“Branded goods” Vinhomes bring opportunity to change lives of thousands of young people

The “5-star” cities of Vinhomes are always the first choice of anyone looking for a dream home. Therefore, the project employees of this brand almost never worry about lack of customers and have the opportunity to change their life within their reach.

Decoding the “heat” of the Vinhomes projects

Referring to Vinhomes is to mention a series of real estate projects (real estate) that are changing the face of many cities across the country. In recent customer awards and votes, Vinhomes is also a leading name in customer interest.

Real estate experts say that the reason why Vinhomes quickly occupy the top of the market lies in three factors: brand reputation, construction value and living value.

Vinhomes brand has long been recognized as the leading real estate construction and operation unit with many projects that resonate, but recently can be mentioned the projects of Vinhomes Ocean Park, Vinhomes Smart City (Hanoi) or Vinhomes Grand Park Smart City (Ho Chi Minh City).

Where Vietnam’s leading real estate developer project appears, the face of urban areas in that area changes skin. Many people said jokingly, where Vinhomes touched, the land there turned into gold. Even, a lot of people have “flipped” up thanks to early “following” the projects of Vinhomes, showing the strong attraction of this brand.

“Branded goods” Vinhomes bring opportunity to change lives of thousands of young peopleResidents of Vinhomes always enjoy the dream life thanks to the investor who is always pioneering in making the impossible possible. Photo: Vinhomes.

In the three major cities mentioned above, Vinhomes pioneered in bringing residents high-class living values ​​that are hard to find anywhere. It could be a record-scale artificial lake at Vinhomes Ocean Park, or a chain of green eco-parks in Vinhomes Smart City.

In particular, all Vinhomes real estate projects are “urban areas in the heart of the city”, with a full system of internal utilities and a fresh green living space, causing the value of living to rise and the investment value to constantly increase.

With the perfect foundation in terms of infrastructure and prime locations in big cities, it is easy to understand why Vinhomes’ brand name projects always create heat in the market, with the rate of closing and filling. Full of buildings right after opening is extremely impressive.

Record numbers were continuously set: 3,500 units of Vinhomes Ocean Park (Hanoi) sold out in the afternoon of opening the model apartment at the end of 2018; 10,000 apartments in Vinhomes Grand Park (HCMC) were “cleaned up” right after the first sale, equivalent to the consumption of apartments in the whole market in Ho Chi Minh City in the first half of the year; Also in Vinhomes Grand Park, 2,400 units were registered to buy all after only 3 days of opening for sale in August 2020, in a time when the whole market was in turmoil because of Covid-19.

With large purchasing power from the market, each sale of Vinhomes projects offers great opportunities for distributors and sales staff. Recently, the Vinhomes agent gratitude ceremony has also recorded success from many partners. In particular, Viet A Land is notorious for selling more than 400 The Origami apartments and 100 shophouse and Boutique Villas, although this agent has only officially distributed Vinhomes products since July 2020.

“Opportunity to change life” when becoming a “warrior” sales

With the attraction of “brand name” Vinhomes, becoming a sales staff for the products of this “big man” is an opportunity to change lives for many young people.

Vu Huy Anh (26 years old, Hanoi), a Vinhomes sales consultant shared: “Vinhomes products are number 1 hot in the market, so when consulting, I do not take too much time to explain to Besides, diversified sales policy and attractive shopping cart are also a criterion to attract customers, Vinhomes develops many projects so they never worry about “out of stock”.

“Branded goods” Vinhomes bring opportunity to change lives of thousands of young peopleVinhomes changes lands, lights up horizons – Vinhomes real estate helps many brokers change their lives. Photo: Vinhomes.

As for Ms. Thu Ngan, a rookie of the Vinhomes business team, the most impressive thing when she joins the system is to equip with more soft skills, and support method of marketing and sales. Not to mention, Vinhomes is a rare investor in the market that continues to sell, in the context of a scarce supply.

“Many of my friends who work in the brokerage industry complain that sometimes they themselves have to spend too much money to run ads. Selling Vinhomes products, we are supported with maximum marketing, communication products about the project, and are instructed how to be effective. It must be said that selling a Vinhomes product is much easier than selling other products, even in the same segment”, Ms. Ngan shared.

The reason vinhomes sales team is always “taken care of” so many privileges, because not only a mere seller, they are the people who carry the mission of connecting, spreading the good values of the brand, and bringing “happy” homes to many families.

To meet the huge demand of the market, on April 17 and 18, 2021, at the bridgehead of two regions, Hanoi (Thong Nhat Park) and TP. In Ho Chi Minh City (Youth Cultural House), Vinhomes organized the Real Estate Employee Recruitment Festival with the participation of 121 close Vinhomes sales agents. At the event, tens of thousands of job opportunities with good income will be given to young people who are looking for a real life changing opportunity.

Source: vietnambiz.vn – Translated by fintel.vn

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