Billionaire bunkers now come with a 'ring of fire' flaming moat

billionaire bunkers now come with a 'ring of fire' flaming moat

Billionaires can now protect themselves with a flaming moat around their bunkers (Picture: Jam Press/Safe/Roger Berent Ar)

Imagine this. You’re a billionaire, and you’ve survived a nuclear war or zombie apocalypse. The last thing you want is to have to share your good fortune with the hoi polloi. Or the zombies.

Luckily one company has your back, and is offering bunkers for the super-rich that include a ‘ring of fire’ moat, cannons and electric fencing.

Fellow survivors be damned.

And apparently the firm, Strategically Armoured & Fortified Environments – or Safe – has already started construction on at least one compound for an unnamed business mogul.

The home will also contain a fort and electrical fencing, as well as powerful water cannons to warn off any intruders from 500ft away.

The unique bunker aims to protect assets and anyone inside from the outside world – and the construction company claims the shelter can withstand a blast ‘one mile from ground zero’.

billionaire bunkers now come with a 'ring of fire' flaming moat

Blast away those poor people with a water cannon (Picture: Jam Press Vid/Safe/Roger Beren)

billionaire bunkers now come with a 'ring of fire' flaming moat

Keep out those unwanted guests (Picture: Jam Press Vid/Safe/Roger Beren)

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Safe president Al Corbi said: ‘We wound up literally building a 30-ft-deep lake [around the compound] skimmed with a lighter-than-water flammable liquid that can transform into a ring of fire.’

The only access to the island is a swing bridge across the flammable moat, which apparently can be used on non-attack days for jet skis and paddle boards. Sounds delightful, but don’t get that flammable liquid in your eyes.

Inside the fort, there’s a tunnel armed with flame throwers and gassing systems, that leads through to a steel-shut entrance gate.

billionaire bunkers now come with a 'ring of fire' flaming moat

Why not enjoy a dip in the flammable moat on ‘non-attack’ days? (Picture: Jam Press Vid/Safe/Roger Beren)

billionaire bunkers now come with a 'ring of fire' flaming moat

Rope in Mother Nature too and use her prickly thorns to keep the zombies at bay (Picture: Jam Press Vid/Safe/Roger Beren)

The debut project is around 80% complete, but there’s still lots of work to do – and it has cost millions so far.

In one virtual clip, shared by Safe, the site can be seen from the outside, with its high fort and drive-through steel gated entrance.

The car then drives up to the gate, and on the way passes cameras, high-intensity light flashes, and retractable bollards.

There’s a communication system to get in and high-voltage electrical fencing on top of the fort.

billionaire bunkers now come with a 'ring of fire' flaming moat

If your doctor couldn’t afford his own bunker, no problem – seems like there’s one built in (Picture: Jam Press/Safe/Roger Berent Ar)

billionaire bunkers now come with a 'ring of fire' flaming moat

And after a hard day battling fellow survivors (or zombies), unwind on a luxurious couch (Picture: Jam Press/Safe/Roger Berent Ar)

In another clip, the virtual video shows what lies beyond the steel gate, with a long driveway leading to the moat.

Here lies the swing bridge, which turns to take any welcome visitors onto the other side of the water.

As well as the perimeter retaining walls, thorn vegetation and water cannons line the side of the moat.

But keeping safe when the end is nigh will cost you – so much so, that there’s no specific pricing available online and the company suggests enquiring directly for an estimate on the most desirable bunker on the market.

That rarely suggests a bargain.

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