Difference between Ex-Showroom Price and On-Road Prices of Vehicles

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What is the ex-showroom price?

The ex-showroom price is the cost of the car, excluding the road tax, RTO and insurance. You cannot drive the car or the bike on the road of a nation if you don’t pay for these, so it is essential to pay for these when you are buying a car or a bike. When you get to see the price of the car or the bike in an advertisement, it is generally the Ex-showroom price in which the cost of the ex-factory charges, GST and profit of the seller is included. But the cost of tax, RTO and insurance is not included in this calculation of the ex-showroom price.

news, auto news, ex-showroom price, on-road prices, cars, bikes, carandbike

What is the on-road price?

The on-road price is always higher than the ex-showroom price of a vehicle because it includes all the costs, including registration and road cost. You can check the on-road price of the vehicle while buying it to understand what you need to pay finally when you want to buy a car. There are many factors that are calculated while deciding the on-road price of a car. Let us check the following points to understand those influencing factors.

news, auto news, ex-showroom price, on-road prices, cars, bikes, carandbike

Maintenance cost

You need to take the maintenance package to keep your vehicle well-functioning with the help of professional help. The annual maintenance package includes servicing the vehicle, cleaning it at a certain interval, polishing and roadside assistance in necessity. These maintenances cannot be done without trained and well-skilled professionals. So, this annual maintenance package is a major part of the car cost.

Extra warranty period

The option to extend the warranty period of your vehicle is there when you are investing in a car. It can help you to secure the future of the car for an extended period. The cost that you need to buy this extended warranty period influences the on-road price of the vehicle.

Insurance cost

The insurance cost of a car is included in the on-road price of a car. You must have insurance coverage when you are driving a car. There are many insurance companies available to guide you properly and get the right insurance package depending on the car that you choose. The on-road vehicle cost depends on the insurance package you choose.

news, auto news, ex-showroom price, on-road prices, cars, bikes, carandbike

Other costs

There are many other costs like road tax, registration charge for buying a car, tax collection and more. These charges vary depending on your location and the rules of the government at that place. So, the amount of on-road prices of the cars varies from one place to another. You should check the on-road price of a car at the location where you stay.

You should check the details of the on-road price of the car when you are going to invest in a model of vehicle. The professionals of the car sellers are also there to give you proper guidance and help you to pay the right amount to buy the best car as per your desire and budget.

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