Australian Open LIVE: Danielle Collins vs Iga Swiatek tennis result after Ash Barty defeats Madison Keys

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LIVE – Updated at 11:51

Follow live updates from the Australian Open women’s semi-finals after world number one Ashleigh Barty defeated Madison Keys 6-1 6-3 to book a place in Saturday’s final. Barty, the Wimbledon champion and tournament favourite, is aiming to become the first Australian since 1978 to win her home Grand Slam and the 25-year-old continued her dominant form as she raced to victory in one hour and two minutes.

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In doing so, Barty becomes the first Australian woman to reach the Australian Open singles final in 42 years and she will face Danielle Collins in Saturday’s final after the American produced an inspired performance to beat Iga Swiatek 6-4 6-1. The 28-year-old attacked Swiatek’s second serve in a statement performance to reach her first Grand Slam final. “We’ve had some incredible battles over the years,” Collins said of Barty. “To play against the number one player in the world in her home country, I think it’s going to be really spectacular.”

Follow live updates below:

Australian Open latest updates

  • Ashleigh Barty beats Madison Keys in first Australian Open semi-final
  • Barty races to 6-1 opening set in 26 minutes
  • Barty through to Australian Open final after sealing 6-1 6-3 win
  • Danielle Collins takes opening set against Iga Swiatek 6-4
  • Inspired Collins through to first Grand Slam final after 6-4 6-1 victory
  • Kyrgios and Kokkinakis into men’s doubles final

Australian Open: Collins 6-4, 6-1 Swiatek – Game, set and match!

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11:51 , Jamie Braidwood

Two key stats to sum up Collins’ thumping victory over Swiatek:

Global Tech News Daily

First serve win percentage – Collins 78% (25/32)

Second serve win percentage – Swiatek 14% (3/21)

Collins really did just hit Swiatek off the court.

Australian Open: Collins 6-4, 6-1 Swiatek – Game, set and match!

11:39 , Jamie Braidwood

Danielle Collins: “It feels amazing. It’s been such a journey, and it doesn’t happen overnight. Yesterday I was talking about all the early mornings and practices with my Dad. It’s just incredible to be on this stage, especially with all the health challenges. I couldn’t be happier.

“I have added more variety to my game over the last couple of years but this is my Plan A. I wanted to go out and execute as well as I could and it was working for me really well today.”

[On facing Ash Barty] “We’ve had some incredible battles over the years. To play against the number one player in the world in her home country, I think it’s going to be really spectacular, the energy the fans bring, even if they are against me, I think we are just so grateful after Covid to have the fans back. I’m looking forward to a great final battling away with Ash.”

Australian Open LIVE: Danielle Collins vs Iga Swiatek tennis result after Ash Barty defeats Madison Keys
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Australian Open: Collins 6-4, 6-1 Swiatek – Game, set and match!

11:35 , Jamie Braidwood

The reaction from Danielle Collins is telling. After advancing to her first Grand Slam final and producing what was quite possibly the best performance of her career, the 28-year-old calmly meets Swiatek at the net. The American has work to do and will have to replicate that performance to beat Barty in Saturday’s final.

Australian Open: Collins 6-4, 6-1 Swiatek – Game, set and match!

11:31 , Jamie Braidwood

Swiatek pushes a forehand long to bring up 15-30 and Collins takes advantage as she once again steps into a serve and delivers a stunning return off her forehand – a clean winner across court to give her two match points.

Swiatek saves the first as she defends with all her might before tucking away the backhand winner. But that’s the story of the match. Collins unleashes a backhand on Swiatek’s second serve and the Pole’s return drifts long.

What a performance from Danielle Collins.

Australian Open: Collins 6-4, 5-1 Swiatek*

11:27 , Jamie Braidwood

Collins opens her next service game with her sixth ace of the match, followed by a backhand winner sent behind Swiatek.

A loose backhand from Collins drifts long – but another stunning second-serve ace down the middle hands her game point, sealed by a forehand smash.

This is pretty sensational from Collins. She can’t have played much better than this in her career as she moves one game away from a first Grand Slam final.

Australian Open: *Collins 6-4, 4-1 Swiatek

11:23 , Jamie Braidwood

Brilliant movement from Collins allows her to reach a forehand on the run and guide it past the on-rushing Swiatek, who takes the next point to move to 40-30 with a winner of her own. Swiatek lands a first serve out wide which Collins can’t return to get on the board in this second set.

Australian Open: Collins 6-4, 4-0 Swiatek*

11:19 , Jamie Braidwood

Swiatek offers Collins a taste of her own medicine after thrashing a backhand winner off her serve – but a second serve ace from the American to move her to 40-15 sums up how this match has been going so far.

Swiatek then wins one of the points of the match after hitting a backhand winner on the run into the open court, followed up by a Collins error to bring up deuce.

The serving gets Collins through it, though, tucking away the forehand winner after a strong serve out wide to seal the hold.

Australian Open: *Collins 6-4, 3-0 Swiatek – Collins breaks

11:13 , Jamie Braidwood

This is frightening from Collins. She is attacking every Swiatek second serve and you can sense the tension after she unloads on a forehand winner to move to 0-30.

Another Swiatek second serve is followed by a forehand that drifts long – and Collins again goes on the attack and she whips a forehand winner off the Swiatek serve to take a double break.

Swiatek looks in a daze. Collins has won 15 of the 17 points on the Swiatek second serve.

Australian Open: Collins 6-4, 2-0 Swiatek*

11:11 , Jamie Braidwood

From a brilliant return game to a dominant hold of serve. Collins holds to love after forcing Swiatek into a string of errors.

Australian Open: *Collins 6-4, 1-0 Swiatek – Collins breaks

11:07 , Jamie Braidwood

Clever start from Collins as she uses the pace of the Swiatek first serve to guide a winner into the open court – before she attacks the second serve with a punishing combination of forehands to move to 15-30.

Wow – Collins is starting this second as she began the first, as she steps into a second serve from Swiatek to thrash a backhand volley down the line and set up two break points.

And what a way to seal it. Collins somehow finds the angle to guide a backhand winner past Swiatek and claim the opening break. Brilliant returning from the American.

Australian Open: Collins 6-4 Swiatek* – Collins wins the opening set

11:01 , Jamie Braidwood

Impressive start from Collins as she fires a strong serve down the middle to take the opening point before landing an ace out wide.

A second ace, this time down the middle, hands her three set points – but that’s followed by another double fault.

Collins stays patient after superb defence from Swiatek on her backhand side, before working it onto her forehand. And the American takes the set as Swiatek nets.

The 20-year-old will have to come from behind again if she is to make the Australian Open final. Collins is in charge here.

Australian Open LIVE: Danielle Collins vs Iga Swiatek tennis result after Ash Barty defeats Madison Keys
© Provided by The Independent (Getty Images)

Australian Open: *Collins 5-4 Swiatek

10:56 , Jamie Braidwood

Collins lets out a huge roar after firing a clean winner off a Swiatek second serve, before another winner sees her turn to her box with a pumped fist.

Swiatek guides a forehand winner down the line for 30-30 and Collins sees a backhand drift long. A first serve from Swiatek is swatted into the net from Collins, who will have the second chance to serve it out next. The momentum is all with Swiatek, though, as she has won four of the last five games.

Australian Open: Collins 5-3 Swiatek* – Swiatek breaks

10:52 , Jamie Braidwood

Swiatek launches into an attack of Collins’ second serve to take the opening point but the American then lands her first ace of the match and a bullet out wide to bring up 30-15.

A further ace hands her two set points – but Swiatek grits her teeth and hangs on with superb defence on both points, finished off with a clever backhand volley at the net.

Another strong first serve is followed up by a double fault from Collins – before she pushes a crosscourt forehand wide to hand Swiatek break point, which she takes following another double fault.

So the 20-year-old is still alive in his opening set, after a strange service game from Collins.

Australian Open: *Collins 5-2 Swiatek – Collins breaks

10:45 , Jamie Braidwood

Swiatek opens her next service game with a double fault and that is compounded by a flying Collins winner to put the 20-year-old under further pressure at 0-30.

Collins gets an unlucky break off a net cord before playing a superb point to put Swiatek on the back foot and dispatch the backhand volley.

Swiatek saves the first of two break points but a loose forehand off the back of a second serve hands Collins the immediate break – and she will serve for the set next.

Australian Open: Collins 4-2 Swiatek* – Swiatek breaks

10:40 , Jamie Braidwood

Swiatek gets a slight look at Collins’ service game as the American pushes a forehand long – only for the 27th seed to win the next couple of points by attacking the net.

Swiatek fires a clean winner off a Collins serve to get to 30-30 before she returns well off a Collins first serve before taking control of the rally and forcing Collins into the error.

It brings up break point, but Collins shuts it down with a backhand out wide, only to drop a double fault on the next point. Swiatek lets out a roar as she puts away a forehand volley to get the break – she’s back in this.

Australian Open: *Collins 4-1 Swiatek

10:33 , Jamie Braidwood

Collins attacks a Swiatek second serve before the Pole nets on a forehand to bring up 30-30. Swiatek responds well as she kicks a second serve out wide before following it up with a winner out wide, only to drop the next point with a double fault.

She lets out a sigh of relief as a Collins forehand drops long of a baseline, and Swiatek gets on the board with her first hold of the match.

Australian Open: Collins 4-0 Swiatek*

10:29 , Jamie Braidwood

Swiatek makes a couple of imposing returns but Collins is able to quickly gain control of the rallies thanks to her power. The American secures a comfortable hold to consolidate the double break.

Australian Open: *Collins 3-0 Swiatek

10:23 , Jamie Braidwood

Wow – what an electric start from Danielle Collins! She races into an opening break of serve as she attacks Swiatek from the start and holds to 15 following a flash of winners.

The American ramps up the pressure against on Swiatek as she attacks her serve to set up two further break points. Swiatek saves the first – but is forced wide by Collins and can’t keep the backhand in court.

That’s an incredible start – a double break in a blink of an eye.

Australian Open: Swiatek vs Collins

10:17 , Jamie Braidwood

This was how Swiatek sealed her quarter-final victory over Kaia Kanepi. She is a special player, but faces a big test in Danielle Collins today.

Stress level during this match point 1-10? 😰#AusOpen


— wta (@WTA) January 26, 2022

Australian Open: Swiatek vs Collins

10:15 , Jamie Braidwood

Iga Swiatek will look to advance to the second Grand Slam final of her career when she takes on Danielle Collins next on Rod Laver.

The 20-year-old, who made a sensational breakthrough when she won the French Open in 2020, battled through three-set epics against Sorana Cirstea and Kaia Kanepi but says she is taking the positives out of winning despite not playing at her best level.

“Right now, I have more belief even when I don’t start the match well,” Swiatek said. “I’m proud of myself that I’m still able to find solutions and actually think more on court on what to change, because before it wasn’t that clear for me.

“So I feel like it’s part of the work that we have been doing with Daria to control my emotions and just maybe actually focus on finding solutions.”

Australian Open LIVE: Danielle Collins vs Iga Swiatek tennis result after Ash Barty defeats Madison Keys
© Provided by The Independent (Getty Images)

Australian Open: Barty 6-1, 6-3 Keys – Game, set and match!

10:06 , Jamie Braidwood

“It’s unreal,” says Barty after reaching the Australian Open final. “It’s incredible. I love this tournament and coming out here and playing in Australia. I’m just happy I get to play my tennis here. I enjoy it, I’ve done well before and I’ve got the chance to compete for the final. It’s unreal.

[On Madison Keys] “It’s so nice to see her back where she belongs. She is an amazing human being but the thing I love most about Maddie, no matter what happens on the court, she looks you in the eye, gives you a good handshake. I just love that about her. We really respect her and we love her.”

[On Aussie success] “Dylan Alcott is at the forefront of that. He’s inspired the whole nation and he’s inspired the globe. We were watching his match today and when he was giving his acceptance speech we were all crying. The way he and the Australian Open have worked together is incredible.”

[On Swiatek vs Collins] “Both of them are different in how they play. They’re both exceptional, that’s why they are here. They find a way to win even if they’re not playing their best. It’s going to be a hell of a match. I’ll come out here on Saturday with a smile on my face, try to enjoy it and see what happens.”

Australian Open LIVE: Danielle Collins vs Iga Swiatek tennis result after Ash Barty defeats Madison Keys
© Provided by The Independent (Getty Images)

Australian Open: Barty 6-1, 6-3 Keys – Game, set and match!

09:54 , Jamie Braidwood

That was too good from Barty – it’s hard to say anything else. She has now taken 12 consecutive sets at the Australian Open and the world number one has only dropped serve once in reaching the final. Keys struggled in the opening set but Barty came under some pressure in the second, facing break point while the match was on serve, but came through the test in superb style, and in a little more than an hour.

The reaction from Barty was calm as she greeted Keys at the net. Despite all the pressure that is on her shoulders, she is doing a remarkable job of not letting it show.

Australian Open: Barty 6-1, 6-3 Keys – Game, set and match!

09:50 , Jamie Braidwood

Brilliant from Keys on the opening point! Wonderful defence from the American to return two smashes from Barty, before hitting the winner past the Australian.

Barty recovers thanks to her first serve – quickly taking control of the next two points with Keys coming up with two costly errors.

She maintains the pressure but forcing Keys deep and a backhand from the American that drifts long brings up two match points.

This is it – a first serve from Barty down the middle is followed up with a winner into the corner, and the world number one is through to the Australian Open final!

She becomes the first Australian woman in 42 years to reach the Australian Open final.

Australian Open: *Barty 6-1, 5-3 Keys

09:46 , Jamie Braidwood

Keys approaches the net on the opening point of her service game but Barty finds the forehand winner. To the delight of the Rod Laver Arena, she follows it up with another winner of the forehand, whipped past Keys into the corner.

Barty then nets but Keys produces her shot of the match to connect with a running forehand winner down the line to get back to 30-30. Better tennis now from both players after the nerves of the opening part of this set.

Keys then delivers another beauty of a winner out wide – and a wayward backhand from Barty means she will have to serve it out.

Australian Open: Barty 6-1, 5-2 Keys*

09:42 , Jamie Braidwood

An ace on the opening point of Barty’s serve is followed by Keys hitting her return into the net, Two further unforced errors from Keys hands Barty a fourth service game to love and moves her a game away from the Australian Open final.

Australian Open: *Barty 6-1,4-2 Keys – Barty breaks!

09:40 , Jamie Braidwood

Keys steps into a short ball on her forehand at 15-15 but pushes it long, and a further error on her forehand side bring up two break points at 15-40.

Keys escapes the first after Barty goes long on her backhand, and then another backhand error from Barty on the slice takes her to deuce.

That was tight from Barty, but the Australian responds well with a good combination and putting the forehand winner into the open court.

Facing a third break point, Keys rushes the net but Barty is able to find the forehand pass to make the crucial opening break in this second set.

Australian Open: Barty 6-1, 3-2 Keys*

09:34 , Jamie Braidwood

Barty nets a backhand volley after brilliant defence from Keys to chase down two smashes. At 15-30, Barty connects on a winner into the open court, but a further unforced error after more resilient play from Keys brings up break point for the American.

Barty dismisses it with a smash and Keys lets her off the hook slightly with an error on deuce. She is able to make the hold thanks to a strong first serve out wide and forehand into the opposite corner – but you can feel the nerves now, despite Barty’s excellent play.

Australian Open: *Barty 6-1, 2-2 Keys

09:30 , Jamie Braidwood

Small but important steps from Keys. She holds with a backhand winner down the line, after being dragged into a tense deuce. Barty made a return error before an unforced error on her backhand, but responded with a clean winner off the back of a Keys second serve, and another winner down the line to bring up 40-40.

Australian Open: Barty 6-1, 2-1 Keys*

09:23 , Jamie Braidwood

Magnificent response from Barty to immediately put the pressure back on Keys as she holds to love for the third time in this match – with a couple of aces thrown in for extra measure.

Australian Open: *Barty 6-1, 1-1 Keys

09:21 , Jamie Braidwood

Two opening errors from Keys, one on the forehand and one for the backhand, ramps up the pressure, and a first serve into the net at 0-30 doesn’t help.

Keys then produces her point of the match so far to outlast Barty and hit a forehand winner down the line, before Barty’s return of her first serve drifts long.

The Australian goes on the attack as she runs around a forehand and whips it into the corner, but Keys drops a wonderful return on the run into Barty’s feet at the net – and she can’t get the volley over.

Barty then goes wide and that confirms an excellent hold of serve for Keys, and an important one too. Can she build on it?

Australian Open: Barty 6-1 1-0 Keys*

09:17 , Jamie Braidwood

Blink and you’ll miss some of Barty’s service games. She races to 40-0 to open the second set before firing an ace down the middle. Keys is looking uncomfortable and faces a big test next. Losing serve on her opening service game would be a huge blow.

Australian Open: *Barty 6-1 Keys

09:13 , Jamie Braidwood

Barty dips a testing backhand slice low and short onto Keys’ side – and the American nets. On 15-30, Keys drops a nervy double fault to bring up set point and Barty thrashes a forehand winner down the line to take an 11th consecutive set at this tournament, and in just 26 minutes.

Too good.

Australian Open: Barty 5-1 Keys*

09:10 , Jamie Braidwood

After 10 consecutive points on serve, Keys finally gets a foothold in a Barty service game as the Australian goes long on a forehand. For all her dominance so far, Barty’s first serve percentage has been low and Keys then gets a look at a first serve that had sacrificed some power, only to net herself.

Things get a little nervy as a couple of unforced errors from Barty brings up break point from Keys – but she then finds her first serve to land an ace out wide.

Keys, to her credit, makes the next rally interesting and forces Barty wide, but she runs around the forehand to send a powerful strike into the corner.

Barty holds as Keys nets on her serve but there were some encouraging signs there for the American, even if Barty continues to cruise towards the opening set.

Australian Open: *Barty 4-1 Keys

09:04 , Jamie Braidwood

That’s too good from Barty. Even with Keys finding her first serve, the Australian is able to immediately take control of the rallies with the depth of her backhand slice return. On the back foot, Barty chases down a ball and pings a forehand into the far corner, which Keys can’t return. It earns her the insurance break and surely the opening set, too.

Australian Open: Barty 3-1 Keys*

09:00 , Jamie Braidwood

Two service games, eight points on serve for Barty. She seals a second consecutive hold to love with a forehand winner down the line. Keys went big on a couple of looks at second serves earlier in the game but either found the net or went too long.

Australian Open: *Barty 2-1 Keys

08:57 , Jamie Braidwood

This is not where Keys wanted to be so early in the match, and a further error from the American sees Barty take the opening point of the next game.

She digs in, though, and lands a forehand winner off of second serve to move to 40-15 after a couple of Barty errors. Barty then goes long and that will settle Keys as she gets on the scoreboard.

Australian Open: Barty 2-0 Keys*

08:54 , Jamie Braidwood

An opening ace from Barty is another ominous sign for Keys and a forehand long and backhand into the net from the American brings up 40-0 on the Australian’s serve.

Barty produces a stunning second serve up the middle which Keys cannot return, and that seals the opening hold to love.

Australian Open: *Barty 1-0 Keys – Barty breaks!

08:52 , Jamie Braidwood

Keys makes a confident start – driving a forehand winner down the line and moving to 30-0 after Barty nets on a first serve. The Australian gets on the board as she gets into the rally following a backhand slice and upping the tempo with a forehand. Keys then nets to bring up 30-30, but Barty nets on the forehand.

We go to deuce as Keys goes long on the forehand but the American finds a big first serve – only for Barty to edge the next point following a lengthy rally.

Good depth from Keys forces Barty long on the backhand – but the Australian clips the line with a backhand slice and Keys nets. This is already turning into an epic opening game.

Barty then strikes with a forehand crosscourt into the corner – before Keys draws her short and Barty puts it away with another forehand crosscourt winner to seal the opening break!

Australian Open: Barty vs Keys

08:40 , Jamie Braidwood

A relaxed Ashleigh Barty follows Madison Keys as the players make their way onto Rod Laver – it should be a cracking atmosphere as the home crowd roar on the world number one.

Barty is aiming to become the first Australian women to reach the Australia Open final since 1980 – but she will want to go one step further than that and end the 42-year wait for a home champion.

Keys wins the toss and elects to serve first.

What’s it like to face Barty? ‘You feel pretty helpless’

08:29 , Jamie Braidwood

After Ashleigh Barty continued her run to the Australian Open semi-finals with a dominant 6-2 6-0 win over Jessica Pegula, the American opened her press conference with a revelation on how dominant the world number one has been.

“I think we’ve seen her do that to a lot of people. Unfortunately, I was a victim tonight to that,” Pegula said. “There wasn’t much I could do. I think she’s definitely living in everyone’s head a little bit. She’s figured it out… mentally and physically with her game.

“She has the confidence right now where I think she feels like she can go out there and kind of chop anybody up when she’s playing really well.

“You feel pretty helpless. I think that she really, when she gets into a rhythm, she can run away, Her game just kind of picks you apart a little bit, and it can be really frustrating because you don’t feel like you can get a lot of free points.”

Madison Keys back on form as she eyes Grand Slam final return

08:19 , Jamie Braidwood

Madison Keys won just 11 matches on the WTA tour last season – she’s already won as many in 2022 as she reached the semi-finals of a Grand Slam for the first time since the French Open in 2018.

The American is aiming to make it to a first Grand Slam final since she was defeated in the US Open by Sloane Stephens in an all-American final in 2017.

She has the power to take on Barty at her own game, too. While Barty leads the field with 35 aces, Keys is second with 30 so far.

Alcott defeated in men’s quad wheelchair final

08:05 , Jamie Braidwood

Dylan Alcott’s professional tennis career ended in defeat in the final of the men’s quad wheelchair, but the Australian was still given a memorable reception on Rod Laver Arena.

The newly crowned Australian of the Year was defeated 7-5 6-0 by rival Sam Schroder.

“To the #AusOpen, I love you so much.”

Right back at you, @DylanAlcott 💙#AO2022

— #AusOpen (@AustralianOpen) January 27, 2022

‘Special Ks’ Kyrgios and Kokkinakis just want to have fun

07:45 , Jack Rathborn

The “Special Ks” Nick Kyrgios and Thanasi Kokkinakis insist their fairytale run to the men’s doubles final is all about having fun.

Kyrgios and Kokkinakis defeated third-seeded pair of Spaniard Marcel Granollers and Argentine Horacio Zeballos 7-6(4) 6-4 in front of a capacity crowd at the Rod Laver Arena, with compatriots Max Purcell and Matt Ebden in their way from a Grand Slam title.

“It sounds stupid, but winning has been our second priority every time,” Kokkinakis told reporters. “We hope to have fun, enjoy ourselves, enjoy our time on court. Hopefully they (crowd) feel like they’ve paid good money to watch us.”

And Kokkinakis added that he carefully approaches his game on the court with Kyrgios so as to allow his partner to thrive.

“I try to be a steady head out there for him,” said Kokkinakis. “Also don’t want to take away that energy and that fire because I think that’s what makes Nick, Nick.”

While Kyrgios said his goal was to bring new fans to tennis.

“If they flick on a match and they have Thanasi and I playing in an entertaining doubles match, they know nothing about tennis, if they watch that match just then, they probably would tune in next time,” he said.

“That’s what I’m about. That’s what I want to bring. I think that’s how the sport is going to survive.”

Nadal’s quest for history appeals amid sense of Medvedev’s growing aura

07:36 , Jack Rathborn

Of all the campaign speeches Daniil Medvedev could have given after advancing to the Australian Open semi-finals, “Be like Novak” was perhaps an ill-advised selection. The reference to men’s world number one Djokovic, and the ensuing boos, was a jarring reminder of all the controversy and drama that dominated the build-up to the opening Grand Slam of the year, and which had largely been left behind once the on-court action began.

Djokovic’s absence threatened to cast a shadow over the men’s tournament but the void has been filled by two weeks of gruelling, competitive and largely unpredictable matches, resulting in a final four and two semi-finals of the highest, available, order. All four semi-finalists, Medvedev, Rafael Nadal, Stefanos Tsitsipas and Matteo Berrettini, have survived five-set epics in the second week. There are sure to be more to come.

Medvedev’s duel with Felix Auger-Aliassime on Wednesday was the latest case in point: a thrilling battle over four hours and 42 minutes which saw momentum swings and a magnificent comeback from two sets and match point down. The world number two, and tournament favourite, was staring down the barrel of elimination when he summoned inspiration from Djokovic, as well as, it should be said, Roger Federer and Nadal.

Australian Open LIVE: Danielle Collins vs Iga Swiatek tennis result after Ash Barty defeats Madison Keys
© Provided by The Independent

Rafael Nadal’s quest for history appeals amid sense of Daniil Medvedev’s growing aura

Australian Open 2022 – Friday order of play

07:30 , Jack Rathborn

Order of play on the main showcourt on the 12th day of the Australian Open on Friday (play begins at 0100 GMT; prefix number denotes seeding):


Mixed doubles final

Jaimee Fourlis (Australia)/ Jason Kubler (Australia) v 5-Kristina Mladenovic (France)/ Ivan Dodig (Croatia)

Not before 0330 GMT

Men’s singles semi-finals

7-Matteo Berrettini (Italy) v 6-Rafa Nadal (Spain)

Not before 0830 GMT

4-Stefanos Tsitsipas (Greece) v 2-Daniil Medvedev (Russia)

Medvedev eyes history with back-to-back Grand Slams

07:16 , Jack Rathborn

Daniil Medvedev can become the first man in the Open era to win a second major immediately after claiming his first following his 2021 U.S. Open success.

“If it’s true, then it will be history. It’s perfect,” the Russian said.

Stefanos Tsitsipas, who will face Medvedev in Friday’s other last-four clash, would become the first Greek to win a Grand Slam should he lift the trophy.

“I’m headed towards the right direction and things look good for me so far,” Tsitsipas, the youngest of the four semi-finalists at 23, said. “And, well, with the right mindset and with the right attitude and with the right development throughout the tournament, my chances are pretty good.”

Nadal not motivated by passing Djokovic and Federer

07:15 , Jack Rathborn

An Australian Open that began with an unprecedented saga involving reigning champion Novak Djokovic will finish with a historic flourish on Sunday with all four men’s semi-finalists having the chance to write their names into the record books.

Should 2009 champion Rafa Nadal win the Australian Open for a second time the Spaniard will become the first man to claim 21 Grand Slam titles, nosing ahead of great rivals Djokovic and Roger Federer.

The 35-year-old has said he is more motivated by the love of playing than finishing ahead of Djokovic and Federer.

“I don’t believe that my happiness, my future happiness, is (going to) depend on if I achieve one more Grand Slam than the others or if the others achieve more Grand Slams than me,” he said after his quarter-final win on Tuesday.

Matteo Berrettini, who will play Nadal in the first semi-final on Friday, is seeking to become the first Italian to win the Australian Open.

“I like to think that I’m writing a little bit (of) Italian tennis history. We are a great country for tennis,” he said.


Kyrgios and Kokkinakis into the Australian Open men’s doubles final

07:12 , Jack Rathborn

Nick Kyrgios and Thanasi Kokkinakis have eased into the Australian Open men’s final with a 7-6(4) 6-4 victory over Marcel Granollers and Horacio Zeballos.

The unseeded Australian pair have never been in a doubles final in their careers and they will contest the title against compatriots Matthew Ebden and Max Purcell.

“I’ve played a lot of singles matches around the globe with amazing atmospheres but this week with Thanasi. Nothing beats this, this has been insane,” Kyrgios said.

Kokkinakis said: “It’s all about the crowd, the atmosphere. That is what gets us going. We worry about the tennis second. We would not have had this result anywhere else it’s sick.

“Both of us bring something different. A different energy, a different charisma on the court. We just enjoy it and have fun. I think we’re unpredictable and that’s why the crowd enjoy it.”

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