Evil West Trophy List Revealed

Evil West Trophy List Revealed

Evil West has a total of 30 Trophies & Achievements. Below you can find the full Evil West trophy list.

Evil West Trophies

Sanguis Aetemus
All Trophies unlocked. The Weird West is a better place now.

Adapt or Die
Defeat the Bruch

Beat the game on Normal difficulty or higher

Ancient Blood
Defeat Felicity D’Abano

Best the Beast
Defeat Felicity D’Abano without using the HP dispenser

Bio Friendly
Defeat the Parasiter without killing any of the minions

Bleed You Out
Defeat the Bruch without letting it heal.

Have all Weapon Upgrades activated at the same time.

Visit Calico for the first time

Chest Nuts
Pick up all cash on all missions

Chewing Volts
Use 15 Energy charges

Drop of Blood
Defeat William Rentier

Kill 20 enemies using the E-Combo

Beat the game on Hard difficulty or higher

Father’s Day
Defeat William Rentier in less than 6 minutes

Field Agent
Find all hidden perks

In the Feels
Hit 45 weakspots

Mighty Mitten
Kill 10 enemies in a row using only Gauntlet after obtaining the Revolver

Minor Deity
Defeat the Parasiter on Evil difficulty

Cannonball enemies 50 times

Beat the game on Novice difficulty or higher

Pew Pew Die
Kill at least 30 enemies with each electrically-augmented firearm

Pointless Violence
Perform 15 finishers

Sever Forever
Tear off 100 limbs from enemies

Slam Champion
Slam enemies 100 times

Spark of Hope
Activate the Supercharged Mode for the first time

Then You Died
Defeat William Rentier on Evil difficulty

Ticks & Leeches
Defeat the Parasiter

Weird West Superhero
Beat the game on Evil difficultly

Weren’t You Listening?
Defeat the Bruch on Evil difficulty

The main challenge here will be beating the game on the highest difficulty ‘Evil’. We must also collect all cash from all missions for “Chest Nuts”. Cash is basically the Collectible in this game found in chests and hanging on ceilings in little sacks. There are trophies for defeating the main bosses and also for defeating them in certain ways, that being: Felicity D’Abano, Parasiter, Bruch, William Rentier. You will likely want to do a playthrough on Novice first to collect everything and do the boss-specific trophies, then another on Evil (assuming difficulty trophies stack and it also unlocks the one for beating Hard difficulty). The trophy list doesn’t look complicated, it will just depend on how hard ‘Evil’ really is.

What are your thoughts on the Evil West trophy list? Do you like what you see? Are you going for the Platinum? Check back for a full Trophy Guide & Roadmap when the game releases.

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