More than 1.6 million billion loans for real estate sector

According to the State Bank’s statistical data, updated to the end of March 2020, credit for real estate sector accounted for 19.31% of total credit outstanding. According to calculations of BizLIVE, the above proportion corresponds to the scale of VND 1,603 million of outstanding loans. However, in recent years, the State Bank has divided the […] Read more »

Stock May 29: iShare MSCI Frontier 100 ETF restructure portfolio, ATC session “blew” the afternoon performance

The afternoon session took place with the advantage in favor of the buyers, the cautious sentiment wiped out, causing the cash flow to spread wider, thereby releasing many Bluechips from the correction. VN-Index sometimes gained more than 5 points before some big stocks were strongly sold during ATC due to the impact of iShare MSCI […] Read more »

VAMC: The maximum amount of special bonds issued in 2020 is VND 15,000 billion, promoting the establishment of debt trading floor

According to the report on Business Production and Development Investment in 2020, Vietnam Asset Management Company (VAMC) said that in 2019, VAMC has purchased 381 debts of 9 credit institutions (total credit institutions) with a total balance of 20,544 billion dong in the on-balance sheet, a debt purchase price of 19,846 billion dong, reaching 99.23% […] Read more »

No more foreign shareholders, Savico has a new management board related to DNP, Eagle Partners

Foreign shareholders have sold all their shares in Saigon General Service Joint Stock Company (Savico, Ticker: SVC) and purchased by domestic investors who have not announced their identities. Before selling all the capital in Savico, foreign investors held 47.4% such as PYN Elite Fund (8.23%), Finansia Syrus Securities (12.08%), Probus Opportunities (7.3%), Tundra Fonder (5.1%), […] Read more »

Pig import approved to ease pork price surge

The Vietnamese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has agreed on pig imports to mitigate local supply shortages. Under the decision signed by Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Phung Duc Tien, the Department of Animal Health will co-operate with Vietnamese importers to hold an online meeting with agencies from exporting countries. After being […] Read more »

Domestic market fully tapped to rescue businesses

As exports are facing difficulties due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the domestic market of nearly 100 million people is seen as huge potential to rescue local businesses. Read more »

Enterprises take advantage of opportunities to export shrimp

VCN - Exports of Vietnam’s shrimp to most of the main markets has increased, Vietnam's shrimp export price has been more positive, so businesses are taking advantage of the opportunity after the Covid-19 pandemic. Read more »

Customs announces information about statistics of re-exported goods

VCN - The newly statistical content of the General Department of Vietnam Customs was published at the web portal Read more »

Deputy Director General of Vietnam Customs Mai Xuan Thanh welcomes Ambassador of Finland in Vietnam

VCN - Deputy Director General of Vietnam Customs Mai Xuan Thanh welcomed Kari Kahiluoto - Ambassador of Finland in Vietnam recently. Read more »

Enjoy private and safe living space at King Palace

No need to look further for their dream home, residents at King Palace can enjoy 24-hour resort living 365 days a year in a separate, private, and fully-equipped space. Read more »

More giant foreign firms plan to shift investment into Vietnam

Vietnam is expected to see a new foreign direct investment (FDI) wave as more foreign companies plan to move investment into the country. The US-China trade has triggered the trend of shifting production lines from China to Southeast Asia and other markets, including Vietnam which was seen as a promising destination. Meanwhile, many countries are […] Read more »

COVID-19 obstacle but also motivation to promote digital transformation

The COVID-19 pandemic is both an obstacle but also a motivation to promote comprehensive digital transformation. — Photo HÀ NỘI — The COVID-19 pandemic showed the important role of digital transformation in prevention and control activities, bringing life to a “new normal” state. The pandemic is both an obstacle but also a motivation to […] Read more »