Black Friday PC deals 2021: what to expect in the PC sales this November

This has been a weird year for Computers, as product shortages have made them harder to build yourself, but luckily Black Friday 2021 is approaching faster than you might think. There are going to be some pretty fantastic Black Friday PC deals coming soon, especially as Adobe claims that PC prices dropped by as much as 29% last year – though we expect it’ll be a little less extreme this time around. 

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Black Friday itself lands on November 26 this year, but the deals are never confined to that one day. All the big brands like Apple, Dell, HP and even Apple will probably start putting things on sale at least a couple weeks before the big day, so you should be able to get a new PC for less.

Leading up to the shopping holiday, we’ll be rounding up all the best Black Friday PC deals right here, whether it’s early offers or huge doorbuster events on November 26. Still, that is more than a month away, so if you can’t wait and you have to get a Computer right now, there are a ton of great sales at Amazon, Dell and other retailers. You’ll find our favorite deals down below. 

What if you do need something smaller and portable? We got you. We’ll also be tracking all of the best Black Friday laptop deals later this year too.

Best early Black Friday PC deals

Black Friday not be here yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find any good PC deals. We went ahead and scoured through the web to find you some deals right now, so you don’t necessarily have to wait until November 26 to buy a new PC.

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ABS Master Gaming PC | $1,799

$1,649 at Newegg

If you’re looking for a gaming PC, and the individual component costs are too high (they are), this might be your best bet. The ABS Master Gaming PC won’t be the best gaming rig you can buy, but at the very least, it’ll be a reliable way to get your hands on an RTX 3060 Ti and an AMD Ryzen 5 3600X. And the $150 discount doesn’t hurt.

Black Friday PC Deals: our predictions

Unlike Black Friday last year, we’ve spent this entire year in a huge parts shortage for PCs. And while it’s still been pretty easy to get your hands on a new computer, they’re not exactly going on sale very often. 

There will likely be some great Black Friday PC deals going live on Black Friday, but we’re not expecting anything truly amazing. You’ll probably be able to save a hundred bucks here or there, but we wouldn’t advise holding out for a miracle half-off deal. 

And the computers that do get those juicy-looking 50% discounts probably won’t be worth your time or money. They’ll be using old hardware that will slow you down, especially if you plan on using Windows 11 – if those computers even support it to begin with. 

Black Friday PC deal tips

When will the best Black Friday computer deals start in 2021?

Though there are computer deals throughout the year, Black Friday is a particularly good time to buy a new PC. Prices traditionally drop slowly from mid October, plateauing at the end of November, before starting to rise again in early December. 

However, last year we saw retailers offering more aggressive discounts than usual on computers in the week of Black Friday. According to Adobe data, prices had dropped by nearly 30% by Black Friday last year – that’s considerably more than the previous two years, where prices dropped by around 17%. 

Whether we’ll see similar behaviour this year we don’t yet know, but we’ll be tracking prices closely, and sharing our pro tips on what the best deals are and when to buy them here. Either way, we’d expect to see the very best Black Friday computing deals in Thanksgiving week, so if you looking for the lowest price possible, it’s worth holding off getting your new Nvidia RTX 3070 computer until Black Friday.

Where are the best places to find Computer Black Friday deals?

Amazon tends to have the lowest prices on Apple computers, and regularly offers price matches against other retailers. Plus Amazon Prime subscribers can take advantage of next-day Amazon delivery.

Walmart also offers good discounts, often matching Amazon on Apple computers and sometimes being the first retailer to offer a record low price. But Walmart does have good deal on PCs, it’s generally not the best place to go to for deals on gaming PCs.

If you’re looking for bundles, we recommend Best Buy. The retailer often offers extra incentives if it can’t match lower prices elsewhere, and while it doesn’t always have the lowest desktop PC prices, it does generally have good deals on gaming PCs.

Newegg, too, is worth looking at for discounted prices on gaming PCs and computer components, whether that be SSDs, GPUs or RAM memory. It’s become the go-to for discounted PC components for many people building their own PC, or wanting to upgrade their PC rig.

As previously mentioned, Dell usually offers deals on computers throughout the year, but its deals are intensified on Black Friday, with great deals on gaming PCs and Alienware gaming accessories. And HP is another PC brand that tends to offer good Black Friday computer deals.

Should you wait for a Black Friday computer deal?

We’re ages away from Black Friday, so if you need a new computer now you shouldn’t wait. As we get closer to the holiday season though, there are three things to consider if you see an offer you like and aren’t sure whether to go with it, or wait until Black Friday for a potentially better computer deal: the price, the retailer, and the brand.

We’d usually expect to see a 4GB / 128GB configuration sitting at between $200 and $350 over Black Friday, barring any stunning flash sales. Meanwhile, an 8GB / 256GB spec is more likely to sit at between $350 and $450 over the holiday season. More powerful configurations offering i7 processors, 512GB or 1TB SSDs and additional GPUs do drop further in price over Black Friday computer deals, but generally don’t find themselves below $500. 

That all means that if you spot a nice set of specs at a price lower (or in the same region as) previous Black Friday computer deals, it’s well worth grabbing the early offer. 

Your chosen retailer may also sway your decision as to whether or not you buy now or wait for November. Last year Best Buy placed a price guarantee on some of its early Black Friday computer offers, which means you could confidently shop knowing that your computer won’t drop to a ridiculous price in a month’s time – that’s worth looking for again. Amazon, Walmart, Dell, and HP were a little trickier, but if you spot a price you like on the perfect desktop PC, there’s no guarantee it will be cheaper in November. 

And if you’re picking up an iMac or powerful desktop PC , you might want to think twice about jumping early. These are likely to get better offers as we get closer to November 26, and may even be reserved for flash sales over the weekend itself.

Where to find Black Friday gaming PC deals

If you’re after a more RGB-friendly rig, you’ll find plenty of Black Friday gaming computer deals hitting the shelves in November. We’ll round them all up on this page, but you can hunt down the specific spec you need by heading to retailers who will offer Black Friday computer deals. 

In the US, we’d recommend checking out Dell, Best Buy, and HP first – as they brought their Black Friday offers forward last year. However, in the UK we’d head over to Amazon where you’ll likely find discounts on rigs as well as peripherals and games as well.

3 computers to look out for

The Dell XPS Tower Special Edition is the rare PC that can tick boxes for every kind of user. It’s powerful enough to get some gaming on, with up to an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070, small enough to fit on a reasonable desk, and comes at a reasonable price to boot. This is the kind of PC that will fit into anyone’s home, and hopefully we can see some Black Friday PC deals slash the price a bit.

Read the full review: Dell XPS Desktop Special Edition

If you’re looking for a PC that you can easily fit in anywhere without it getting in the way, Intel NUCs are always a great choice. They’re tiny and powerful, and unlike a lot of other PCs like it, are completely upgradable. The only downside is that you have to supply the SSD and memory yourself, but if you have any tinkerers on your Christmas list, you can do a lot worse than the Intel NUC 9 Extreme on Black Friday.

The smaller iMac has always been a weird spot in Apple’s lineup, but thanks to the new M1 chip, it’s better than ever. The processor keeps the all-in-one PC agile, while Apple’s new colorways make the Apple M1 a great fit in any home or office. And, this is one of the computers we’re expecting to make a big appearance on Black Friday.

Read the full review: iMac (24-inch, 2021)

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