FNV: University hospitals strike inevitable

FNV: University hospitals strike inevitable

The healthcare unions foresee a restless autumn with strikes at the academic hospitals. Today, FNV Zorg & Welzijn, FBZ, CNV Zorg & Welzijn and the LAD sent an ultimatum to the NFU, the employers’ umbrella organization of academic hospitals. In it, they demand a structural wage increase of 3 percent for all employees, good agreements about working and rest times and tackling the staff shortage. This is reported by FNV.

The employees in the seven academic hospitals are already preparing a Sunday service for a weekday; the ultimate means of strike in healthcare. All planable care will be canceled that day with the exception of admissions to the emergency department, intensive care unit, oncology, heart monitoring and maternity/incubator unit.

CLA negotiations stalled

On 24 June, the negotiations for a new UMC collective labor agreement came to a standstill. The NFU is not prepared to invest in better working conditions for its staff. She maintains her position that there is no financial scope whatsoever for a structural salary increase for all UMC employees. The unions find this unacceptable.

Preventing staff loss and outflow

In the view of the unions, a salary increase and concrete measures to reduce the workload are necessary to prevent even more employees from dropping out or leaving the sector. Absenteeism due to illness has never been so high and more and more employees are choosing to work elsewhere. In addition, the unions demand a substantial investment in training, developing and supervising UMC employees. Not only for current employees, but also for new employees who are desperately needed.

Additional fees

In addition to a structural salary increase of 3 percent, with a floor of 75 euros per month, the unions demand that employees receive an extra supplement on their wages when extra efforts are called upon shortly in advance. They also want the current irregularity allowance to be increased.

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FNV: University hospitals strike inevitable
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