Exclusive: Pentakill in talks with Hollywood producers for The Occultist's movie adaptation

The first-person horror adventure is being built on Unreal Engine 5 and releases on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series in 2024.

Exclusive: Pentakill in talks with Hollywood producers for The Occultist's movie adaptation

There’s been a lot of buzz surrounding Pentakill Studios’ The Occultist in recent game showcases and competitions, including being awarded as “Best Indie Game” at Gamepolis, among others. So much so, that the first-person horror adventure, which still has a long road ahead until launch in 2024, might end up getting its own movie adaptation in parallel.

The Valladolid-based studio, which joined forces with a yet-undisclosed American movie label, has been working for some time on the horror flick, Gamereactor las learnt. As to who might be directing the film, or playing Alan’s role, as well as the potential theatrical release details, everything is kept under wraps for now, but all could be made official very soon. It’s worth noting, though, that for the game Alan is being voiced by Doug Cockle (Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher 3) and the music is being written by composer Pepe Herrero.

The Occultist has been gathering attention for a while thanks to its impressive photo-realistic graphics, which are being built on Unreal Engine 5, but also due to it’s obscure theme and mechanics, where protagonist Alan is able to contact the dead on the other side by means of a mystical Pendulum. Dealing with spectres and monsters and with no weapons at hand, Alan will have to explore cursed island GodStone in search of his missing father.

You’ll soon be able to learn more about The Occultist in the interview Pentakill Studios’ CEO David Lorenzo gave Gamereactor. The game, which is about 20% into its development, is expected to launch as the first of a series on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S in early 2024. Its demo will be available at next week’s Gamescom in Germany and Alan himself will open his own social channels later this week.

The Occultist’s very first gameplay trailer is available right below, for Gamereactor readers’ eyes only:


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