Co Tu ethnic weaving craft to be introduced

The weaving craft of the Co Tu ethnic minority people in the central province of Quang Nam will be introduced at an exhibition in Hanoi on August 1st and 2nd.

Co Tu ethnic people participate in weaving craft (Source:

Special cultural practices of the group, as well as their weaving products past and present, will be shown at the event.

Visitors will have the chance to hear stories told by Co Tu weaving artisans and read a book introducing the group’s craft.

Some of unique handmade weaving products of the Co Tu people will be introduced, such as a “xa lech”, a three-compartment back basket Co Tu men use and a pinnacle of the rattan weaving art, a “p’reng”, a small back basket with unique patterns for Co Tu children to use at festivals, and a “p’rom”, a back basket for Co Tu women to bring gifts to their parents or to use in certain dances.

The exhibition is part of a project to improve the livelihoods of ethnic minority groups through the development of the rattan and herbal plant value chain and to preserve biodiversity in Quang Nam.

The project has been implemented by the Truong Son Xanh Project with funding from the US Agency for International Development (USAID) since September 2019 in mountainous districts in Quang Nam such as Dong Giang, Tay Giang, and Nam Giang, which are home to Co Tu people.

Despite possessing excellent weaving skills, the weaving art of the Co Tu people still cannot develop. In recent years, there are fewer and fewer rattan trees, Co Tu people have to go deeper into the forest to get rattan to weave. Fewer daily weaving products are used due to the dominance of plastic ones./.

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