Check Out The Sleek And Lightweight Angell S Rapide Commuter E-Bike

check out the sleek and lightweight angell s rapide commuter e-bike

Check Out The Sleek And Lightweight Angell S/Rapide Commuter E-Bike

This city-slicker packs loads of tech in a sleek, streamlined package.

Angell, a French bicycle manufacturer which opened its doors in 2019, wants to set a new standard for electric bicycles with its new S Rapide. The company started life with the hefty goal of becoming the “iPhone of the e-bike world.” Now, depending on your preferences, this could either be a good or bad thing.

On paper, the Angell S Rapide is certainly looking like a good thing, with some of the iPhone’s philosophies—clean styling and ease-of-use—clearly making their way to the bike. Indeed, the S Rapide is loaded with tech, so much so that calling it an e-bike would be an understatement. You could say that it is an IOT device on wheels.

check out the sleek and lightweight angell s rapide commuter e-bike

Check Out The Sleek And Lightweight Angell S/Rapide Commuter E-Bike

Diving into the technology a little bit deeper, the S Rapide has an integrated touchscreen display that flaunts a wealth of features including GPS navigation, ride data, and battery stats. It even has a pollution index meter to make you aware of the level of pollution in the areas you’re riding in. Of course, the bike also has a proprietary smartphone app for you to access geo-fencing, tracking, and social media features.

As for the bike itself, the S Rapide is constructed out of an aluminum frame and carbon fiber fork. It has the claim of being one of the lightest e-bikes out there, although it clearly isn’t at 16.3 kilograms. However, it certainly is light enough to be easily carried up a flight of stairs or stuffed into a condo elevator. The bike gets integrated lights for safe riding at night, with the rear light being particularly interesting. The U-shaped unit also houses the battery, which the manufacturer claims can provide juice for up to 31 miles per charge.

check out the sleek and lightweight angell s rapide commuter e-bike

Check Out The Sleek And Lightweight Angell S/Rapide Commuter E-Bike

check out the sleek and lightweight angell s rapide commuter e-bike

Check Out The Sleek And Lightweight Angell S/Rapide Commuter E-Bike

Performance-wise, you’re looking at a 250W rear hub motor with a peak assist speed limited to 15.5 miles per hour. The bike receives three riding modes consisting of Free Ride, Navigation, and Sport, and four Pedal-Assist-Settings consisting of Fly Free, Fly Eco, Fly Dry, and Fly Fast.

When it comes to pricing and availability, the S Rapide occupies the middleground at $2,839 USD. That said, its price is justified by all the tech features it brings to the table. Color options consist of green, black, and silver. You also have the option of outfitting it with fenders, racks, and bags for added practicality around the city.

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    Source: Autoevolution, Angell Bikes

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