The price of SJC gold decreased sharply in the buying direction, still having a big difference with the world gold

Surveyed at 10:30 this morning (January 16), the price of SJC gold bars at Saigon Jewelry One Member Limited Company (SJC) was at 55.80 to 56.40 million dong / tael,... Read more »

Forecast for 2021: What will fund management companies buy?

Selling dollars, buying emerging-market assets, and continuing to make sustainable investments are trends that investment banks and wealth management companies all say will excel in financial markets. year 2021. Yuan... Read more »

Bank last week: OCB is about to be listed, Agribank has a profit of nearly 13,000 billion

Will banks loosen their credit standards in 2021? The State Bank has just announced the results of the December 2020 “Credit Trends” survey and the survey on “Business trends of... Read more »

Go Stock 2021: “The wave of public investment and the wave of FDI, the medicine for Vietnamese stocks in the Covid season?”

Go Stock is an annual seminar organized to give analysis and assessment of the market’s trend, update the developments of the stock exchange. The seminar is organized by Student Securities... Read more »

VietinBank offered to sell a 143 billion dong debt of a yarn manufacturing enterprise

The collateral for the above debt is all assets attached to the land, equipment, machinery and accessories attached to the project “Dong Phu high quality spinning factory”. Vietnam Joint Stock... Read more »

In 2020, tax sector was in a state of tension

VCN - The year 2020 was a memorable year in tax revenue collection. In the last months of the year, the tax authorities across the country were working hard, so... Read more »

Nearly VND 80 thousand billion deposited on term by State Treasury at bank online

VCN - After a month of implementing time deposits at commercial banks through the Fund Management System, the State Treasury has made term deposits at commercial banks worth nearly VND... Read more »

Securities overheat and investors need to prepare for gaining knowledge to protect themselves

VCN - As the stock market is overheated, the asset bubble is growing, the risk of loss can come at any time. Phan Dung Khanh, Director of Investment Advisory -... Read more »

Stocks of stocks soared: When will it end?

Despite a year of heavy losses due to Covid-19, the Vietnamese stock market grew spectacularly in 2020. Total trading value increased to 80.3 billion USD, equivalent to 54% over the... Read more »

Enterprises and banks ‘wait’ to correct the debt restructuring regulations

Bad debt Saigonbank’s chairman, Mr. Vu Quang Lam, said that even with careful calculation, the bank was still not out of the influence of the Covid-19 epidemic, increasing bad debt.... Read more »

Securities January 15: The green overwhelmed, PVD and STB were inconsistent in the morning session

STB still moved up and recorded a ceiling gain of 21,500 dong / share at the close. And TCB (+ 4.1%) ensured that the index kept going up. The number... Read more »

Deploying Basel III: Need to ‘choose rice, pick fish sauce’

Towards Basel III standards Despite the negative impacts from the Covid-19 pandemic, the race to raise capital to meet the Basel II standards has still been extremely active in the... Read more »