BMW, Toyota Partnership Intends to Sell Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars in 2025

BMW and Toyota want to work together to commercialize fuel cell vehicles that are necessary for large SUVs like the iX5 Hydrogen prototype.

Toyota and BMW’s Green Vehicle Partnership Continues and Will Launch Fuel Cell

Toyota and BMW’s long-standing green car relationship is about to produce more results. In an interview with Nikkei cited in Engadget, BMW’s head of sales Pieter Nota stated that the companies want to sell jointly created hydrogen fuel cell automobiles as early as 2025.

However, Nota emphasized that fuel cells are essential for big SUVs like the iX5 Hydrogen prototype and said nothing about what to anticipate (above). By the end of this year, the small-volume manufacture of the iX5 is expected to begin.

BMW and Toyota have collaborated on several automobiles, including the reborn Supra. They formed their green car tech partnership in 2013 but didn’t expect to build a fuel cell system until 2020.

It may seem odd to create hydrogen-powered automobiles while EVs are increasingly popular. Note listed several technical safeguards.

Unlike electric cars (EVs), fuel cell vehicles may be refueled in minutes. Nota said hydrogen vehicles are less prone to supply restrictions than electric ones, and BMW didn’t want to focus on one technology.

Nevertheless, BMW could accelerate EV development shortly. According to Nota, the business might achieve its 50 percent EV sales objective (which includes brands like Mini and Rolls-Royce) “one or two years faster” than the current 2030 aim.

Pure electric cars have represented a more significant share of sales than previously anticipated. BMW still maintains a foothold in the combustion engine industry, but that stake may not continue for very long.

A Londoner Converted a Historic Automobile into an EV

Some people are willing to spend a lot to maintain their historic automobiles while minimizing exhaust emissions. A Londoner utilized a Nissan Leaf for his daily commute, but he ultimately opted to convert a classic car into an EV.

He initially contemplated converting an Audi 100 coupe, but they were too expensive and uncommon, so he landed on a 1975 BMW 1602. It was refurbished, given the 2002 appearance, and now has a 120-horsepower electric motor instead of the car’s 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine.

The owner wanted something with similar power to the original, but this is still relatively quick, with a zero to sixty time of around 7.5 seconds, more than adequate for navigating London traffic. This isn’t one of those powerful EVs that can turn their rear tires into dust if you prod the go pedal too much.

The estimated range is 150 miles (240 km), which is reasonably acceptable considering the vehicle’s daily commute is only a few miles long, and the owner charges it overnight in his garage.

The owner ultimately paid twice as much for the electric vintage BMW as he would have for the Nissan Leaf he had been considering, but it is much more fantastic and enjoyable to drive and even to be caught in traffic. Along with a pair of top-notch speakers to make sitting in traffic on a busy side street even more comfortable, its makeover also provided the car full contemporary connection.

Gas-powered cars are only permitted in the city center of London if their owners pay a daily fee, which may add up to be rather expensive if you have to go through the city daily. Even people who wish to drive antique automobiles choose EVs since continuing to drive an older vehicle is not practical for everyday use.

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