Black Friday hoverboard deals 2021: what to expect

We’ve all dreamed of making one item from Back to the Future a reality, right? Thankfully, technology has reached a point where we can (almost) pretend we’re Marty McFly when this year’s Black Friday hoverboard deals fly in. We’ll be on hand to let you know where to find the top offers once they become available, the best hoverboards to look out for and which retailers have the biggest discounts. 

Black Friday 2021 may not start until November 26 but – as we’ve seen over recent years – retailers start their sales earlier than ever before. Whether there’s a discounted hoverboard tomorrow or in the next two months, you’ll know about it first right here. In the meantime, you’ll find all our predictions for November so you can prepare for this year’s offers.

We’ll admit, the technology isn’t quite at the point where you can zip around like you’re in Hill Valley with nothing but air between you and the ground. Still, that doesn’t make it any less fun to roll out on a hoverboard or self-balancing scooter and glide across town on two wheels. Plus, we’re starting to see more discounts on the very cool go-kart add-ons. These accessories provide a fun and unique twist for kids and those who might find the experience more enjoyable if you’re uncomfortable trying to balance on two feet.

Just make sure you stick to a reputable manufacturer and steer clear of the really cheap models that can be dangerous to use. No one wants their fun new toy to break down in a matter of months or spontaneously catch fire after a few hours of use!

While there are a number of cheap hoverboard deals already available from established brands, Black Friday is a good opportunity to save even more money. These can be pricey bits of kit, but we expect there to be loads of opportunities to save some cash based on last year’s offers.

Scroll down for more of our thoughts on the hoverboard deals we expect to see during Black Friday, plus a host of general tips and tricks to follow in order to find the best prices and shop at the right retailers during the chaotic sales bonanza.

Black Friday hoverboard deals: FAQ

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When will the best Black Friday hoverboard deals start in 2021?

While the best Black Friday hoverboard deals usually start on the big day itself – that’s November 26 this year – we saw more retailers put their offers live a little earlier last year. Even though the world is in a different place now, we’re still expecting another extended sales period in 2021. 

If you’re after a Black Friday hoverboard deal, the best time to look would be from the Monday at the start of Thanksgiving week. Research from Adobe on last year’s Black Friday period showed that this was the day when the most significant price drops occurred in key product categories. Some, such as computers, fell by as much as 29% in the days leading up to Black Friday.

That’s a sharp change from what we used to see when retailers would always debut their best offers as close to Black Friday as possible. Now that there’s been a more significant shift to online and with many stores keeping their doors shut over Thanksgiving it makes sense to make deals available for longer instead of a single burst on one day.

Where are the best places to find Black Friday hoverboard deals?

Hoverboards are a fairly niche product with their own specialist stores, but a number of more traditional retailers have noticed the growth in popularity and are looking to take advantage. These are the places you’ll want to go to get the best Black Friday hoverboard deals to ensure you avoid the cheap and dangerous knock-offs.

Top US retailers
: lots of hoverboard options at some of the best prices
Best Buy: a wide range of hoverboards and self balancing scooters
Segway: well-known brand with some unique and interesting designs
Walmart: hoverboard deals available from $100 or less

Top UK retailers
: great prices for many hoverboard styles and brands
Argos: great hoverboard deals for kids with go-kart attachments
Currys: limited stock but deals on hoverboard and go-kart bundles
Segway: significant discounts when buying direct from the manufacturer

What Black Friday hoverboard deals do we expect to see in 2021?

(Image credit: Future)

Given it’s such a popular toy that many will have on their list, there’s likely going to be some especially significant discounts on hoverboards for kids during Black Friday 2021. Major retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, Argos and Currys will no doubt look to get in on a piece of this action so we may see a few headline deals at these stores.

Those who already have a hoverboard but want to try a new way of using it will want to follow any go kart attachment offers that are made available. Many of these can be bought separately and the majority are universally compatible with any hoverboard – just ensure you’ve double checked the size requirements.

You should also find a few branded bundles from the same manufacturer at a discount. With these you can also feel confident in the knowledge that there will be no compatibility issues between the board and the go kart. 

Hover-1 and Razor are good names to look out for when browsing for Black Friday hoverboard deals as they’ve had some strong reductions in the past and are two of the most widely available brands.

Looking for something slightly different? There should be massive price cuts on a number of Segway models given we saw reductions of up to $300 on the Ninebot S and Drift self-balancing rollerskates last year. With any luck these will repeat or be even more significant now that they’ve had another year on the market.

How to get the best Black Friday hoverboard deals on the day?

Beyond bookmarking this page and checking back in regularly there are a few other things you can do to get the best Black Friday hoverboard deals. Here are our top tips:

  • Pick a specific product (or two) that you want to buy and focus on deals for that alone.
  • Don’t buy the first offer you see, unless it’s such a massive reduction you worry it might sell out.
  • Check the latest deals first thing on Monday during Thankgiving week as the best offers should be available from this date.
  • Set a budget and stick to it. Don’t be lulled into buying something way out of your price range just because it seems like a better discount.
  • If you’re in the US, check for the UL safety certification to ensure you’re getting a quality hoverboard.

Today’s best hoverboard deals

Today’s best hoverboard deals

Can’t wait for Black Friday? No worries – we’ve listed some of the top hoverboard deals you can buy right now below. If you aren’t ready to snap something up just yet, you can also keep a close eye on all the cheap hoverboard deals we’re tracking throughout the year, too.

Last year’s best Black Friday hoverboard deals

Manufacturers Hover-1 and Segway had some of best Black Friday hoverboard deals from last year, so looking at them gives us a good idea of what to expect this November. You’ll likely find similar price cuts once again, although newer models from these and other brands could push prices even lower.

US: The best Black Friday hoverboard deals last year

Hover-1 Superfly: $199.99 $119.99 at Best Buy
Save $80
Hover-1 is one of the biggest names in hoverboards, and this is one of its best, toughest models. It has a range of six miles on a single charge, a top speed of 7mph, and is suitable for riders up to 220lb. With $80 off it’s a fantastic deal.

Segway Ninebot S: $549.99 $349.99 at Segway
Save $200 – This is a little different from your typical hoverboard, with a support that goes between your knees and helps you stay balanced while steering. Great for first-time riders, and built to last. There’s a huge $100 off when you buy directly from Segway.

Hover-1 Astro: $249.99 $229.99 at Best Buy
Save $20 – Hover-1 isn’t known for discrete design, but the Astro is pretty loud even by its standards (and great fun too). It has a maximum range of six miles, a top speed of 7mph, and is absolutely covered in super-bright LEDs that can be customized through the Hover-1 mobile app on your phone.

Hover-1 H1: $299 $199 at Best Buy
Save $100 – Best Buy has knocked $100 off this top-quality hoverboard from the experts at Hover-1 for Black Friday. It’s surprisingly powerful for a hoverboard, with a top speed of 9mph and a maximum range of nine miles in optimum conditions. Suitable for riders up to 264lb.

Segway Drift W1: $499.99 $199.99 at Segway
Save $300 – OK, so not technically a hoverboard, but the Drift W1 are so much fun – and such a great deal for Black Friday –  we had to include them. These are self-balancing rollerskates, which might sound terrifying, but they’re surprisingly intuitive to use. With a huge $300 discount, how can you resist?

UK: The best Black Friday hoverboard deals last year

Segway Ninebot S: £479 £399 at Segway
Save £80 – This is a little different from your typical hoverboard, with a support that goes between your knees and helps you stay balanced while steering. Great for first-time riders, and built to last. There’s a huge £80 when you buy directly from Segway for Black Friday.

Hover-1 Rocker: £279.99 £249.99 at Argos
Save £30 – Hover-1 is one of the biggest names in hoverboards, and Argos has knocked £30 off this delightfully unsubtle model for Black Friday. As well as that iridescent finish, it features a built-in Bluetooth speaker, customizable lights, and three riding modes you can toggle through the Hover-1 app.

Hover-1 Superstar: £199 £179 at Currys
Save £20 – Another great Hover-1 Hoverboard, the Superstar is going super cheap at Currys with a £20 discount. Like the Rocker, it features customizable rim lights, a built-in Bluetooth speaker, and a water resistant design to handle puddles.

We’re also rounding up all the latest electric scooter deals if you’re after something with a more gentle learning curve. 

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