Dead Island 2: Day 1 Edition Is Up For Preorder

A surprise announcement.

Dead Island 2: Day 1 Edition Is Up For Preorder

Dead Island 2, the game that’s been in development for quite a few years with seemingly no release date in sight, is now up for preorder at Amazon for $70. The PS4 and PS5 preorder listings both say the expected release date is February 3, 2023.

The Day 1 Edition includes the base game, as well as the following perks: Memories of Banoi Pack–Banoi War Club, Memories of Banoi–Baseball Bat, Weapon Perk–balanced, and a Personal space skill card.

This is quite unexpected news that follows recent speculation around the state of Dead Island 2. Journalist Tom Henderson claimed people close to Dead Island 2’s development told him the game was still alive and expected to release at some point in the near future.

The preorder description gives a synopsis of the game. Dead Island 2 is set in LA, “now stained with horror,” courtesy of zombies. The zombies in question will be distinct with their attacks, and apparently there will be hundreds of LA-themed variants.

Players can also choose from six unique characters and can fully customize the abilities of each Slayer. Dead Island 2 will have a “brand-new skill system that allows you to re-spec instantly and try out the craziest builds.”

Dead Island 2 was officially announced in 2014, but has gone through a very turbulent development period–with scrapped builds of the game finding their way online and many rumors circulating about its state of development.

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