Christmas 2022: Skate at Somerset House is already selling tickets - how to get them, how to get there

The festive season is drawing closer and it’s about time an iconic London landmark launched their ice rink. Skate at Somerset House with Moet & Chandon is back and is gearing up to welcome visitors this winter for an unparalleled skating experience,

Skate will transform Somerset House’s spectacular courtyard into a magical festive destination, where there’ll also be a ginormous 40ft Christmas tree. The event will run from November 16 to January 15 2023, with tickets going on sale on Friday September 30 at 10am.

Prices range from £10 to £22 for adults and £7.50 to £11 for children including skate hire. Groups of four (two adults and two children or one adult and three children) can enjoy a family discount of 10%. There’s also a chance to get tickets for their Skate Lates sessions which range from £15 to £22.

Christmas 2022: Skate at Somerset House is already selling tickets - how to get them, how to get there

Get ready for Skate at Somerset House 2022

So apart from ice skating, what else can visitors expect to find at Somerset House this festive season? There’ll be a new series of rink-side deck takeovers from DJs and artists at Skate Lates with UNIQLO, as well as day-time skating lessons with Skate School where both adults and children can learn from the National Ice Skate Association instructors.

The line-up includes ESEA Sisters, Deptford Northern Soul Club, Lexii, and Manara – just to name a few. Somerset House will also see the return of Chilled Out Skate sessions, which will take place on selected weekday mornings. The rink is open to wheelchair users across all skating sessions, as well as hosting two dedicated skate sessions for them on November 27 and 30.

Off of the ice, visitors will be able to lounge in style at the Skate Lounge by Moet & Chandon while sipping on a glass of Moët & Chandon Impérial, classic Champagne cocktail, or Piggyback Hot Toddy.

Christmas 2022: Skate at Somerset House is already selling tickets - how to get them, how to get there

Tuck into Suisse cuisine

Hotel Chocolat’s Chocmobile will be located in the courtyard, serving up winter delights like their decadent hot choccy and all the chocolate goodies you need. They’ll also have a pop-up store from the chocolatiers where they’ll be hosting a series of chocolate masterclasses and tastings for adults.

Other foodie treats include Chalet Suisse by Jimmy Garcia, bringing the taste of the Swiss mountains to London. Think Suisse fondue with black truffle, Berner Platte (roasted pork belly with slow braised pig cheek, pancetta laced mash, sauerkraut and apple Schnapps jus), and Älplermagronen (macaroni in Swiss cheese with wild mushroom and cream sauce).

Tickets for Skate go on sale at 10am on Friday September 30 and can be bought via Somerset House’s website.

How to get there

Address: Somerset House, Strand, WC25 1LA

Closest Tube stations to Somerset House are Temple and Embankment, but is also accessible by Rail services to Charing Cross, Waterloo and Blackfriars.

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Source: Christmas 2022: Skate at Somerset House is already selling tickets – how to get them, how to get there

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