Australia news live update: Morrison defends Berejiklian over Icac investigation; diplomat says Omicron travel ban ‘discrimination'

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‘I don’t call that justice’: Morrison attacks Icac’s treatment of Berejiklian



Do you think she should still be running?


What I found is that Gladys was put in a position of actually having to stand down and there was no findings of anything. I don’t call that justice.


She chose to resign.


I don’t call that justice. What I saw is a pile on* and we are all used to pile ons on our side of politics. I see them all the time.

We have thick skins and we can deal with it and Gladys certainly knows how to. She is a person of great integrity.

If she wants to have a crack at Warringah for the Liberal party, I suspect the people would welcome that in Warringah. We will let the people decide.

*A pile on… by… Icac?

Australia news live update: Morrison defends Berejiklian over Icac investigation; diplomat says Omicron travel ban ‘discrimination’
© Provided by The Guardian Scott Morrison with former NSW premier Gladys Berejiklian in July. Photograph: Mick Tsikas/EPA

Morrison says Berejiklian would be ‘very welcome’ in federal team


Gladys Berejiklian has won support for a federal bid from the biggest name yet, with prime minister Scott Morrison stating she would be “welcome” in the federal Liberal party, slamming Icac’s choice to hold public hearings into the former premier as “shameful”.

I think she would be great. The way that Gladys Berejiklian has been treated has been shameful. I have been clear about that. Anthony Albanese thought that was the right thing to do to Gladys Berejiklian. I don’t think it was and I look forward to her – she will make her own decision in her own time about what she would look to do. If she wished to join our team, she would be very welcome. I have no doubt that whatever Gladys sets her mind to, she will be a great success.

Reporter: “She is being investigated for turning a blind eye to corruption and for breaching her own ministerial standards. You are someone, as prime minister, who pays a lot of attention to ministerial standards. I have seen two ministers go and one stood aside. Given this cloud is over her head, what message does it send if you support her running for Warringah at this election?”


I don’t agree with the way you have characterised that. There is no suggestion of criminal conduct by Gladys Berejiklian, none whatsoever.

Reporter: “She is being investigated.”


We have seen plenty of these things and recordings of private conversations detailed intimate things that were paraded around in the media. What was that about?*

Was that about shaming Gladys Berejiklian? I thought that was awful.

I have no doubt that Gladys will have her own reflections on these things but the way she was treated publicly over this, I just thought – and I have no doubt that many of my fellow residents here in New South Wales felt pretty much the same way – I think this is a great opportunity, if Gladys wishes to run, but that is up to her.

*Umm, it was about investigating whether or not she breached public trust?



Flooding continuing across southern #Queensland. To check levels and tendencies on your local rivers go to click on ‘river conditions’ then zoom & hover over the gauges.

— Bureau of Meteorology, Queensland (@BOM_Qld) December 5, 2021



Morrison: “there were no findings of anything”, he said, before the ICAC findings.#auspol

— Paul Karp (@Paul_Karp) December 5, 2021



⚠️Minor to Major #Flood warning for the #MacquarieRiver at #Wellington, #Narromine and #Warren. See for details and updates; follow advice from @NSWSES. #NSWFloods

— Bureau of Meteorology, New South Wales (@BOM_NSW) December 5, 2021



Morrison’s tactic leading into the election seems to really be driving home the (allegedly) close-knit relationship between Labor and the Greens.

At this election next year it is a choice. It is a choice between the Liberals and Nationals, and Labor and the Greens. At the end of the day, someone is going to be chairing cabinet and that will be me or Anthony Albanese.

Someone will be chairing the national security committee of cabinet and making decisions about keeping Australians safe in our region against some of the greatest threats we have seen since before the second world war. Either me or Anthony Albanese is going to be chairing the expenditure review committee.

I have got plenty of experience chairing those and through some of the most difficult decisions this country has ever made and these are the choices. Elections are about choices between two alternatives and that is the choice that Australians have to make and here locally, who you choose locally.



Wait, Morrison, so if the public investigation into one of the most powerful politicians in Australia’s potential, alleged, complicity in the misuse of public funds is “shaming”, what isn’t?

Morrison says Labor’s climate policy an ‘opening bid’ and Greens will seek more


Morrison has accused Labor of hiding their true intentions with their newly announced 43% emissions reduction target by 2030, suggesting that they will actually try to creep that figure toward’s Green’s much more ambitious goal.

(Perhaps I’m just not the right demographic, but I don’t think that is really the damning accusation Morrison thinks it is!)

Labor said at the last election and since the last election that they thought 45% was the wrong decision and apparently, 43% is the right decision.

I think that is just the opening bid from Labor. For Labor to legislate, if they were to form government, they would have to do that with the support of the Greens – 43% is just the opening bid from Labor. You know what the Greens target is, it is 75%.

Vote Labor, you vote Greens and you vote for the Greens targets.



Here is the environment minister Susan Ley discussing the need to create an industry for recycled goods within Australia.

We know that when we came into a government and we saw those stockpiles of waste on the docks, the famous mountain of glass in Melbourne, prime minister you said it is our waste, our responsibility and then we did something about it. We took practical action.

On 1 December [came] the third of our waste bans, for export of whole tyres. Before that, glass. Mixed plastics. Already we are starting to see this recycling revolution that is taking place over the last few years. It is pretty exciting.

It isn’t just about finding another destination for what was previously land fill. It is not even about burning waste and turning it into energy. It is about new recycling, remanufacturing processes, new kit that has come from overseas, innovative procurement we haven’t seen before, the jobs, manufacturing, the industry. That is true microeconomic reform.

NSW floods: some residents return home, others still at risk


Residents have been given the all-clear to return to a northern NSW town that was evacuated last week, but others still face being inundated by floodwaters, reports Jack Gramenz from AAP.

People in Boggabilla were given the all-clear by the State Emergency Service on Sunday afternoon after flooding eased on the Macintyre River.

However, an evacuation order issued to Toomelah residents is still in place and the border town of Mugindi has been warned to brace for the Barwon River to flood from this weekend.

Wee Waa is emerging from days of isolation, a week after floodwaters on the Namoi River peaked, with one road into the town reopening.

Others remain cut off by the slowly receding waters.

While some communities face an anxious wait for floods to arrive, others are preparing to clean up.

On a Sunday visit to flood-hit Forbes, prime minister Scott Morrison said responding to disasters was “not unfamiliar territory” for his government.

We’ve become very experienced in understanding what the needs are and targeting support, working with state governments to ensure it can make a real difference.

The three times the prime minister has visited Forbes, the town has been affected by drought, fires and now floods.

The resilience of the people of the central west is something extraordinary.

I have no doubt they’ll come through these challenges.

Flood warnings are still in place for the Gwydir, Namoi, Macquarie, Bogan, Lachlan, Murrumbidgee, Warrego, Paroo and Barwon Rivers.

Scott Morrison reveals Coalition recycling plan


OK, after trying on plenty of sunglasses, Scott Morrison is speaking now, and MYSTERY SOLVED! The whole morning has been about recycling.

We have been making good on our promise to ensure that we take responsibility for our waste.

I said three years ago, our waste, our responsibility. The export ban on our plastic waste.

I grew up by the beach. Back in any day when I used to swim at the beaches not far from here, the surf report wasn’t just about what the waves were, it was what was in the waves. There has boon so much progress that has been made since then.

Getting plastics out of the ocean is one of our big challenges as we see the plastic islands that are floating across our blue Pacific. It is one of most regular issues raised with me by leaders in South-East Asia and our Pacific family. Australia is doing its bit.

We have put in place the export ban on plastics. That means there will be, at its peak in a few years time, 43,000 containers of waste that is not going up into south-east Asia, which ends up in rivers and in our oceans.

Australia has taken a leadership position on that to ensure we are doing the right thing, not just by our own environment here in Australia but in our regional environment as well to get the plastics out of the ocean. Recycling is a massive part of that.



I would love to give you an update on what the prime minister is doing this morning but honestly, I can’t figure it out. There seems to be lots of sunglasses being tried?

I assume there must be a press conference coming up. Stay tuned to unravel this mystery with me.

Can someone please explain to me the picture-in-picture of the prime minister trying on sunnies?

— Matilda Boseley (@MatildaBoseley) December 5, 2021



⚠️ Updated Minor #Flood warning issued for the #GwydirRiver at #Yarraman. See for details and updates; follow advice from @NSWSES. #NSWFloods

— Bureau of Meteorology, New South Wales (@BOM_NSW) December 5, 2021



Just further to Anthony Carbines’ new position in the Victorian Andrews government cabinet.

Here’s a statement from Premier @DanielAndrewsMP ..

Also confirms James Merlino and Richard Wynne have relinquished responsibilities in those portfolios, leaving them to their original Ministries (Mental Health, Education, Planning and Housing)@10NewsFirstMelb #springst

— Simon Love (@SimoLove) December 5, 2021



Pix: Sydney Bus Strike

— AAP Photos (@aap_photos) December 5, 2021



TODAY: @Bowenchris, Shadow Minister for Climate Change and Energy, addresses the #NPC on “The World’s Climate Emergency: Australia’s Jobs Opportunity”. Tune in from 12:30 AEDT on @abcnews 24 or livestream on ABC iview.

— National Press Club (@PressClubAust) December 5, 2021


22:18 Michael McGowan

A New South Wales government program aimed at convincing professionals to become maths teachers attracted only six people last year, five of whom dropped out before their scholarships were complete.

As the state’s public school teachers prepare for their first strike in almost a decade on Tuesday, new figures have cast doubt on the success of the government’s attempts to address teacher shortages in NSW without significantly increasing pay.

In 2019, the state government announced the Teach.Maths NOW scholarship to lure current undergraduates and industry professionals with a background in pure or applied mathematics to become teachers.

But the program has struggled to attract and retain applicants. Despite funding for 160 placements, the program was only offered to 53 people in its first two years. Now, new figures obtained by the Guardian show the program has also failed to keep many of the industry professionals who did apply.

You can read the full report below:

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Ivanhoe MP @ACarbinesMP has this morning been sworn in by @VicGovernor as a minister in the Andrews Government, replacing @LukeDonnellan who resigned over branch-stacking claims. @10NewsFirstMelb #springst

— Simon Love (@SimoLove) December 5, 2021

Victoria records 1,073 new Covid-19 cases and six deaths


Victoria’s daily case numbers are once again above 1,000, with 1,073 new infections recorded in the last reporting period.

Sadly, six people infected with the virus have died.

We thank everyone who got vaccinated and tested yesterday.

Our thoughts are with those in hospital, and the families of people who have lost their lives.

More data soon: #COVID19VicData

— VicGovDH (@VicGovDH) December 5, 2021

NSW has recorded 208 new Covid-19 cases overnight


The NSW numbers are out and the state has recorded 208 new Covid-19 cases but no deaths.

NSW #COVID19 update – Monday 6 December 2021

In the 24-hour reporting period to 8pm last night:

– 94.6% of people aged 16+ have had one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine

– 92.8% of people aged 16+ have had two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine

— NSW Health (@NSWHealth) December 5, 2021


22:05 Calla Wahlquist

Victorian Labor MP Anthony Carbines will replace Luke Donnellan in premier Daniel Andrews’ cabinet after Donellan, the Age has reported.

Donellan quit cabinet in October after the Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission inquiry into branch-stacking heard that he had paid for other people’s party memberships.

Carbines will take on Donellan’s former portfolios of ageing, disabilities, carers and child protection.



I mentioned before that environment minister Sussan Ley has also thrown her support behind the former NSW premier Gladys Berejiklian’s potential candidacy for the federal seat of Warringah; despite the ongoing Icac investigations.

Here she is on ABC a short time ago:

That process will take its course and I don’t want to comment on that process, but what I will say is that just from the people that I represent, they were horrified that this sort of public shaming seemed to be happening on their television screens everyday. So a lot of people reached out to me directly to actually say, “Why is this happening to our premier who’s done so much for us? We’re really quite angry on her behalf.” So I think the feeling is with her, I think she’ll be an outstanding representative and, you know, there’ll be some steps for her to take and processes to go through. But, of course, we’d love to see her in federal parliament.

Host Michael Rowland:

Some people will see that as public shaming, others will see the presentation of cold-hard evidence. We heard the phone taps where she fixed hospital funding for her then boyfriend Daryl Maguire in his seat where she learned about clearly dodgy behaviour but didn’t alert the corruption commission. Do you think it really was just public shaming?


What I trust is the voters’ reaction. I was quite surprised with the number of people who came to me and said they really didn’t like this and that’s how they described the process. And, you know, it was pretty awful and it didn’t need to play out in such a way on our TV screens. I don’t think so. But more importantly, I will let that process take its course. I am simply – look, I know Gladys, she’s been an outstanding woman in public life. She has devoted so much of her life to public service, and people understand that and they appreciate that. And they know that she has a contribution to make.



Here’s a little blog treat for you:

I want to know the pure joy that she feels

— Owl! at the Library 😴🧙‍♀️ (@SketchesbyBoze) December 5, 2021

Omicron travel ban ‘discrimination’, diplomat says


Australia’s travel ban to several southern African countries due to the outbreak of the Omicron variant has been labelled as discriminatory by a senior diplomat, reports Andrew Brown from AAP.

South Africa’s high commissioner to Australia Marthinus van Schalkwyk said the ban needed to be overturned, due to large numbers of Omicron cases being detected in other continents, and not just in parts of Africa.

He told ABC Radio this morning:

We believe it is discrimination, because the only difference is these countries (on the travel ban list) are on the African continent …

The ban is unfair, there is no evidence the ban works, the World Health Organization confirms that.

The travel ban to nine southern African nations was instituted in the wake of the Omicron variant being detected.

The detection of Omicron also led to a two-week delay to the return of visa holders without the need for a medical exemption, which is now set to take place from December 15.

Despite the pause on international arrivals, 250 fully vaccinated students will arrive on Monday in Sydney as part of a NSW government pilot program.

The arrivals will still need to isolate in student accommodation for three days.

There have been 15 cases of Omicron detected in NSW, while two have been identified in the ACT and one in the NT.



Federal Environment Minister @sussanley also says she’d love to see @GladysB run for Warringah.

She tells @BreakfastNews lots of people have approached her to express their anger at the ‘public shaming’ of the former NSW Premier at the ICAC.#auspol

— Michael Rowland (@mjrowland68) December 5, 2021



Modernisation of Australia’s electronic surveillance laws @karenandrewsmp #auspol

— Political Alert (@political_alert) December 5, 2021


21:20 Lisa Cox

A New South Wales government plan to control feral horses in Kosciuszko national park will allow horses to remain in the only known habitat of one of Australia’s most imperilled freshwater fishes and risks pushing the species closer to extinction.

Conservationists say allowing horses to continue to roam around some sections of the park will put vulnerable wildlife and ecosystems at risk.

They include the stocky galaxias, a fish that was listed as critically endangered last year after the 2019-20 bushfires and was named as one of 100 priority animals in the Morrison government’s new threatened species strategy.

You can read the full story below:

Related: NSW plan for Kosciuszko feral horses a threat to endangered freshwater fish

Finance minister supports Berejiklian candidacy


Despite the NSW Icac not yet handing down its findings concerning the state’s former premier, that hasn’t stopped Simon Birmingham from voicing his support for her rumoured candidacy for the federal seat of Warringah.

ABC News Breakfast host Michael Rowland:

Would you support Gladys Berejiklian running as the Liberal candidate in Warringah?


I would love to see Gladys do so, but that is entirely up to her. She has been a friend of mine for many decade and I know that she has immense talent.


You don’t think that there’s an integrity question mark over her head?


I think that Gladys has shown exceptional leadership in public office and an ability to make tough and difficult decisions when required and she is showing that she is a person of great integrity and I realise the issues that she’s handling at present.

She’ll keep working through. If she has other decisions to make about her future, I’m sure that she’ll make them when she’s ready.



TGA head John Skerritt told ABC News Breakfast that it’s important for children to get vaccinated, now that those aged five to 11 are eligible, partially because it will help protect parents and grandparents from Covid-19:

There are lot of reasons even though they don’t get as sick as adults, they have a pretty strong role in spreading it back to family members and of course that can include parents and also, of greater concern, the grandparents. The older you are, the impacts of getting seriously ill or worse with Covid is greater.

The other reason is just so kids can do what kids are meant to do – go to school, play with their friends, do sport, do exercise, do social things.

We are worried about the mental health impacts on all the lockdowns that children have had over the last couple of years.

And finally – there’s about one in 3,000 children who, even though they mightn’t get all that ill with Covid, have this long-term multi-system inflammatory syndrome where even when they recover from Covid, they can be quite ill for some months with fever, rash, intestinal, heart, neurological issues, even though it’s one in 3,000 of those kids it’s a very serious condition. Lots of reasons to vaccinate young children.



Anthony Albanese is well and truly out on the campaign trail this week – and it seems the polls are behind him.

The latest Newspoll, conducted for the Australian, shows 47% of voters believe Labor will form the next government after an election expected in March or May.

Just 37% expect the Coalition to be returned for a fourth term, reports AAP.

Labor leads the two-party-preferred race over the Coalition, 53 to 47%, on a primary vote of 38%.

And to celebrate the opposition leader’s deputy Richard Marles has been on ABC radio this morning talking up the big man:

I think when it comes to character, there is a chasm, a massive chasm between Scott Morrison and Anthony Albanese, there’s no doubt about that … I think Australians coming out of the pandemic are looking for a government that will have a plan to create a better future, right now I think what they see with the Morrison government is a government that is consistently behind the play.


20:58 Luke Henriques-Gomes

Ian Haywood’s partner is blunt when asked to sum up the couple’s latest battle with the National Disability Insurance Agency.

“They don’t think it is ‘reasonable and necessary’ for Ian to have nursing funding,” Bianca* told Guardian Australia, referring to the key legal test for NDIS funding.

“We think it is reasonable for him to stay home and it is necessary in order for him to live. It’s cheaper for them if he dies.”

Haywood, 43, lives with the terminal illness motor neurone disease and is the latest NDIS participant to speak out about what the federal Labor party and disability advocates claim are “stealth cuts” being seen around the country.

Communicating with Guardian Australia via email as he is non-verbal, Haywood said the NDIS had been funding 24-hour nursing care that allowed him to live at his home on the Mornington Peninsula rather than remaining in hospital.

You can read the full report below:

Related: Terminally ill NDIS participant facing re-hospitalisation after funding cut for 24-hour nurse



Michael Rowland:

Do you agree with the prime minister that, in his words, she was done over by the commission against corruption?

Simon Birmingham:

I think that it is pretty sad when Icacs go out and destroy reputations, do so in pretty murky ways, looking into relationships and other things. There’s …


It was more of the relationship that we were talking about. It was more than her relationship that was brought up, excuse me, minister, at the hearings?


Michael, the nature of the way in which the New South Wales Icac works, it’s one of the reasons why we’ve presented a very detailed model for a commonwealth integrity commission that absolutely has the power to tackle criminal corruption and to address serious issues.

But doesn’t go and destroy reputations first and then look at the details later.


We’ll see that next year?


Well, we’ve got the legislation. It’s there. We’ve done the work on it. There’s several hundred pages of it.



As you might have heard, children aged five to 11 now have TGA approval to be vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine.

Finance minister Simon Birmingham has been out and about this morning discussing the development. Here is is speaking with ABC news breakfast:

We will encourage every Australian to go out and get a vaccine when they’re eligible, and particularly for parents to do that with five- to 11-year-olds.

A conversation that I had over the weekend with my kids and a conversation that we’ve been having for a little while. Everybody should have that chat with their children and make sure that they’re ready for it.

But with 88% of the double dosing in Australia and a strong turnout in the 70s of the 12- to 15-year-olds, we’re now at a point where we’re one of the most highly vaccinated countries in the world.

We’ve got one of the first nationwide booster programs in the world and it will be really great to be able to bring the rest of those school-aged kids on board and have them all vaccinated, pretty much for the very start of term one or close to it.

Security leaders welcome Labor climate policy

20:33 Paul Karp

Former chief of the Australian defence force Retired Admiral Chris Barrie has welcomed Labor’s climate policy announcement on behalf of the Australian Security Leaders Climate Group and urged the Australian government to follow its lead.

In October Guardian Australia reported Barrie’s concerns that Australia’s military will be less ready to confront other security crises if troops are increasingly required to respond to climate-related disasters.

Barrie said:

The Australian Labor Party are facing up to the threat that climate change poses to our future safety and well-being, but the Government remains missing in action on climate-security risks. Our closest allies, including AUKUS partners the USA and UK, have recognised and are acting to mitigate the impacts of climate change on the security of their people and on peaceful relations between nations, yet our own government is falling behind.

In particular, Barrie welcomed that Labor had “adopted key climate and security recommendations from ASLCG’s policy proposals, including committing to an urgent climate risk assessment, which the Group has been strongly advocating for”.

He said:

Climate change remains the most significant threat to our security and we must now act accordingly with the necessary scale and speed of action. It is perplexing that a government that claims to be strong on security issues is weak, and even silent, on the greatest threat to the future security, safety and wellbeing of all Australians.

Good morning


Good morning, everyone! It’s Matilda Boseley here, back on the blog with you this morning.

I hope you all had a relaxing weekend and are ready for another week of news. At least parliament is over for the year, so I mean, the news can’t be that bad! Right? Right!

First up, if you are in the inner west of Sydney I hope you left plenty of extra time for your bus commute because that’s where the planned widespread strikes across NSW’s public transport sector have begun.

The industrial action was prompted by the ongoing dispute over pay equality and on Tuesday bus drivers in the south-west of Sydney will go on strike too, before the two groups combine to go on strike for two hours during the Friday afternoon peak.

Tomorrow Rail, Tram and Bus Union members won’t be driving foreign-made trains – which run three-quarters of the services on the network. The RTBU has been negotiating a new enterprise bargaining agreement for months, after the old one expired in May.

The union’s NSW secretary Alex Claassens said:

We don’t like it, but we don’t have any other options at this stage … The good news is that the NSW government can put a halt to this by simply delivering on some basic requests.

Sydney Trains chief executive Matt Longland says the strikes are disappointing because there have been “more than 40 meetings” between Sydney Trains, NSW TrainLink and the union.

Up north, across the border, authorities have warned Queensland’s flood-hit areas that heavy rain is set to return.

The Bureau of Meteorology warned heavy rain was expected to be back mid-week to the three areas of concern in Queensland – the Dawson River near Theodore, the swollen Macintyre River around Goondiwindi and the Condamine River at the township of Condamine.

BOM meteorologist Shane Kennedy told AAP:

For the areas currently in major flooding the rain will return on Wednesday with widespread rainfall, unlike today where it was very isolated.

The Macintyre River peaked at 10.43 metres at Goondiwindi in the state’s south-west border on Saturday, receding to about 10.10 metres yesterday afternoon. It’s the biggest flood in a decade for the town.

The river is expected to remain above the major flood level through to today.

OK, party people, with that, why don’t we jump right into the day?

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Emma Raducanu 'creeped out' by stalker visits

© GETTY IMAGES Raducanu said she was worried about going out on her own – GETTY IMAGES Teenage tennis sensation Emma Raducanu says she has been left feeling unsafe in ... Read more »

Westbrook on missed endgame trey: 'I'll live and die with that one'

© Provided by CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Russell Westbrook had a choice to make at the end of regulation — drive to the basket and try to send the game into overtime ... Read more »

DOH: About 170K ages 5 to 11 registered for vaccination in LGUs

DOH Undersecretary Myrna Cabotaje A total of 168,355 children ages five to 11 have already registered for vaccination in their local government units, the Department of Health said Saturday. “Hindi ... Read more »

Fast and furious: Heavy snow, high winds threaten East Coast

© Provided by Associated Press A front-end loader dumps road salt into a truck Friday, Jan. 28, 2022, in Chelsea, Mass. Residents and officials in the Northeast and mid-Atlantic regions ... Read more »

Tim Dowling: I get just 10 minutes of office sun – I can't waste it on Wordle

© Provided by The Guardian Photograph: Sarah Lee/The Guardian At this time of the year, the sun rises high enough to shine into my office shed at about quarter past ... Read more »

Nasa asks public to help solve waste recycling for Mars trip

© Provided by The Guardian Photograph: Bob Daemmrich/Alamy Nasa wants help in proposing sustainable living techniques for a trip to Mars. On 18 January it launched the Waste to Base ... Read more »

First Arabic Netflix film tackles taboos, sparks controversy

The Associated PressThis photo released by Netflix shows characters from the Arabic-language version of the Italian film “Perfect Strangers,” about friends who agree to share their incoming calls, voice and ... Read more »

New York pediatric nurse is accused of 'selling fake COVID vaccine cards and raking in $1.5million in just three months': Cops found $900,000 in CASH in NYPD-issued helmet bags at her home and her police officer husband now 'faces internal probe'

Julie DeVuono, 49, of Amityville, Long Island, has been charged with forgery and offering a false instrument for filing fake vaccination cards She and her practical nurse Marissa Urraro, 44, alleged were stealing fake vaccination cards at Wild Child Pediatrics Healthcare When cops searched DeVuono's home, they found $900,000 in cash stashed inside NYPD-issued helmet bags - causing an internal probe on her cop husbandThey also found a ledger that appears to show that the nurse made $1.5million in the last three months selling the fraudulent vaccine cards  Read more »

Beating Retreat ceremony today: Traffic curbs, routes to avoid in Delhi, metro timings | Check here

Beating Retreat: Check traffic curbs, routes to avoid in Delhi, metro timings The Delhi Traffic Police has made elaborate arrangements in view of the Beating Retreat ceremony in the national ... Read more »

In Contest to Corner Muslim Votes, AIMIM & SP Cautious Against Polarising Deoband Electorate

The electoral battle in politically significant Deoband Assembly seat in Uttar Pradesh has intensified with Asaduddin Owaisi’s All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) entering the fray and eyeing Muslim votes in ... Read more »

State Bank of India recruitment: DCW issues notice to SBI, seeks withdrawal of new guidelines for pregnant women

© Provided by Zee News New Delhi: The Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) on Saturday issued a notice to SBI seeking withdrawal of its new rules wherein a woman who ... Read more »

Oversight committee on automated polls to hold executive session on Comelec 'hacking' probe

THE Joint Congressional Oversight Committee on the Automated Election System granted a request by the Cybercrime Investigation and Coordinating Center (CICC) for an executive session after its top official disclosed ... Read more »

Ahead of Budget Session, Rajya Sabha releases Code of Conduct for members

© Provided by The Statesman Ahead of Budget Session, Rajya Sabha releases Code of Conduct for members Days ahead of the Budget Session of the Parliament, the Rajya Sabha Secretariat ... Read more »

Schools and colleges in Pune to reopen from February 1. Details here

© Provided by Hindustan Times Pune: While allowing the schools to resume physical classes, the Maharashtra government has asked them to strictly adhere to Covid-19 protocols and guidelines.  (File Photo ... Read more »

Mercury likely to rise in Delhi, Punjab and other states till Feb 2 | Check forecast for your state here

© Provided by Jagran English New Delhi | Jagran News Desk: Delhites woke up to a sunny Saturday morning with the minimum temperature settling at 5.4 degrees Celsius, three notches ... Read more »

Laurie Evans' confidence proves well-founded with defining BBL innings

© Cricket Australia via Getty Images Laurie Evans piled on the runs with a broken toe © Cricket Australia via Getty Images Laurie Evans and Adam Voges shared a quiet ... Read more »

Businesses near Durban's gutted China Emporium evacuated

© Provided by Times Live Municipal spokesperson Lindiwe Khuzwayo said the building, ravaged by fire a week ago, has been condemned after assessments by structural engineers appointed by the owners ... Read more »

This Amazon Cat Toy Has More Than 39,000 Feline Fans

All cats play, and kittens play most of all — with or without a cat toy. One of the top complaints I hear as a certified animal behavior consultant involves ... Read more »

Video: Snow arrives in NYC as powerful storm Kenan bears down on the East Coast and 75million people prepare: Travel is in limbo after more than 2,000 flights were grounded Friday and Boston braces for historic storm 

Read more »

'Uncle Pete!': Pete Davidson meets John Mulaney and Olivia Munn's son Malcolm and gets the newborn to crack a smile

Pete Davidson might not have any kids of his own yet, but he’ll get a chance to practice with his pseudo-nephew. John Mulaney posted a video of the Saturday Night ... Read more »

Tisha Campbell says she was nearly 'snatched up' by 'human traffickers' after a day of shooting new film in Texas

Actress Tisha Campbell is warning fans of how she was nearly a victim of alleged human traffickers after a scary run-in with two men in the town where she’s been filming. ... Read more »

Millionaire stock trader's involuntary manslaughter conviction over death of man who was helping him dig tunnels for nuclear bunkers under a home is upheld by Maryland's highest court

Maryland stock trader Daniel Beckwitt had his involuntary manslaughter conviction upheld by the state's highest court on Friday Beckwitt was held responsible for the death of Askia Khafra, 21, after he had been burnt while helping him dig tunnels for a nuclear bunker under his homeThe Maryland Court Appeals ruled that Beckwitt had failed to provide Khafra with a safe workspace which constituted gross negligenceBeckwitt was sentenced to nine years in prison in 2019 after a jury convicted him of second-degree 'depraved heart' murder and involuntary manslaughterHis murder conviction was overturned after the court ruled that his actions did not ultimately reflect his regard for another human's life Read more »
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