Cyber Monday PS5 and Xbox Series X TV deals: All the best sales on new-gen displays

These Cyber Monday PS5 and Xbox Series X TV deals will help you find a display that does your fancy new console justice without breaking the bank. If you missed out on Friday, you can rest assured that we’re still seeing plenty of excellent deals for Cyber Monday, including big savings on some of the best TVs for PS5 and Xbox Series X out there.

Cyber Monday PS5 and Xbox Series X TV deals: All the best sales on new-gen displays
© Provided by GamesRadar Cyber Monday PS5 and Xbox Series X TV deals

When we say the ‘best TVs for new-gen consoles’, we’re referring to those that, at the very least, boast improved HDR and 120Hz refresh rates, but ideally you also want HDMI 2.1 support. In case you really want to go crazy, we’ll also include some 8K screens if you want to future-proof your setup.

And while these upgrades and advancements are becoming pretty accessible, they do still live within the most premium TVs, so taking advantage of these Cyber Monday PS5 and Xbox Series X TV deals can make that upgrade a little less painful to your wallet.

We have seen some of the best gaming TVs drop dramatically in price, which makes for great value acquisition – just don’t hesitate too long, as we’re nearing the end of Cyber Monday now and stock is never certain. And if you’re still chasing PS5 stock and Xbox Series X stock, nabbing a TV that’s up to the task in advance is a great way 

Finally, should you already find yourself in possession of the incredibly elusive home consoles, then the Cyber Monday PS5 deals and Cyber Monday Xbox Series X deals have big discounts on games and accessories.

The best Cyber Monday PS5 and Xbox Series X TV deals



  • Amazon: Save £300 on the Hisense 55″ QLED
  • Samsung: Get up to £500 off the Samsung NeoQLED QN85A TV
  • Very: Save £600 on the beautiful Samsung The Frame TV
  • Currys: Get the LG C1 for less than £1000!
  • John Lewis: Save up to £500 on an LG TV and soundbar combo

Cyber Monday PS5 and Xbox Series X TV deals in the US

Cyber Monday PS5 and Xbox Series X TV deals: All the best sales on new-gen displays
© Provided by GamesRadar

LG C1 OLED 4K TV | 55-inch | $1,500 $1,299.99 at Best Buy Save $200 – The sweetheart of gaming TVs in 2021. And you can get it at a tasty discount now too which makes it all the sweeter. This is the TV that many folks are aiming for and getting it for this price is an absolute steal.

Cyber Monday PS5 and Xbox Series X TV deals: All the best sales on new-gen displays
© Provided by GamesRadar

LG 55″ G1 OLED | $2000 $1,699.99 at Best Buy Save $300 – A lowest ever price on this terrific 55-inch LG G1 OLED means you can get one of the top TVs for less. You’ll need to get a stand separately, but the saving here and quality on offer more than make up for that.

Cyber Monday PS5 and Xbox Series X TV deals: All the best sales on new-gen displays
© Provided by GamesRadar

Samsung QN900A 8K TV | 65-inch | $5,000 $3,299.99 at Samsung Save $1,700 – If you’re looking to future-proof yourself then this is a cracking means to do so – and get one of the best 8K gaming TVs in the process too. This is a superb price and discount for a high-end TV that came out this year.

Cyber Monday PS5 and Xbox Series X TV deals: All the best sales on new-gen displays
© Provided by GamesRadar

Sony 4K 120Hz X90J TV | $1,099.99 $898 at Amazon Save $201.99 – This 50-inch television is one of the best TVs for PS5 and Xbox Series X gaming, and this price is an excellent entry point. If you’ve been looking to pimp your setup with a screen boasting 4K, 120Hz refresh rate capabilities, and HDMI 2.1 ports, look no further.

Cyber Monday PS5 and Xbox Series X TV deals: All the best sales on new-gen displays
© Provided by GamesRadar

55-inch Sony Bravia XR A80J Series  | $1,799.99 $1,399.99 at Best Buy Save $400 – Perfect for combining with your PS5, the Bravia A80J is a relative steal at this price. This discount negates all the ‘Sony premium’ that is usually applied to the tech company’s screens and means you’re getting great value.

Cyber Monday PS5 and Xbox Series X TV deals: All the best sales on new-gen displays
© Provided by GamesRadar

Samsung 75-inch Q80A QLED TV | $2699.99 $1697.99 at Amazon Save $1000 – A wall-filling TV with a thousand dollars off? Yes, that’s the definition of a Cyber Monday PS5 and Xbox Series X deal. And you’re getting some top-end QLED action here too for the lowest ever price.

Cyber Monday PS5 and Xbox Series X TV deals: All the best sales on new-gen displays
© Provided by GamesRadar

Sony KD55X80J | 55-inch | $800 $598 at Amazon Save $200 – A high-quality Sony TV for less than $600 is a great deal and means you’re bagging some serious value for money. That’s the lowest ever price, and it’ll play perfectly with a PS5.

Cyber Monday PS5 and Xbox Series X TV deals in the UK

Cyber Monday PS5 and Xbox Series X TV deals: All the best sales on new-gen displays
© Provided by GamesRadar

LG OLED C1 4K TV | 55-inch | £1,700 £1,128 at Amazon Save £571.99 – This exceptional TV seems to have been getting better and better in value all week and weekend! The perfect gaming TV for its price tag is exceptional value at this amount and one you’ll not regret getting.

Cyber Monday PS5 and Xbox Series X TV deals: All the best sales on new-gen displays
© Provided by GamesRadar

Samsung NeoQLED QN700A | 55-inch | + FREE Z Flip3 phone | £2,499 £1,999 at Samsung

Save £500 – The free Z Flip3 phone really makes this deal excellent. If, for example, you didn’t need the phone, you could resell it for a tidy sum and thus bring the cost of this excellent 8K TV down in relative terms. A great deal.

Cyber Monday PS5 and Xbox Series X TV deals: All the best sales on new-gen displays
© Provided by GamesRadar

Philips OLED805 4K TV | 55-inch | £1,299 £999 at Currys Save £300 – Perennially popular with the UK TV market, the USP of Philips Ambilight really does heighten the gaming experience and immerse you further into virtual worlds.

Cyber Monday PS5 and Xbox Series X TV deals: All the best sales on new-gen displays
© Provided by GamesRadar

Samsung QLED Q65A 4K TV | 55-inch | £849 £649 at Amazon Save £200 – For sheer bang-to-buck value, you can’t get much better than Samsung’s ‘regular’ QLED TV range. This is a whole lot of telly for less than six hundred and fifty quid.

Cyber Monday PS5 and Xbox Series X TV deals: All the best sales on new-gen displays
© Provided by GamesRadar

Samsung NeoQLED 4K TV | 43-inch | £1,299 £949 at Currys

Save £350 – The flagship NeoQLED TV from Samsung of 2021 is the perfect choice for those who lean toward brighter colours and pictures for their games. This is the one I’d go for if I was upgrading.

Cyber Monday PS5 and Xbox Series X TV deals: All the best sales on new-gen displays
© Provided by GamesRadar

Samsung 55″ NeoQLED QN90A | £1,199 £1,149.00 at Amazon Save £50There’s a decent saving on this large Samsung 4K 120Hz NeoQLED TV which brings it into good value territory. Of course, it also has that sweet, sweet HDMI 2.1 connection as well as Bluetooth, Samsung TVPlus, and Freesat HD. 

Where will the Cyber Monday PS5 and Xbox Series X TV deals be?

The best Cyber Monday PS5 and Xbox Series X TV deals are going to be from those usual retailer suspects. The ones who always get involved and do the usual business around this time of year. Amazon and Best Buy are leading the charge in the USA, and Currys, Samsung, and Amazon UK are proving to offer the best deals in the UK right now.


Amazon: Consistent discounts on brands such as LG, Samsung, and Vizio

Best Buy: Right now you can save up to $500 on Sony and LG flagships

Walmart: Representation from major brands at standard going rates

B&H Photo: There’s currently a staggering $800 off the LG CX series

Samsung: You can currently save up to $600 on 4K Smart TV models


Amazon: Steady deals on Samsung, LG, Sony, and Hisense TVs

Currys: Consistent deals on Sony Bravia and Samsung 4K120 TVs eBuyer: Expected prices on mid-range 4K120 models 

Samsung: There’s an astounding £1,000 off 8K and 4K QLED TVs right now

Very: Save up to £200 on Samsung and LG 2021 flagship models

John Lewis: Discount codes are running on high-end 4K TVs at the moment

Cyber Monday PS5 and Xbox Series X TV deals – FAQs

One of our favorite TVs for PS5 and Xbox Series X, the LG OLED C1 – which we gave a glowing 5-star write-up of in our LG OLED C1 review – is currently at its historic lowest-ever price for the 65-inch variant on Amazon at the moment. It’s down to $1,796.99 from its usual selling price of $2,500. We’re hoping that this demonstrates the kind of savings that we’re going to see when Cyber Monday comes around, with even deeper discounts than the $703 off that we’ve seen here. 

Other flagship models from established brands are currently at their lowest-ever price ahead of Cyber Monday as well, like the Samsung Q80A which is reduced to $1,097.99 from its $1,300 MSRP – for a full $202 off. This scale of offers is much more likely as to what we’re going to see on Cyber Monday, with anything more extensive to be reserved for Black Friday. But you never know…

Today’s best deals

Our price comparison technology works flat out to bring you the hottest deals on TVs for PS5 and Xbox Series X this side of Cyber Monday. 

We know that Cyber Monday isn’t quite with us just yet, but if you’ve been at a loss as to what TV to buy for your PS5 or Xbox Series X, then we recommend the LG G1 for its phenomenal OLED display and bright colors afforded by the proprietary HDR technology, especially the ‘game enhancer’ settings. 

However, if you’re looking for a more wallet-friendly panel to make the most of your new console with, and don’t mind 60Hz, then the Sony X80J is hard to beat at its $1,000 MSRP with full Dolby Vision HDR support and MotionFlow smoothing sure to provide a stellar gaming experience for less.

What spec TV do I need for PS5?

When it comes to specs on the top TVs for PS5 (and Xbox Series X, for that matter), there are definitely a few things to make sure your screen is offering in order to get the most out of your console. 

It’s common knowledge that 4K TVs are the best for gaming, so this should generally be your first spec to ensure is under the hood. Next, and fast becoming the defining characteristic of the PS5 TV, is HDMI 2.1 and 120Hz refresh rate capability. This will push games into the framerates once dominated only by gaming PCs and laptops – while retaining true 4K resolution too. You’ll also want to ensure the TVs have great HDR – but we’ve barely seen any 4K TV without HDR. Beyond these, you’ll then get into different screen types – like OLED and QLED (which are the top two tiers of PS5 TV tech – and other, manufacturer-only features. The likes of Samsung and LG and Sony are always ones to cram such features in so you’ll always get the best packages with them, all in.

What TV screen type is best for PS5 and Xbox Series X?

If you want the absolute best screen for your PS5 or Xbox Series X this Cyber Monday, then the answer to this question is almost certainly OLED television tech, or QLED television tech. We don’t think declaring this is particularly controversial. These are by far the two most superior screen types for gaming and these are what you want to aim for tech-wise.

However, you can always increase your options a bit by incorporating price. Away from the technical specifications and features, there are some genuinely good screens that are LCD or LED that could be the best TV screen type for you and your gaming setup. If you can get to a store and see TVs running some imagery, then having an ‘in the flesh’ look will definitely help – but just for downright image brilliance, you have to look at QLED and OLED televisions.

Power up your gaming performance with the best PS5 accessories and best Xbox Series X accessories

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