Cyber Monday PS5 SSD and hard drive deals 2021: all the latest sales live now

Cyber Monday PS5 SSD deals are going live across the internet as the weekend rolls into its final hours, marking new savings to stay on the lookout for even as some clutch Black Friday PS5 SSD deals remain. Given how many substantial discounts we spotted on the best PS5 SSDs on the market-leading up to now, it’s a very good sign for even more savings going forward.

Cyber Monday PS5 SSD and hard drive deals 2021: all the latest sales live now
© Provided by GamesRadar Seagate FireCuda 530

The latest season of savings has already lopped $50 off the new and high-performing Samsung 980 PRO heatsink model (now $199.99, was $249.99 at Amazon). On the other hand, if you want to stick with an established favorite, you can also find great deals on PS5 architect Mark Cerny’s choice – the WD Black SN850 heatsink model – now reduced to $249.99 (was $279.99) at Best Buy. The existing savings will likely continue on for this year’s Cyber Monday PS5 SSD deals and, stock permitting, we may see even more.

When Sony finally unleashed the internal storage slot for use by all players with a system update earlier this year, suddenly a whole market of gear and storage tech was now available to PS5 owners – on top of all the great external hard drives that are around. Picking up an internal PS5 SSD opens the door to actually playing more games from an extra bit of storage – rather than the storage-only status given to external drives this generation. Given the timing of the rollout of the firmware, and the increasing size of the PS5’s library at this busy time of year, 2021’s Cyber Monday PS5 SSD and external hard drive deals come at the perfect time.

We’ll be rounding up all the latest offers as soon as they arrive, starting off with some of these early contenders.

The best early Cyber Monday PS5 SSD deals available now


  • Amazon: Save $50 off the Samsung 980 PRO Heatsink drive
  • Best Buy: Get $50 off the Seagate FireCuda 530 Heatsink drive
  • Dell: Save up to 20% on the Samsung 980 PRO
  • Walmart: Get a Samsung T7 SSD from just $84.99
  • Target: Save on internal SSDs and external drives
  • Newegg: Save 17% on the Gigabyte Aorus 7000s SSD
  • Disney Plus: Get 12 months for the price of 10 with this deal
  • Microsoft: Big savings on headsets and other peripherals to go with your new SSD
  • B&H Photo: Save up to $160 on the WD BLACK SN850 right now
  • Samsung: Big savings of up $3,500 on premium 8K and QLED TVs
  • Verizon: Get up to $1,000 off 5G phones with trade-in


  • Amazon: Save 30% on the 500GB WD BLACK SN850 drive and more
  • Currys: Get £20 off Samsung external drives
  • Very: Save up to £130 on the Samsung T7 Touch external PS5 SSDs
  • eBuyer: Offering pre-order on the Samsung 980 PRO heatsink model!
  • Box: Get more than £50 off the WD BLACK SN850 (no heatsink)
  • Overclockers: Save over £100 on an SN850 and a selected heatsink bundle
  • John Lewis: Save 40 quid on a 500GB Samsung 980 PRO
  • Samsung: Save nearly £60 on a 1TB 980 PRO direct from the maker
  • Argos: get the retailer’s lowest ever prices on Samsung external SSDs

Cyber Monday PS5 SSD deals in the US

Cyber Monday PS5 SSD and hard drive deals 2021: all the latest sales live now
© Provided by GamesRadar

Samsung 980 PRO SSD w/ Heatsink | 1TB | $250 $199.99 at Amazon Save $50 – It’s the Cyber Monday PS5 SSD deal that we’ve all been waiting for – you can now save $50 on the Samsung 980 PRO heatsink model. This is a brand new stick that we hoped would see some early discounts in this year’s sales.

Cyber Monday PS5 SSD and hard drive deals 2021: all the latest sales live now
© Provided by GamesRadar

WD SN850 SSD | 1TB with Heatsink | $269.99 $249.99 at Best Buy Save $20You’ll find a $20 discount on this plug and play heatsink version of the popular WD Black SN850 PS5 SSD, but it’s worth noting that the non-Heatsink 1TB is also heavily reduced, down to $149.99 (from $230) as well.

Cyber Monday PS5 SSD and hard drive deals 2021: all the latest sales live now
© Provided by GamesRadar

Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus | 1TB w/heatsink | $190 $179.99 at Amazon

Save $10 – This is a great SSD and heatsink combo, so even though you’re only saving $10 there’s excellent value up for grabs here. The heatsink actually replaces the entire PS5 SSD slot’s lid and creates a new seal, as well as being in contact with the SSD within. It’s a great solution and the SSD is a a proper beast too.

Cyber Monday PS5 SSD and hard drive deals 2021: all the latest sales live now
© Provided by GamesRadar

Seagate Firecuda 530 | 1TB | $255 $189.99 at Amazon Save $65 – This isn’t the heatsink-included variant of the Firecuda 530, but you’re still saving $65 on a solid go-to if you’re handy enough to apply your own cooling. This is one of the  best SSDs for PS5 on the market right now.

Cyber Monday PS5 SSD and hard drive deals 2021: all the latest sales live now
© Provided by GamesRadar

Seagate FireCuda 530 | 1TB w/Heatsink | $275 $239.99 at Amazon

Save $35 – This is the the lowest ever price for the FireCuda 530 with its own heatsink, so if you don’t fancy sourcing your own cooling tech for the model above, this is a solid option. You’re saving $35 here, and grabbing a premium stick for $239.99.

Cyber Monday PS5 SSD and hard drive deals 2021: all the latest sales live now
© Provided by GamesRadar

ADATA XPG GAMMIX S70 BLADE SSD | 1TB | $129.99 at Amazon Save $30 – This is probably the lowest price for a high-quality 1TB PS5 SSD that comes with its own heatsink. Looks to be its lowest ever price too.

Cyber Monday PS5 SSD and hard drive deals 2021: all the latest sales live now
© Provided by GamesRadar

ADATA SE800 | 1TB | $175 $99.99 at Amazon Save $75 – This is the drive’s lowest ever price and so represents excellent value for money. And given it’s a rough and ready, rugged, accident-proof drive, that’s some excellent peace of mind right there too.

Cyber Monday PS5 SSD and hard drive deals 2021: all the latest sales live now
© Provided by GamesRadar

Crucial X6 external SSD | 1TB | $130 $79.99 at Amazon Save $50 – This is another easy suggestion for anyone looking for 1TB of external storage for their PS4 library and PS5 games. And at this price it’s excellent value for money.

Cyber Monday PS5 SSD deals in the UK

Cyber Monday PS5 SSD and hard drive deals 2021: all the latest sales live now
© Provided by GamesRadar

Crucial P5 Plus NVMe SSD | 1TB | £157.19 £107.98 at Amazon Save £49 The Crucial P5 Plus has hit a record low price in Cyber Monday PS5 SSD deals – and taken a massive drop at that. That makes for an easy deal to consider if you need a high-end internal SSD. This SSD has no heatsink, though so you’ll have to add your own.

The 500GB is down to just £60.99 (from £93.15), and the 2TB is down to £251.99

(from £320.39) – both lowest-ever prices.

Cyber Monday PS5 SSD and hard drive deals 2021: all the latest sales live now
© Provided by GamesRadar

Sabrent PS5 Heatsink | £30 £24.99 at Amazon Save £5 – We’ll keep suggesting this as it’s a brilliant addition to a PS5 SSD that does not come with a heatsink. This unit replaces the whole SSD slot panel in the console while also acting as a heatsink – excellent design.

Cyber Monday PS5 SSD and hard drive deals 2021: all the latest sales live now
© Provided by GamesRadar

addlink AddGame A95 | 1TB w/Heatsink | £195 £179.99 at Amazon

Save £15 – This seems to be the common price point for 1TB of internal storage right now and getting discounts down to this price makes for attractive options too. This addlink one comes with its own heatsink too which gives some confidence.

Cyber Monday PS5 SSD and hard drive deals 2021: all the latest sales live now
© Provided by GamesRadar

Gigabyte Aorus 7000s | 2TB | £365 £321.98 at Amazon

Save £43It’s certainly a larger investment, but this is still a top PS5 SSD internal option that comes with its own heatsink and will suit those who need that glorious larger capacity. Given we don’t know exactly how low 2TB SSD drives are really going to go this winter, this lowest ever price is a solid option.

Cyber Monday PS5 SSD and hard drive deals 2021: all the latest sales live now
© Provided by GamesRadar

WD BLACK P50 external SSD | 1TB | £240 £159.99 at Amazon

Save £80 – Not only is this our favorite external drive for PS5, but it’s also at it’s lowest price ever in Amazon’s Cyber Monday PS5 SSD deals. Yup, that’s an easy deal to recommend. This one is not likely to hang around though, as the value on offer is unbelievable given the quality and speeds of this drive.

Also at lowest-ever prices are the 2TB size at £269.99 (down from £400) and the massive 4TB model at £499.99

(down from £856).

Cyber Monday PS5 SSD and hard drive deals 2021: all the latest sales live now
© Provided by GamesRadar

Samsung T7 external SSD | 2TB | £304.79 £163.99 at Amazon

Save £140 – The speeds on offer in the T7 are nippy, and the Samsung quality shines through and at this price. That means this lowest price ever on the Samsung T7 external PS5 SSD is an easy recommendation today.

Cyber Monday PS5 SSD and hard drive deals 2021: all the latest sales live now
© Provided by GamesRadar

SanDisk Extreme Pro Portable SSD | 1TB | £245 £147.99 at Amazon

Save £97 – One of our favourite external PS5 SSD options, this, and it offers basically everything you could need: speeds, performance, robust design, and incredible value for money at this price.

Looking to go bigger? The 2TB is down to £259.99

(save £169) – also a lowest ever price.

Where will the best Cyber Monday PS5 SSD deals be?

We’ll keep a constant bird’s eye view of all the Cyber Monday PS5 SSD and hard drive deals on this page as we progress through the sales event, but, of course, we do know the best places to have a look already. These are the retailers that we’ll be visiting to search every nook and cranny, and you’ll find them all below.



has enormous variety and ranges of stock Best Buy: also offers a vast amount of stock and will also price match Newegg: the PC specialist is a great source of internal and external drives Walmart: often price matches with plenty of stock



the mega-retailer should always be your first stop

Very: often has good stock and decent prices Argos: can sometimes get you same-day delivery Currys: always reliable for having stock either online or to reserve in-store ebuyer: the PC specialist will be a valuable source for drives this year

Overclockers: always well stocked and often runs deals

Cyber Monday PS5 SSD deals: FAQs

If an internal drive is going to be target number one for you in this year’s Cyber Monday PS5 SSD deals, then we think you’ll be in for some lowest ever prices – if stock holds. The big brands’ models and series will definitely be worth a look. WD’s SN850, and Seagate’s FireCuda 530 are going to be near the top of any most-wanted lists and should see deep cuts. 

But the most important thing to remember when looking at internal options among the Cyber Monday PS5 SSD deals is that a drive needs to meet Sony’s criteria and recommended specs. Here they are again for reference:

  • PCIe Gen4 interface
  • 250GB – 4TB capacity
  • 5,500MB/s read speed or faster
  • 22mm width (do not go for 25mm units)
  • Heatsink required (built-in or DIY)

Cyber Monday PS5 external SSD and hard drive deals: what to expect

External SSDs and HDDs have always been excellent console companions, and they are likely to be heavily discounted in the Cyber Monday PS5 SSD and external hard drive deals when the time comes. 

External models like Samsung’s T5 and T7 units, and the WD_Black Game Drive SSDs are going to be ones to watch and perennial favourites like WD’s My Passport and Seagate’s licensed HDDs are well worth keeping abreast of when the price drops come raining down. Just as another reminder, remember that you can only play PS4 games from an external drive – but you can store PS5 games on one, which is still a great improvement on not being able to use them at all with PS5 software.

Today’s best deals

However, if you’re on the lookout for the best prices going now on some top internal PS5 SSDs, or if you just want to get your eye in ahead of the sales period, then check out the list of price below.

Cyber Monday PS5 external hard drive deals, on the other hand, are going to be worth a serious look – particularly if the heights of the internal SSD prices are a bit too, well, high. They will come down in the Cyber Monday deals but they still hold a premium compared to external PS5 SSDs or hard drives. Here’s a bunch of our favourites and their current prices.

Which brand makes the best PS5 SSD?

Well, that’s the million-dollar question when preparing to buy such a potentially premium and important item. And it’s not clear cut – it’s nigh-on impossible to pick one brand or make. 

However, of course, it’s likely that most folks will gravitate toward the big guns, and that’s what we’d suggest doing too. Western Digital’s WD_BLACK range, and the SN850, in particular, is an early, premium favourite: even, PS5 architect, Mark Cerny has given this one his stamp of approval by acquitting it personally for his own console. The same goes for Samsung’s 980 Pro stick which will have its own heatsink edition by the time we get to Cyber Monday too; given Samsung’s pedigree in storage and drives, this will undoubtedly be one of the top dogs. Seagate – synonymous with console storage solutions – will have its say too with the FireCuda 530. But other PS5 SSDs that might not be seen as ‘premium’ are still worth a look: Gigabyte’s Aorus 7000s is a great drive that should go below $200 this sales season, and the same goes for Patriot’s Viper VP4300 drive. And we haven’t even mentioned Crucial, ADATA, and more…

So, while there’s not one particular standout brand, there’s going to be a good handful to choose from.

Is a 1TB SSD enough for the PS5?

If you classify yourself as a pretty ‘normal’ PS5 player who likes to have a good handful of games on the go, and to hand at once – without feeling the need to play dozens at a time – then 1TB should be enough for you. And that’s particularly the case with internal SSDs in mind – we see this as the sweet spot between a decent chunk of extra storage, and when balancing and factoring in value and price points. The NVMe SSDs that meet Sony’s recommendations are still pretty premium in nature and premium in price, so the 1TB looks to be the best bet.

If you’re in the market for an external SSD only, then you’ll probably want to aim for 2TB and up – in all likelihood. This is because an external SSD is slightly more limited in it’s function: you can only play PS4 games off the external, and only store PS5 games. If you prefer an external solution then it’s likely that the hard work it’ll do will be for the massive PS4 library, and the internal PS5 SSD will look after your PS5 games. Thus, 2TB, even when looking at moving around PS5 games, is a good starting point (though 1TB might be enough for those with smaller libraries). You’ll also get greater value in terms of a ‘terabytes to dollar or pound’ ratio too at the larger capacities.

Of course, SSDs and hard drives won’t be the only new-gen console-shaped deals in town this sales season: check out the latest on the Cyber Monday PS5 headset deals, and for those across the console aisle, check out our Cyber Monday Xbox Series X deals page.

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