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Developers are the backbone of any business with any online presence, so it’s crucial to make the right choices when hiring top-quality development talent.

It’s no wonder that there’s no shortage of websites devoted to developer recruitment – and that some of the world’s biggest tech sites have their own job boards. You’ll also find an incredible array of developers on conventional job boards and sites dedicated to freelance and contract work.

We’ve sifted through IT sites, job boards, and freelance destinations to find the best places to use if you need to hire a developer, from AWS and C++ specialists to WordPress and iOS experts and everything in between.

If you’re still on the hunt for recruitment help, we’ve listed the best US job sites right here, highlighted five strategies for turbo-charged hiring, and explored ten ways to find the best employees for your business, no matter the industry.

(Image credit: Stack Overflow)

1. Stack Overflow

The biggest name in development is crucial for developer recruitment

Reasons to buy
+A keen understanding of IT+Loads of sleek features+Integrates with other products

Reasons to avoid
Basic interface

Stack Overflow is one of the biggest names in web development and is a key hub for anyone who works in the industry. Its importance in the development community also means it has a great job portal, because any developer worth their salt already has an account.

That bodes well if you’re on the hunt for new talent. HR managers and recruitment staff can create in-depth company profiles on Stack Overflow to improve their corporate brands, and it’s easy to create targeted ads that can put your company and its vacancies in front of the right developers.

When you want to list a job, you’ll be able to create an advertisement with every relevant detail. Job listings can have subject tags, and the site also lists whether your company passes the Joel Test. And, because Stack Overflow is an active community for developers, all this links together – you can list your open positions, direct them to the relevant people, and create branded communities for your existing staff.

Stack Overflow is a great choice for finding developers: it’s detailed, straightforward, and packed with top talent. Beyond that, the site offers crucial community features and top-notch employee branding and advertising features. If you want to hire developers, you have to use this site.

(Image credit: Guru)

2. Guru

A good option if you want to find verified, talented developers

Reasons to buy
+Loads of users+Relatively affordable+Verified freelance talent

Reasons to avoid
Not a specialist development site

Guru matches freelancers with employers. Its database of jobs and talent covers all industries, but development tends to be the busiest portion of the site – and with more people taking freelance and contract positions, that makes this a great option for hiring.

If you need a freelancer, it’s easy to begin – simply describe the job, select its category and how you’ll pay, and add some details like location and visibility, and you’re good to go. It’s free to post, and you can pay to boost the listing.

Employers can use performance data to narrow down pools of potential freelancers, and if you work for a large enterprise, you can create a bespoke package with combined invoicing, extra compliance, custom contracts, and low fees.

Guru is a sleek and straightforward site for freelance hires and, while it’s not dedicated to development, it’s a popular choice for freelance coders, so it shouldn’t be ignored.

(Image credit: Mashable)

3. Mashable

One of the biggest editorial names has a thriving selection of tech jobs

Reasons to buy
+Jobs are posted on multiple boards+A huge database of users

Reasons to avoid
Misses out on some in-depth features

Mashable is one of the world’s biggest tech media outlets, and its jobs hub is an impressive hub of digital talent – including developers.

Three products are available for employers who want to list vacancies on Mashable. The most affordable costs $259, and it allows users to post a job for thirty days. You’ll be able to use in-depth tools to track your applicants, get automated email alerts about applications, and you can also distribute the advert to Mashable’s partner job boards, including Adzuna and CareerCast.

If you plump for the $299 tier, then you’ll be able to email your open position for 25,000 candidates and benefit from a featured placement on the jobs homepage – and you can pay $807 for a three-job package instead. The priciest option costs $399 for one listing or $1,067 for three listings, and it has all of these features alongside the ability to list your vacancy at the top of search results and get enhanced sponsor slots on Mashable’s partner boards.

It’s a comprehensive and straightforward offering that can put your job listing in front of thousands of relevant candidates, so it’s worth consideration.

(Image credit: Dice)

4. Dice

A huge tech site with plenty of developer detail

Reasons to buy
+Dedicated to tech and development+Comprehensive, detailed options

Reasons to avoid
A more expensive option

Dice claims that over half of staff in US tech companies are registered on the site, so it should be one of your first destinations if you want to hire a new developer or programmer. The site has nearly five million members and more than 400,000 monthly job applications.

Dice’s standard job listing package allows recruiters and HR staff to list up to three open vacancies depending on how much you’re willing to pay, and the site has in-depth management tools to track your listing and any potential applicants. You can also promote listings and build bespoke packages if you do lots of hiring, and the site also has options for removing bias during sourcing and screening candidates. It’s also possible to specify exactly what kind of developer you need – handy if you want a specialist in one programming language.

Beyond job postings, Dice allows you to develop a strong employer brand thanks to logos, images, social posts, and branding campaigns, and you can create your own company page and sponsor the site’s editorial content.

Dice offers one of the most in-depth products when it comes to hiring developers, and any developer worth your time will already have a profile here – so it should be a crucial destination.

(Image credit: VentureBeat)

5. VentureBeat

A big editorial name with a solid recruitment offering

Reasons to buy
+A well-respected name+Huge user base

Reasons to avoid
No free options

The wider VentureBeat site is one of the biggest on the web for tech coverage, insight, and events, so it’s no wonder that its careers page is one of the top destinations if you want to hire top-quality developers.

This site has more than twelve million monthly visitors, so you’ll never be short of candidates. And if you want some pedigree, don’t worry – huge companies like Oracle, PayPal, Xero, and Microsoft already use VentureBeat to find staff.

If you pay $499 for VentureBeat’s entry-level employer product then you can post one job on the site, and that package also allows you to promote your company’s brand and use VentureBeat’s candidate management and analytics modules – so it’s an excellent choice if you have one position to fill. If you add $100 to that fee, you can post unlimited openings for thirty days.

(Image credit: AngelList)

6. AngelList

A good site to use if you’re hiring for a startup

Reasons to buy
+Perfect for startups+Free job listings+Good paid upgrades

Reasons to avoid
Not suitable if you’re not in a startup

AngelList specializes in start-ups, so it’s no surprise that its database of users is packed with developers alongside the marketers, managers, and other staff you’d expect from fast-growing tech companies.

That makes it a top choice for anyone who needs to find a top-notch developer. Happily, it’s also free to post a job on the site using the Starter Package, and a free listing grants you some impressive functionality, including ATS integration, the ability to create a company profile, options for embedding listings on your own website, and a dashboard that allows for applicant tracking and collaboration. You can list equity and investment options on your listings, go in-depth when it comes to finding the exact kind of developers you need, and focus on creating a diverse hiring process.

The free tier, though, does give you limited access to candidates, so an upgrade to the Pro or Team options are advised if you really want to be comprehensive – and that means you also get more data, better filtering tools, curated candidates, and enhanced profiles. The Pro option costs $250 per user per month, while the Team product needs custom pricing.

With more than three million jobseekers and a huge range of tech-focused options, AngelList is a great choice if your start-up needs some new development talent.

(Image credit: LinkedIn)

7. LinkedIn

It’s the biggest professional site in the world, so it’s a must for any development hires

Reasons to buy
+World’s biggest professional site+Huge range of features

Reasons to avoid
Potentially expensiveDesign can be confusing

LinkedIn is the biggest professional social network in the world, and that makes it a critical destination for any hiring manager – even if it’s not dedicated to development like some other sites.

Don’t let that put you off. The sheer size of LinkedIn’s user base means that all the top developers can be found here, and it’s both free and easy to post a job listing. If you want to go deeper, LinkedIn Recruiter is a great product: you can use forty different filters to find ideal candidates, bulk-message potential applicants, and use LinkedIn’s in-depth reporting options to manage your pipeline.

LinkedIn delivers AI-based recommendations for open positions, and Recruiter also has Android and iOS apps alongside integration with top ATS systems. It also works with other LinkedIn products, so you can create a bespoke package that can help you find the best development talent.

There is a multitude of products and levels of service available on LinkedIn. It’s potentially daunting and you’ll always have to pay to get the most out of this site, but it does mean that you can get the exact features required no matter the size of your business or the type of developers you need. Combine its strong slate of features with LinkedIn’s excellent filtering and unmatched database and you’ve got a crucial site for developer recruitment.

(Image credit: TechCrunch)

8. CrunchBoard

A big name with straightforward pricing

Reasons to buy
+Affordable, simple pricing+Easy to post+Quick results

Reasons to avoid
Misses out on some high-end features

Like VentureBeat and Mashable, CrunchBoard is another board that’s linked to a respected technology news outlet – in this case, TechCrunch. The site has more than twelve million monthly readers, and its techy focus means you’ll find no shortage of developers on the hunt for their next move.

The site is impressively straightforward to use. It’s easy to add your job listing, and you can specify its compensation, benefits, application instructions, and contact email. Once the job is posted, the site’s dashboard can be used to manage applicants, and your employer profile can be customized with websites, addresses, social media links, and a description.

CrunchBoard’s pricing structure is admirably straightforward. One job posting costs $249 and lasts for thirty days, and you can buy packs of five listings that you can post at any point – they never expire. Other packs include featured postings or additional listings.

CrunchBoard doesn’t have the in-depth features of some other sites, but it’s easy and quick to post and has a huge audience – and it’s affordable.

(Image credit: Upwork)

9. Upwork

A freelance site that has plenty of developers and a focus on collaborative work

Reasons to buy
+Great collaborative options

Reasons to avoid
Not just a development website

Upwork isn’t dedicated to developers, but it is dedicated to freelancers – so you’ll find plenty of development talent in its database.

The site verifies and reviews its freelancers before they’re allowed access to projects, so you can be sure that you’re getting a high-quality developer when you list a contract. You can check people’s portfolios, create projects, and let freelance developers apply, or use Upwork’s Talent Scout service to allow the company to find talent for you – which means faster, better results for your company.

Upwork has a big focus on collaboration, which is ideal for development hires – it makes it easier to manage projects and make freelancers feel like they’re a part of the team. It’s free to post a job, too, although the company does take service fees from each completed job, and it’s also possible to pay for Upwork Plus to get on-demand access to talent and better collaboration tools.

This site is packed with talented developers, and we’d recommend Upwork if you’d like to collaborate with freelancers rather than just make a new hire.

(Image credit: TopTal)

10. TopTal

An exclusive network of top-tier developers

Reasons to buy
+World-class development talent+Personalized recruitment process

Reasons to avoid
Not the biggest database

TopTal is not the biggest or more extensive site out there, but that’s the point – this site only lists the cream of the crop rather than any freelancer who wants to bid for projects. That means the site has a world-class talent database, which makes it a top option if you need a top-tier developer.

TopTal’s extensive screening process means that you can be confident in the skills of any developer you find here, and it’s no surprise that companies like Microsoft, Duolingo, and Airbnb rely on the site.

This site has developers who work in every facet of the technology industry, and TopTal’s boutique atmosphere extends to the hiring process: you can tell the site what kind of developer you need, and the experts at TopTal will find talent and put you in contact. It’s expensive, but it’s worthwhile.

This site may not have the database of some others, but only 3% of its freelance applicants actually end up listed – so you can be sure that you’ll find exclusive talent here. If you need a world-class developer, you should consider TopTal’s personalized approach.

We’ve also highlighted the best free job boards, best recruitment platforms and best resume builders

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