Fantasy Town Diary: Days 5-7 - The circus comes to Fantasy Town

Fantasy Town Diary: Days 5-7 - The circus comes to Fantasy Town

We’re now one full week into our hands-on series with the fantasy farming RPG and our town is really starting to take shape. Here is how things have progressed so far…

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Day 5 – Get off of my tower you damn, dirty troll!

After building a pig pen, we now have a wonderful trio of pigs to supply us with bacon; precisely the thing to motivate our worker to finish the trade zone.

Our worker gorged himself on bacon and milk and finally finished their work, turning the once desolate isle into an island bazaar. We set up a shop to sell a few of our wares and bought some meat and butter from our old acquaintance, Arum.

Fantasy Town Diary: Days 5-7 - The circus comes to Fantasy Town

Immediately after the new trade zone opened up, we discovered a baby elephant on the other side of town called Mambo. Apparently all kinds of wild and fairytale beasts can be enlisted as pack animals for trade in Fantasy Town; and, thanks to our earlier splurge on butter and meat, we had precisely the commodities required to send Mambo on his first trade mission.

Everything had been running smoothly up until this point, but that was all about to change when the Troll General decided to slip into town and hold Tommy captive atop of the guild tower. Urged on by the townsfolk to rescue Tommy, our mayor showed some actual courage for once and vanquished the Troll General (we won’t spoil how he achieved it but it was satisfying to say the least!).

Fantasy Town Diary: Days 5-7 - The circus comes to Fantasy Town

Expecting to be showered with praise and rewards for our heroism, we were instead presented with a new task: cooking up some bacon and eggs for the now rescued Tommy – this town really does run on its stomach!

Day 6 – A fine day for the circus

Our most pressing issue at the start of the day was to find Tommy his bacon and eggs. We decided to save ourselves the trouble of going through each step needed to produce the dish ourselves and simply bought the item at a modest cost of 40 rubies. And, after satisfying Tommy’s hunger, we can now finally make use of our tower and join a guild!

However, with the priority firmly set on improving the town, guild duties could wait. At this point in time we were harvesting cotton, sugar, and receiving a surplus of citizens without any immediate use for them. Obviously new dwellings and produce buildings were in order, so we set about clearing the trees around the town to make room for expansion.

Fantasy Town Diary: Days 5-7 - The circus comes to Fantasy Town

During our tree-felling activities we stumbled upon a magic circus, the presence of which drew strong consternation from Brayden – a citizen who so far has served no use other than to find things to complain about. Unfortunately for him on this occasion, he chose the wrong person to pick a fight with. After confronting the mysterious circus owner and demanding he leave town for not having sought permission to open his business, the owner decided to teach Brayden some manners by transforming him into a cow; for a fleeting moment we were overjoyed to finally have a use for Brayden in our cow shed, but alas, the Mage showed mercy on him and turned him back to his usual, uncivilised form. But, on the plus side, the magic circus is now open which allows us to receive a free daily reward by taking a turn on its wheel of fortune.

Following the circus incident, the brief bovine transformation of Brayden inspired us to add a fourth cow to our livestock – a smart move in our opinion as we also built a dairy farm with which to produce milk and cheese.

Fantasy Town Diary: Days 5-7 - The circus comes to Fantasy Town

All in all it felt like a productive day, which was just as well; upon hitting Lv. 10, Tommy informed us that we’ll now have to work towards keeping our villagers happy, with a mood gauge appearing in the top left of the screen to remind us who we’re working for.

Day 7 – Trouble in the mine!

It’s been one full week since we started Fantasy Town and, whilst we’ve enjoyed the progress made so far, it would appear we’ve been cutting a few corners along the way. This became apparent when we attempted to upgrade our storage (which hit full capacity) only to find we’re severely lacking in mud.

In fact, most of our building resources were in short supply so we decided to do some serious grinding in the town mine.

Fantasy Town Diary: Days 5-7 - The circus comes to Fantasy Town

Our renewed motivation towards resource gathering was rewarded with our first Boss encounter – an impromptu confrontation with the menacing looking Gespenst Knight. Fortunately we had our best warriors, Max, Aphrodite, and the recently acquired Kenneth, on hand to deal with the iron clad foe. And, once the threat was dispatched, we quickly obtained the resources required to upgrade our barn, and add some new public buildings to boot.

We soon established a new training ground and bell tower, which greatly expanded our maximum population limit. We built some new dwellings to take advantage of the expanded limit, doubling the population’s total from a paltry 23 to a respectable 46, which in turn allowed us to build a BBQ house where we can now cook bacon and eggs – we’re sure Tommy will be pleased!

Fantasy Town Diary: Days 5-7 - The circus comes to Fantasy Town

To cap off the progress made during the day, we joined a new mighty guild! Currently the guild consists of just us and one other person but we’re optimistic that we’ll be climbing the leaderboards in no time!

Stay tuned for our next hands-on update and see if we manage to keep our townsfolk in high spirits. In the meantime, if you’d like to get in on the adventure yourself, you can find Fantasy Town available to download for free from the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

Download now!

Fantasy Town: Farm & Friends

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