Das Keyboard Launches a Mechanical Monster for Mac Users

Das Keyboard Launches a Mechanical Monster for Mac Users

Das Keyboard

Finding a modest-looking mechanical keyboard that doesn’t suck is a pipe dream for Mac users. But Das Keyboard’s new MacTigr could break the mold. It’s got premium specs, a couple of unique features, and to our surprise, a very “normal” design.

Yes, the MacTigr is a “professional” mechanical keyboard. It has a full layout with an integrated numpad, an all-black design, and a total lack of backlighting. At a glance, it almost looks like one of those cheap keyboards that come with Dell computers—and to be clear, I mean this in a good way!

Under the hood, this is an impressive keyboard. It has a steel top plate, an aluminum base, and an ultra-slim design (1.06 inches at its tallest point). The Cherry MX linear switches have just 3.2mm of total travel (1.2mm pre-travel), and you don’t need to worry about ghosting with Full-NKRO support. Plus, the double shot PBT keycaps should last for years without taking on that shiny or greasy texture.

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Das Keyboard Launches a Mechanical Monster for Mac Users

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Das Keyboard Launches a Mechanical Monster for Mac Users

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Das Keyboard Launches a Mechanical Monster for Mac Users

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Das Keyboard Launches a Mechanical Monster for Mac Users
Das Keyboard Launches a Mechanical Monster for Mac Users
Das Keyboard Launches a Mechanical Monster for Mac Users

Feature-wise, MacTigr packs dedicated media controls, a rubberized volume knob, an eject button, brightness controls, and a sleep button. More impressively, it has two integrated USB-C ports for charging or data transfer—old school, but cool! (To be clear, this is a wired-only keyboard.)

Now, this isn’t Das Keyboard’s first attempt at a macOS keyboard. We previously featured the company’s Das Keyboard 4 in our Best Mechanical Keyboards for Macs roundup, and notably, the Das Keyboard 5QS features some insane customizations for power users. The new MacTigr simply improves on previous designs and focuses on a pure “professional” experience.

The MacTigr is available today for $219 at the Das Keyboard website and Amazon. That’s quite a bit of money for a Mac keyboard, but to be fair, this is a pretty unique product.

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