Celebs, astronauts and more cheer on SpaceX's Inspiration4 mission after successful launch

© Provided by Space Inspiration4 lifted off successfully on Sept. 15, 2021.

Astronauts, celebrities and regular folks around the globe shared their excitement for Inspiration4’s successful launch to orbit last night (Sept. 15).

At 8:02 p.m. EDT last night (0002 GMT Sept. 16), SpaceX’s Inspiration4 mission successfully launched four people from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida as part of the first all-civilian mission to orbit. Back down on our planet, people are thrilled about the successful launch, and they’re sharing their excitement on social media. 

Everyone from Michelle Obama to NASA astronauts to longtime Elon Musk rival Jeff Bezos have shared their joy and well wishes for the crew after a successful launch.

Live updates: SpaceX’s Inspiration4 private all-civilian orbital mission

Video: Watch SpaceX launch the Inspiration4 civilian space mission

It was an honor getting to speak with @DrSianProctor and the incredible #Inspiration4 crew. They’re inspiring us all with their courage, curiosity, and passion. I’m thinking of all the young people who’ll be looking up to this crew and dreaming big thanks to them. Ad astra! 💫🚀 pic.twitter.com/6uAyFI2Z5DSeptember 16, 2021

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Congratulations #Inspiration4! Low-Earth orbit is now more accessible for more people to experience the wonders of space. We look forward to the future – one where @NASA is one of many customers in the commercial space market. Onward and upward!September 16, 2021

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It was an honor to wish you Godspeed before you left for orbit!September 16, 2021

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Congratulations to @ElonMusk and the @SpaceX team on their successful Inspiration4 launch last night. Another step towards a future where space is accessible to all of us.September 16, 2021

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No matter if you’re a professional or not, when you get strapped to a rocket and launch into space, we have something in common. All the very best from, well, space, to #inspiration4 launching tonight. We will be watching from above! https://t.co/PGAPOKHLK0September 15, 2021

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Congrats to #Inspiration4! You never forget your first spaceflight. It’s exciting to see a new opportunity for private astronauts and commercial missions in low-Earth orbit. The future is bright!September 16, 2021

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I’d say thru the eyes of John Kraus. Thanks for sharing John – so amazing. The largest looks like a rainbow to me — or the arc if #Inspiration4. Can’t wait to see them making themselves at home up in space!! https://t.co/ZLQ7WC68cSSeptember 16, 2021

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All the best to the crew of Inspiration 4! Private astronaut missions are part of the plan to help NASA meet its future needs. Those missions enable a strong market in low-Earth orbit, a market in which NASA will be one of many customers. Go, Inspiration! Go! https://t.co/i1FkrkDFdkSeptember 15, 2021

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Congratulations to @ElonMusk & the @SpaceX @Inspiration4x crew on reaching orbit, another great moment for space exploration #Inspiration4September 16, 2021

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Congratulations to the @SpaceX team on the successful launch of @inspiration4x! Your mission moves @NASA closer to our goal of becoming just one of many customers in the low-Earth orbit economy. https://t.co/HiZBHEzWVASeptember 16, 2021

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Even space agencies and telescopes are getting in on the excitement!

Congratulations to @SpaceX on the launch of @inspiration4x, and enjoy the view! 🥳🌍 https://t.co/z0S0DWMLmVSeptember 16, 2021

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Congratulations to @SpaceX on the launch of @inspiration4x, the first all-private crew! https://t.co/1Rum0jVg2VSeptember 16, 2021

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Congratulations to #Inspiration4 on a successful launch! There are some special “passengers” flying with the crew… Patches celebrating Hubble’s 30+ years of discovery!Thanks to @Inspiration4X for bringing this symbol of exploration with you on your journey. pic.twitter.com/MucYLRkjeWSeptember 16, 2021

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