Blutech wireless data management system aspires to be 'iPhone of traditional industry'

Digital transformation is a difficult process, especially for traditional industries. Blutech, a Taiwan-based company in IIoT (industrial IoT), has developed a data management system to help these industries step into the new digital era.

According to Blutech co-founder and marketing director Deral Chen, when their team inspected factories of traditional industries, they discovered that many still recorded their electric meter data by hand.

Some makers who had huge plant sites with facilities located hundreds of meters of even a few kilometes from one another found themselves without a budget for wiring costs after purchasing digital electric meters, and ended up ging back to the manual way of recording data by hand, Chen said.

The complicated environment of these factories and the long planning time for wiring construction make cost evaluation difficult. In addition, factories could not stop their production lines just to install the wiring for a new electric meter.

Chen, who previously worked for hi-tech companies Powerchip Tech and NEC Taiwan, admitted that he did not realize how difficult digital transformation was for Taiwan’s traditional industries until he visited their factories, where IT aplications may merely be the use of an excel spreadsheet.

Blutech wireless data management system aspires to be 'iPhone of traditional industry'

Blutech chairman Barry Lin (front), co-founder and marketing director Deral Chen (right) and sales director Han Kuo (third from right)
Phot: DIGITIMES Asia, August 2022

“For us, this is a blue ocean market,” Chen said. Seeing the difficulties of data collection for traditional industries, Blutech developed a WSDMS wireless transmission system, which combined their patented NeVerLoSs communication protocol with related software and hardware. It helps the client collect electricity and other sensor data via wireless instrumentation. The transmission distance can reach up to 10km in a straight line and around 2.5km in a location with obstacles.

The WSDMS system contains a universal connector that can connect to sensors such as pressure and flow meters. It can monitor data such as electricity, volume and level of water waste, and indoor/outdoor air quality. This system has been introduced to the Far East chemical fiber factory, with nearly 300 smart electric meters installed in the past seven years. It has saved nearly NT$1 million in electricity fees annually, which converts to around a reduction of 209 tons in annual carbon emission. In addition, Blutech is a member of the Wistron Accelerator team. Recently, Wistron’s company headquarters has also introduced the WSDMS system to monitor electricity for POC verification.

Blutech wireless data management system aspires to be 'iPhone of traditional industry'

Blutech WSDMS system includes a smart electric meter.
Photo: DIGITIMES Asia, August 2022

By the end of 2022, Blutech can assist 15 major corporate clients to install the system. By 2023, that number could reach 100 clients. In Taiwan, there are about 25,000 major electricity consumers, and potential demand from the traditional manufacturing industries in Southeast Asia is also huge. “We want to be the traditional industry’s iPhone,” said Chen.

According to Blutech sales director Han Kuo, after standardizing their products in the second half of 2021, they’ve been in contact with clients from the steel, textile, chemical gases, and food processing industries. With the goal of zero carbon emission by 2050, some clients have requested their suppliers to present progress reports in 2025 and 2030. Thus, reducing carbon emissions is no longer just a slogan or simply buying a renewable energy certificate (REC). It now affects orders and involves carbon taxes.

Blutech chairman Barry Lin stated that corporations need to start collecting carbon emission data before they can create strategies and take additional steps, such as updating their equipment. Hand-written data is not only mistake-prone, but it is also not helpful for future audits and certification.

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Deral Chen, Barry Lin



Core Tech

WSDMS wireless transmission system

Target industry

Traditional manufacturing in Taiwan and Southeast Asia

Source: Blutech, compiled by DIGITIMES Asia, August 2022

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