Finance sector strengthens prevention, handling of fraudulent appropriation of property

VCN - The Minister of Finance recently issued a decision on a Plan to implement Directive No. 21 / CT-TTg of the Prime Minister on strengthening the prevention and handling of fraudulent appropriation of property.

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Under this plan, the Ministry of Finance clearly defines responsibilities and assigns specific tasks to each relevant agency and unit, ensuring successful implementation of the tasks set out in Directive No. 21 / CT-TTg and effectively linking with the implementation of general tasks of each agency and unit.

Along with that is to strengthen coordination among related agencies and units in the implementation of solutions, to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of state management in the fields of finance - budget, customs, accounting, independent audit, pricing,stock, insurance, financial services and other services under the state management of the Ministry of Finance and ensure financial security and social order.

On the basis of the objectives, requirements, tasks and solutions stated in the plan, the heads of the units assume the prime responsibility for, and closely coordinate with the related units to carry out in accordance with their units’ tasks and functions.

In this plan, the Minister also emphasized that the press agencies of the financial sector provide information and give notices about fraudulent appropriation of property associated with specific cases related to fields managed by the Ministry of Finance for organizations and individuals to comply with the financial laws to raise their vigilance and strengthen measures of self-prevention and protection of their properties.

finance, appropriation of property, Directive No. 21 / CT-TTg, fraudulent Prime Minister: The finance sector needs to ensure budget estimate as proposed

VCN - Attending and giving directives in the conference on preliminary review of State budget - finance ...

The Ministry of Finance requires the units to concretize their tasksand outputs to build their work programs. Annually, the units will send the results of implementing their plans to the Legal Department before December 15 to synthesize and report to the Ministry of Finance.

By Huyen Trang/ Hong Van

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