Dog owner gives warning about $7 Kmart chew toy after she was forced to shell out $8,000 to save her beloved pet's life when dog swallowed a piece

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An angry dog owner was hit with an $8,000 vet bill to extract a piece of plasticHer beloved pet chewed the end off a Kmart $7 blue 'pet toy rubber bone' Luckily the dog is OK, but neighbours put the blame on the owner not Kmart

A furious dog owner has been forced to pay $8,000 to save her beloved pet’s life after part of a toy was lodged in his bowel.

Felicity Brown shared a photo to Facebook of the end of a blue plastic bone in a bag given to her by the vet once it was removed from her dog.

Ms Brown said the plastic shard came off a $7 ‘pet toy rubber bone’ from Kmart near her home in from Port Stephens in the NSW Hunter region.

A furious dog owner has shared photos of the end of a Kmart dog toy that was removed from her beloved pet (pictured, the part of the toy stuck in the dog)

A furious dog owner has shared photos of the end of a Kmart dog toy that was removed from her beloved pet (pictured, the part of the toy stuck in the dog)

Another dog owner said their pet also needed expensive surgery (pictured) after chewing the same cheap Kmart toy six months ago

Another dog owner said their pet also needed expensive surgery (pictured) after chewing the same cheap Kmart toy six months ago

‘Warning to all dog owners, do not buy the blue dog bone rubber toy from Kmart,’ she wrote.

‘$8,000 later, our dog is lucky to be alive after a piece of said toy was stuck in his bowels.’

Luckily, the dog was able to be saved by the Animal Referral and Emergency Centre in Broadmeadow and Noah’s Ark Veterinary Services in Medowie, north of Newcastle.

Other dog owners have had similar experiences with Kmart chew toys similar to the blue bone.

Another Kmart shopper had a similar experience, sharing in the comments section that her dog was lucky to vomit the plastic (pictured)

Another Kmart shopper had a similar experience, sharing in the comments section that her dog was lucky to vomit the plastic (pictured)

‘My big mastiff cross pointer is an excellent chewer and managed to chew and swallow a massive piece (like 5cm) of a different grade 4 rubber toy from Kmart,’ the user wrote.

‘But this blue bone one is grade 4 and the only Kmart toy she hasn’t managed to chew any pieces off. it’s her fave and we’ve had it for nearly 5 months’.

Luckily the mastiff cross vomited up the piece of plastic, and the woman said she learnt ‘that this can happen with any toy, they need to be supervised’. 

Another dog owner said their pet also needed expensive surgery after chewing the same cheap Kmart toy six months ago.

A third said a 5cm piece of a different but similar Kmart dog toy was also lodged in their mastiff-pointer cross, but the blue bone appeared to be sturdier. 

‘This blue bone one is grade 4 and the only Kmart toy she hasn’t managed to chew any pieces off. It’s her fav and we’ve had it for nearly five months,’ they wrote.

‘I was lucky she vomited up the piece of the other toy. I think I’ve just learnt that this can happen with any toy, they need to be supervised, and if you find a bit missing with any toy to get veterinary care immediately before it does serious damage. 

‘I won’t be removing this one out of circulation, but thank you for the good reminder to be careful.’ 

But users in the comments section have come to the defence of Facebook, claiming toys should only be used under supervision (pictured, the toy from Kmart)

But users in the comments section have come to the defence of Facebook, claiming toys should only be used under supervision (pictured, the toy from Kmart)

Others said dogs should be supervised while playing with toys and Kmart wasn’t to blame.

‘All toys are to be used under supervision. Literally says it on the packet,’ one wrote.

‘The same thing could happen with any household item your dog plays with. It’s not the item it’s the supervision and training that’s the issue,’ another added.

‘As soon as he chewed into it, I would have removed it and made sure no pieces were missing.’

Others claimed pet owners should only buy high-quality toys made of sturdy plastic.

‘This can happen with any toy or object. Best to buy better quality toys and spend the dollars if your dog is a chewer who eats everything,’ one wrote.

‘It’s not Kmart’s fault’.

Daily Mail Australia contacted Kmart for comment. 

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