Digital workflow company ServiceNow to expand India operations: CEO Bill McDermott

Digital workflow company ServiceNow to expand India operations: CEO Bill McDermott
ETtechDigital workflow company ServiceNow could double its India headcount in the next few years as it gears up to double its size globally, chief executive Bill McDermott told ET in an exclusive interview.
McDermott, who was in India earlier this week as part of a larger global tour to meet clients, said it was likely that the India development centre would soon be bigger than its main facility at the US headquarters.
“We are going to double it in the next couple of years. It is already almost the size of the United States development centre,” McDermott said.
While the company doesn’t give country-specific data, about 15% of its global workforce of over 19,000 is currently in India. McDermott said the shortage of digital skills is a global problem, which is why companies needed to look at employee experience beyond just an HR requirement.
“Some technology companies have up to 40% turnover… it is very hard to run a successful company if every couple of years you have a brand-new company. You lose that institutional knowledge. All the rules have changed and I firmly believe that you have to be on the side of the people,” he said.
The pandemic-led acceleration in digital transformation and shift to the cloud continues to drive business for the Santa Clara, California headquartered firm. For the second quarter of 2022, the company reported a 22% year-on-year growth in customers and subscription revenues of $1.65 billion, up 29.5%.
Companies that have built the foundation on the ServiceNow platform like their service management and operations management are now going ahead with other areas like employee experience and building innovation to deal with areas like ESG.
“Companies are looking for a lot of these solutions out of a box. It is the only way to service their customers so they can maintain loyalty and grow,” he said.
Last week, ServiceNow announced its new Tokyo ESG Management solution, and is working with companies like LTI and Mindtree, among others, to take it to clients around the world. This end-to-end solution brings together siloed data and allows individual organisations to establish and document ESG goals and KPIs.
Earlier this year, ServiceNow announced the launch of two data centres in Mumbai and Bengaluru to help customers meet data residency requirements, and said it would train 18,000 people by the end of 2022 in order to meet the demand of ServiceNow product specialists. Globally, McDermott said, the company intended to hire and train up to 250,000 partners in the next couple of years.
Most Indian IT firms now have a dedicated ServiceNow practice as they help clients build solutions on their platforms.
Infosys, a long-term partner, has been working with ServiceNow for a decade and is now building their own business from the inside out on the ServiceNow platform.

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