help prep your body for slumber, which is how it’s gained a reputation as a sleep aid, but we actually take CBD in the morning to help deal with the frenetic pace of Hong Kong work life.

We like to compare CBD dosage to alcohol dosage – it’s very much a process of trial and error

CBD Peoples

“On a personal level, it’s helped us both deal with daytime issues ranging from nervous sweating to anxiety over looming deadlines and unfinished tasks.”

CBD is best taken orally – true or false?

“We fell in love with CBD, not because we took CBD oil but from using it topically, which you can buy or even make yourself by adding CBD oil to your body cream at home.

From CBD oils that do nothing to getting high, myths and reality explained by Hong Kong cannabidiol advocates CBD Peoples

Health and skincare products recommended by CBD Peoples. Photo: Nora Tam

“At our launch event last month, we held a muscle-relief workshop in which participants did a variety of stretches before and after using CBD gel – some people were able to touch their toes for the first time in their lives with ease.

“We love it before a workout to loosen up tight muscles such as hip flexors or rotator cuffs. It’s also great for muscle soreness after a gruelling workout.

“After experimenting extensively with CBD balms, creams and gels, we can report that anti-inflammatory topical CBD also works wonders on eczema, sunburn and kitchen burns. Rub it on your feet before a hike or when you wear heels – Melissa McCarthy did it before walking the red carpet at the Oscars. It’s a game changer.”

From CBD oils that do nothing to getting high, myths and reality explained by Hong Kong cannabidiol advocates CBD Peoples

CBD brand Hemptuary Hawaii’s Herbal Balm.

Is there a perfect CBD dosage?

“CBD brands often want to create a golden formula for CBD dosage, so you may read that your recommended starting dose is 0.5mg per 1kg of body weight.

“We like to compare CBD dosage to alcohol dosage – it’s very much a process of trial and error, although overdosing on CBD won’t leave you with a hangover, you’ll probably just fall asleep. And clinical studies show even if you take an insanely high dose of 1,500mg a day, you’ll still be OK.

“Besides that, like with alcohol, other factors matter, too – how stressed your system is, how much food you’ve had, what form of CBD you’re taking, what time of day it is. ”

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