Attack on convicted killer at Brandon Ledwidge’s funeral motivated by ‘grudge’

An attack on a convicted killer at the afters of Brandon Ledwidge’s funeral was motivated by a personal grudge and had nothing to do with the circumstances of the Finglas man’s murder, gardaí now believe.

Derek Boyd (29) — who was sentenced last year for killing his sister, Sandra Boyd, through an accidental gun discharge — suffered non-life threatening injuries in a melee in which it is understood that a wheel brace was produced by his attacker.

He suffered slash injuries, while another man suffered more serious head injuries.

No arrests have been made in the case, which is being investigated by officers from Mountjoy Garda Station.

However, it is now understood that detectives investigating the brutal assault believe Boyd knew his attacker, who held a grudge against him over his sister Sandra’s death.

Boyd was jailed for two years in December 2022 for killing Sandra, a mother of five, through an accidental discharge of an illegally-held semi-automatic pistol in March of the same year.

The court heard he had sourced the weapon and live rounds of ammunition because he was concerned for his own and his family’s safety as a result of a threats made to him.

Boyd had been in custody since he shot his sister on March 19 last year at his home in Collins Place, Finglas, and because of standard remission he was released from jail earlier this year.

“Boyd has served his time,” a source said.

“But that doesn’t mean everyone has forgiven him for what happened to Sandra — even though it was an accidental shooting.

“The main line of inquiry is that he was attacked by someone who still feels very much aggrieved about Sandra’s death.”

No arrests have been made in the case. Separately, we revealed earlier this week how the chief suspect for the murder of gangland victim Brandon Ledwidge voluntarily presented himself to gardaí for questioning, but was advised by officers he will have to wait before he is formally interviewed.

Ledwidge (23) was shot dead when he answered the door of his home in Finglas on November 18.

The chief suspect, once a close associate of Ledwidge, walked into a Dublin garda station in recent days and told officers: “I hear you’re looking for me.”

Shortly before he was shot dead, Ledwidge had assaulted a relative of the suspect, according to sources.

Ledwidge, who was facing serious drugs charges before the courts, is believed to have fallen foul of his gangland associates after he decided to set up his own “independent dealing network”.

It is understood the feud grew worse when Ledwidge’s crew began selling drugs, including crack cocaine and heroin, to users who were travelling into the area from Ballymun and other parts of Dublin.

A source said: “He decided to go out on his own.

“He assaulted that young man [the relative] shortly before the murder occurred. It seems his former associates said after that ‘enough is enough’.”

It is understood the chief suspect’s home was searched after the murder, but he was at the property at the time.

The man, a convicted robber in his 30s, presented himself at a garda station but was told that officers were still collecting forensic evidence, CCTV and other items, so he would have to wait to be interviewed.

At his funeral at St Canice’s church in Finglas on Wednesday, Ledwidge was remembered as a “party animal” who was never ‘without a joint in his mouth’.

There were chaotic scenes outside the church as the funeral cortege arrived as dozens of youths on bikes performed ‘burnouts’ and ‘wheelies’ in a display of support for the deceased youth. Inside the church, a eulogy by his sister, Kaci, was read aloud by his cousin Kameron (22), a defender for Shelbourne FC.

It read: “We are all absolutely heartbroken.

“A lot of memories were made, and a lot more memories should have been made. You were the life and soul of every party, always with a smile on your face no matter what.”

Sparking a few laughs, Kaci’s eulogy added that her brother always had a “big fat joint in your mouth and a hammer in your pocket”.

“We will miss everything about you. Brandon loved a good trip to Amsterdam and Tenerife. You would find him asleep anywhere he went — no matter where he was. We will miss seeing your face and hearing your voice around the house.”

She joked he always said: “Ma, what’s for dinner, I’m starving or that dinner was scrap.”

The eulogy continued: “My da is going to miss partying with you all night long.

“We will miss coming down at all hours in the morning … to Brandon in me ma’s kitchen with a bottle of fast gas and a balloon in your mouth with a bottle of vodka and your bopping head.”

The eulogy continued: “You took a big chunk of our hearts with you. You were a party animal. You loved a good party and the drink. You were stone-mad and made of steel.”

As ‘King of the Road’ by the Rattling Kind was played, the deceased, in a silver casket, was removed and placed in a horse-drawn carriage.

He was later buried in Glasnevin Cemetery.

Nobody has been arrested in connection with the murder which happened on Barry Drive around 7pm on November 18.

Three days after his killing, Ledwidge had been due to appear in court on charges relating to drug dealing.

He was facing three separate charges for possession of heroin and cocaine with the intent of sale or supply.

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