Cyber Monday GPU deals 2021 - these are the last sales to look out for

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Some Cyber Monday graphics card deals still remain even with the big day nearly done. The good news is that if you held off on shopping until now, you didn’t miss out on any particularly massive savings on the best graphics cards. The bad news is that’s because there haven’t been any huge ones – just like at the start of this big savings weekend, low supply and high demand have translated into no particularly compelling savings.

Cyber Monday GPU deals 2021 - these are the last sales to look out for
© Provided by GamesRadar Cyber Monday graphics card deals: RTX 3090

With that said, there have still been some discounts to speak of. Seeded in with the best Cyber Monday gaming deals, we’ve spotted reduced prices on RTX 3060 stock, RTX 3070 stock, and RTX 3080 stock, as well as occasional discounts on AMD’s Radeon RTX 6000 cards. But, unfortunately, finding retailers with stock at all at this point is still proving pretty difficult – never mind anything on the bigger deals front. 

Nevertheless, we’ll continue to keep you posted with the best Cyber Monday graphics card deals around as we source them. And we still advise giving our Cyber Monday gaming PC deals a gander; as well as our guide to the best gaming PCs – some of which come pre-equipped with some of the best GPUs on the market, which is a good way to get around the current graphics card shortage.   

Today’s best Cyber Monday graphics card deals


  • Amazon: Competitive prices on GTX 1600 series and older RTX 20 series models
  • Best Buy: Restocks are common here at the end of the month on the latest GPUs 
  • Newegg: Decent rates on current-generation Radeon RX and older GTX video cards
  • Walmart: Cheap prices on older entry-level graphics cards from Nvidia and AMD


  • Amazon: Nvidia GTX graphics cards starting from £360 
  • Currys: RTX 30 series and Radeon RX 6000 models available for competitive rates
  • Ebuyer: Fair prices on Radeon RX 6600 GPUs and older Nvidia GTX video cards
  • Laptops Direct: Some of the cheaper prices on RTX 30 series partner cards

Cyber Monday graphics card deals in the US

Cyber Monday GPU deals 2021 - these are the last sales to look out for
© Provided by GamesRadar

Gigabyte GeForce RTX 3060 Eagle 12GB GPU | $794.99 $767.23 at Newegg

Save $28 – You’ll save a little bit of cash off the retailer’s price here, but the savings aren’t quite as good as they sound since manufacturer prices for RTX 3060s start at $329. Unless you’re desperate, you’ll be better off waiting for better Cyber Monday graphics card deals.

Cyber Monday GPU deals 2021 - these are the last sales to look out for
© Provided by GamesRadar

ASRock OC Formula Radeon RX 6900 XT | $1,599.99 $1,549.99 with code BFFRDY22

Save $50 This high-end AMD card is hard to find, but taking $50 off the retailer’s price will make it that much easier to slot into your rig. It also comes with a free month of Xbox Game Pass for PC.

Cyber Monday GPU deals 2021 - these are the last sales to look out for
© Provided by GamesRadar

ASRock Radeon RX 6900 XT Phantom D | $1,599.99 $1,499.99 at Newegg

Save $100 – If you’re searching for an AMD GPU, this will get you a top-of-the-line model at an appreciable discount off the standard seller’s price. You also get a bunch of free goodies: a month of Xbox Game Pass for PC, copies of Far Cry 6 and Resident Evil Village, and a gaming router that normally sells for $239.99 by itself.

Cyber Monday GPU deals 2021 - these are the last sales to look out for
© Provided by GamesRadar

MSI Gaming GeForce GTX 1080 Ti 11GB Duke GPU (refurbished) | $1,099 $1,029 at Amazon

This saving of $70 off the listing price for an Amazon-refurbished GeForce GTX 1080 Ti is one of the best deals we’ve seen on this type of card since August. Keep in mind that, like the rest of the early Cyber Monday graphics card deals we’ve spotted so far, the savings are only good relative to the already tough GPU market.

Cyber Monday GPU deals 2021 - these are the last sales to look out for
© Provided by GamesRadar

Yeston Radeon RX6800XT 16GB D6 GDDR6 | $1,569 $1,549 at Newegg

Save $20 – It’s far from cheap, but it is a highly sought-after card, and it even comes with a waifu printed right onto its back plate. Granted, that could either be a plus or a minus depending on your rig’s particular aesthetic.

Cyber Monday GPU deals 2021 - these are the last sales to look out for
© Provided by GamesRadar

MSI Gaming GeForce GTX 1080 Ti (refurbished) | $1,100 $1,029.99 at Amazon Save $70 – It’s still a more than capable graphics card all these years later, and while you’re missing out on RTX features such as DLSS and ray tracing, you’ll be able to get some impressive benchmarks out of games in 1080p and 1440p. The discount helps, too, but you’re far better waiting for the proper sales on the day in all honesty.

Cyber Monday graphics card deals in the UK

Cyber Monday GPU deals 2021 - these are the last sales to look out for
© Provided by GamesRadar

PNY GeForce RTX 3080 Ti 12 GB XLR8 Gaming REVEL Edition | £1,900 £1,700 at Currys

Save £200 – This is one of the better prices we’ve seen on partner cards – while it is a substantial markup, you’re getting this model at its respective RRP, despite being higher than the FE model.

Cyber Monday GPU deals 2021 - these are the last sales to look out for
© Provided by GamesRadar

GIGABYTE Radeon RX 6900 XT 16 GB AORUS MASTER Graphics Card | £1,600 at Currys Save £120 – This is the lowest price we’ve seen for this card since it entered the market, with previous prices never quite getting down to the the £1,500 mark. Aorus  aftermarket cards tend to run substantially higher than their base counterparts, so it’s worth considering if you’re interested in their features set.

Cyber Monday GPU deals 2021 - these are the last sales to look out for
© Provided by GamesRadar

Palit GeForce GTX 1050 Ti | £285 at Amazon

It’s not a discount, but it is one of the cheaper 4GB graphics cards in a market that is now infamous for absurd overpricing. You can expect solid 1080p performance in even the latest games with some minor settings menu tweaks.

Where will the best Cyber Monday GPU deals be?

It’s not entirely set in stone as to where the best Cyber Monday GPU deals will be, but we can heartily recommend Amazon in either the US or UK for its sheer size and expanse. As far as RTX 30 series restocks go, Best Buy right now is leading by example. Here’s what you can currently expect from all major retailers right now:


Amazon: What limited RTX-30 stock is available is for an average going rate

Best Buy: Focusing primarily on budget, mid-tier, and previous-gen GPUs

Newegg: Fairly standard prices on RTX-30 series and Radeon GPUs

Walmart: Offering a limited supply focusing on older graphics cards



Fair prices on RTX 20-series and older GPU models

eBuyer: Some of the fairest prices we’ve seen on the newest graphics cards

Currys: Decent prices on the Radeon RX 6000 cards and high-end RTX GPUs

CCL Computers: Some of the better prices on RTX 3060 Ti and RTX 3080s

Why is it so hard to buy a GPU right now?

A big part of the reason why Cyber Monday GPU deals will be tougher to find this year is because of the massive graphics card shortage – but what led to the shortage in the first place? Well, one of the primary contributors is also wreaking havoc on the rest of the world: the pandemic. Shutdowns and supply line restrictions have made the components needed to manufacture intricate electronics such as graphics cards historically difficult for manufacturers to procure, and if they don’t have components, they can’t make the cards. Even the cards they can make are harder to get to retailers thanks to the global shipping crisis.

On top of that, demand for graphics cards is higher than ever before thanks to the growing popularity of PC gaming and using them for other purposes. The first category is self explanatory, while the latter is occupied by all kinds of different folks – chief among them people who sometimes use whole rooms or buildings full of powerful graphics cards to generate cryptocurrency or related assets. When two growing demographics want the same thing for two very different purposes, there’s bound to be some fiction. Those are the main reasons why it’s so hard to buy a GPU right now. 

Will graphics card prices drop on Cyber Monday?

We have a short answer and a long answer to this question. The short answer is graphics cards prices will probably not drop on Cyber Monday. The long answer is sort of, indirectly if you’re looking for the right kind of Cyber Monday GPU deals. Given how strapped the market has been for any kind of reliable supply, the best you can hope for on picking up any given GPU will likely be at the manufacturer’s suggested retail price.

However, it’s quite common for retailers to bundle hot-ticket components like these with other bits of hardware, like RAM and sometimes even CPUs – and those parts of the bundle often will be discounted. If you’re in the market for whatever type of item is included in the Cyber Monday GPU deal bundle, it could be a win-win – just make sure it’s compatible with whatever build you have in mind. If you’re not interested, you could always still pick up the bundle and sell the unneeded parts later second hand. If you got a decent discount on it, you’ll ideally be able to at least break even after accounting for shipping costs and other logistics.

Be aware that you may be left on the hook to cover some extra costs if you try to return just part of the bundle to the retailer, assuming they even let you do that.

When will Cyber Monday GPU deals start?

They’re officially here! Get your shopping done while the deals are live.

Cyber Monday GPU deals: what to expect

There are no guarantees, but it’s highly unlikely that the RTX 30-series will make an appearance on Cyber Monday for standard price, let alone be discounted. Last year, there were hardly any noteworthy GPU deals to speak of aside from minor savings on entry-level video cards from reliable retailers. 

Due to the ongoing component shortages, RTX 20-series GPUs have very much retained their value several years after release. In last year’s Cyber Monday GPU deals, the kinds of deals we were seeing were the RTX 2060 for $340, down from $350 at Adorama.

It isn’t exactly the best outlook, but, given that the RTX 30-series has been ‘available’ for a year now, there’s the potential that previous generation RTX cards and the more entry-level GTX range could be cheaper than last year. 

Is it worth waiting until Cyber Monday to buy a graphics card?

We wouldn’t really advise specifically waiting for the Cyber Monday GPU deals as it’s very unlikely stock will appear for MSRP and what little graphics cards do go on sale won’t be very noteworthy. If you have a chance to buy a new RTX 30 series GPU or AMD Radeon 6000 video card before Cyber Monday for its retail price, then that’s the better call to make, especially when retailers like Best Buy are having huge RTX 30 series restock in-store events. 

Cyber Monday GPU deals: retailer restocks 

Cyber Monday GPU deals are fairly few and far between at the best of times. However, if RTX 30-series and AMD Radeon 6000 graphics cards are to appear on the day, these are the most likely retailers to carry them. 

Cyber Monday GPU deals 2021 - these are the last sales to look out for
© Provided by GamesRadar

Best Buy – RTX 30-series | (Check Stock) Best Buy is the gold standard when it comes to RTX 30 series restocks over the past few months. In August and October, we saw major GPU restock events (both online and in-store), as well as minor Founders Edition restocks happening often throughout the past few weeks, too, so we strongly recommend watching Best Buy closely.

Cyber Monday GPU deals 2021 - these are the last sales to look out for
© Provided by GamesRadar

Amazon – RTX 30-series |

(Check Stock)

The world’s largest online retailer has many RTX 30 series options through various partner cards (such as those made by MSI and Gigabyte), but you’re going to have to spend above the MSRP at the moment. However, given the benefits that some GPUs offer, there are good deals to take advantage of that pop up sporadically for a more than reasonable price.

Cyber Monday GPU deals 2021 - these are the last sales to look out for
© Provided by GamesRadar

Newegg – RTX 30-series | (Check Stock) You will find some of the fairer rates online on RTX 30 series partner GPUs that we’ve seen for some time, especially on the higher-end boutique models of RTX 3070 and RTX 3080. We would still personally recommend waiting for a potential Founders Edition (Nvidia-made) RTX 30 series restock, but if you’re after a video card sooner rather than later, Newegg could have what you need for a price. 

Another great way of getting your desired GPU for less is through Black Friday laptop deals

What’s more, take that action to the big screen with some great Black Friday gaming monitor deals, and sit in comfort with Black Friday gaming chair deals to complete your setup. 

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