Apple's iPhone 13 launch event special - Pocket-lint Podcast 121

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(Pocket-lint) – The Pocket-lint Podcast episode 121 is now available to stream and download.

Apple held its traditional September launch event this past week. Called “California Streaming” it revealed the iPhone 13 range, Apple Watch Series 7 and, perhaps unexpectedly, new iPads. 

That’s why we dedicate this week’s podcast to the announcements, with Stuart joined by Pocket-lint’s senior news editor, Rik Henderson, and features editor, Britta O’Boyle, to mull over the products and give their thoughts.

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Previous interviewees 

Check out the people we’ve interviewed on previous episodes of the Pocket-lint podcast:

Episode 120: Luke Hopkins, Char-Broil

Stuart caught up with barbecue manufacturer Char-Broil to find out whether tech is invading or helping our favourite cooking pastime.

Listen now

Episode 119: Anne Toth, Amazon’s Alexa Trust

How do you go about instilling trust in a digital personal assistant that doesn’t physically exist? That’s just one of the questions host Stuart put to the director of the Alexa Trust team at Amazon, Anne Toth.

Listen now

Episode 118: Ted Fischer, Ageless Innovation

Stuart chatted with Ageless Innovation, a company that builds robotic pets for elderly people needing some companionship.

Listen now

Episode 117: Haya Douidri, Superpedestrian

We caught up with the vice president for EMEA of Superpedestrian – a world-leader in transportation robotics and human-scale mobility – to talk about last mile transportation and much more. 

Listen now

Episode 116: Tetsuya Mizuguchi

Stuart Miles chatted with the gaming legend behind Rez, Space Channel 5, Lumines, Tetris Effect and many other classics. Having curated the Virtual Realms exhibition at the Barbican, London, he detailed the games-related experiences visitors are treated to.

Listen now

Episode 115: Taco Carlier, VanMoof

We chatted with the CEO of eBike company VanMoof about the adoption of Apple’s Find My tracking service in its cycles. They also mull over the future of electric riding.

Listen now

Episode 114: Alexandre Salem, Huawei

Stuart spoke with Huawei’s global director of gaming partnerships, to find out just how important gaming is to the company. They also discussed whether we’ll see a dedicated gaming phone from Huawei in the future.

Listen now

Episode 113: Dave Ward, Ring

Stuart talked with Ring’s managing director for Europe, Dave Ward. He revealed the philosophy behind the company and what’s in store for the future.

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Episode 112: Rory Cellan-Jones, BBC

Stuart caught up with the renowned BBC journalist to talk about his new book. It covers the last decade in tech, from the glory days of big launches, like the Apple iPhone, to a more dystopian tech world, especially when social media is concerned.

Listen now

Episode 111: Benoit Burette, Philips TV & Sound

Stuart caught up with the man in charge of acoustic engineering for Fidelio products at Philips, to talk about how you design a specific acoustic signature and how listening has changed in recent years.

Listen now

Episode 110: Ian Mcllwain, FutureLearn

Stuart talked with an expect on education forecasting. He learned about the trends that are going to be shaping the way we and our children learn in the future.

Listen now

Episode 109: Eric Morales, AWS

Rik spoke with the lead of game tech at Amazon Web Services (AWS) to find out how developers and gamers alike benefit from cloud and server-based systems.

Listen now

Episode 108: Rod White, Philips

Rik caught up with the chief designer officer for Philips TV & Sound. They discussed why the company has reintroduced its premium Fidelio brand and what it takes to design high-end audio products.

Listen now

Episode 106: Steve Backshall

We soke to biologist, adventurer and TV presenter, Steve Backshall. He explained what we can all be doing to appreciate the sea life on our doorstep and how tech can help.

Listen now

Episode 105: Robert Wigley, UK Finance and author

Stuart talked to the author about his new book on technology and how it is changing his relationship with his sons. We found out whether that’s something that we should all be worried about in the future.

Listen now

Episode 103: Jordan Stephens, Rizzle Kicks

Rik talked to Jordan Stephens, one half of rap duo Rizzle Kicks, who recently teamed with Three and Samsung for a smartphone short movie competition. He gave us his views on movie making, streaming services, and being cast in Star Wars.

Listen now

Episode 102: Simon Jonas, Optoma

Stuart chatted with projector manufacturer Optoma about the growing trends within the home projector market. It turns out more of us are opting for garden cinemas, movie nights and big screen gaming.

Listen now

Episode 101: Ben Barraondo, Nvidia

Rik talked to Nvidia’s head of consumer PR for Europe about GeForce Now, cloud gaming in general, and the supply issues of the company’s RTX graphics cards. They also had a good natter about the (near) future of games.

Listen now

Episode 99: Graham Jones, internet psychologist

Find out what an internet psychologist has to say abou the stresses we encounter when watching streaming services, and how to overcome them.

Listen now

Episode 98: Will Ahmed, Whoop

Stuart spoke to the founder and CEO of Whoop, a company that makes a fitness tracker that encourages you to stay on the sofa. 

Listen now

Episode 97: Samer Al Moubayed, Furhat Robotics

We caught up with the CEO of Furhat Robotics, who told us all about the social androids the company is making, and how they could assist with care for patients with Alzheimer’s or dementia.

Listen now

Episode 96: Adrienne Sharkey-Perves, Arlo

Stuart spoke with the senior marketing director for Arlo about connected security, how it’s changing the way we monitor our homes, and what’s in store for the future.

Listen now

Episode 95: Torben Christiansen, EPOS

Stuart talked with the director of technology at EPOS, the high-end audio brand born out of Sennheiser. They discussed future audio trends, including how we’ll interact with music and voice assistants, plus the use of audio in healthcare over the next decade. 

Listen now

Episode 94: Samo Login

Stuart caught up with the couple behind the Talking Tom Cat phenomenon that took the world by storm over a decade ago. It made the creators one of Europe’s richest couples. How did they manage to pull of such success and what are they doing now?

Listen now

Episode 93: Sarah Ellis, The Royal Shakespeare Company

We chatted with the director of digital development at The RSC about a new, tech-filled live performance inspired by A Midsummer Night’s Dream. We found out about its use of motion capture and other interesting innovations.

Listen now

Episode 92: Pia Bretschneider, Ionity

Stuart spoke with the UK country manager at EV charging company Ionity about the future of topping up our electric cars on the go.

Listen now

Episode 91: Jai Thampi, Schneider Electric 

We talked with the man responsible for strategy and innovation at Schneider Electric on the future of powering our homes.

Listen now

Episode 90: Will Carling

As the 2021 Six Nations Rugby Championship kicked off, Stuart chatted with former England rugby captain Will Carling about how the use of tech and stats is changing the way we watch and play the game.

Listen now

Episode 89: Bhavya Gohil, Square Off

Stuart talked to the co-founder of Square Off, a tech start-up based in Mumbai that’s aiming to connect the world through its smart and evolved board games. What’s the future of connected physical games, like chess?

Listen now

Episode 88: Dr Adel Laoui, NeuTigers

Stuart then talks with NeuTigers, an artificial intelligence company spun out of Princeton University that is working on an app that can detect COVID-19 using Edge AI and data derived from a wearable device.

Listen now

Episode 87: Guive Balooch, L’Oréal

Stuart chatted with L’Oréal with the company’s global VP of L’Oreal’s Technology Incubator about personalised beauty tech, and how tech will change our approach to makeup and beauty in the future.

Listen now

Episode 85: Dr Christophe Ramstein, Noveto Systems

We talked with Noveto Systems, a company that has created a ground-breaking new technology – SoundBeaming. It projects sound from outside a user’s ears without the need to wear any physical device and without disturbing people nearby. We found out how it works, what the implications are, and how headphones could soon become a thing of the past.

Listen now

Episode 84: Rob Mouser, Andersen EV

Stuart caught up with Andersen EV, a company that makes smart home charging boxes for your electric car. He found out what efforts are being made to make home charging smartand more user-friendly.

Listen now

Episode 83: Michael Leet, Dyson

Stuart talked Dyson’s Michael Leet about how the company equipped nine individuals in eight cities around the world to understand the global pandemic’s impact on individual exposure to air pollution.

Listen now

Episode 82: Nick Forster, Overdrive

Stuart chatted with the general manager of Overdrive to find out more on how the company delivers digital books to libraries around the world and how reading habits are changing.

Listen now

Episode 81: Greg Williams 

We talked to the celebrity photographer about his Candid Photography Course. It promises to give people the right skills to take a great photo in any situation, anytime, so he also gave us a few top tips on smartphone photography.

Listen now

Episode 80: Rapha Cohen, Waze

Stuart had a chat with the chief product officer at Waze about the future of the navigation app and how having thousands of people editing its maps on a daily basis can make the experience better. 

Listen now

Episode 79: Chris Plummer, Activision

Rik spoke with Activision’s vice president of mobile to find out how Call of Duty: Mobile became such a huge success.

Listen now

Episode 77: Luke Whittaker, Katherine Bidwell and John Lau, State of Play

We talked to app game developer State of Play about the company’s latest game, South of the Circle – which is exclusively available on Apple Arcade. The founders of the studio explained about the trials and tribulations of making the title, and how it even meant having to go Antarctica as part of the process.

Listen now

Episode 76: Kyle Brown, Samsung

Stuart spoke with Samsung’s head of connected living to find out how Samsung plans to improve our lives beyond controlling smart lights.

Listen now

Episode 74: Robert Karp, Codemasters

Rik interviewed the development director of Dirt 5 at Codemasters talk about the company’s new game and, specifically, how it runs on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

Listen now

Episode 73: Philip Skogsberg, Challengermode

Stuart talked with the co-founder and head of product at Challengermode to find out how the grassroots esports company is working to make it easier for gamers to challenge others. 

Listen now

Episode 72: Steve Cottam, Antstream Arcade

We talked to the founder of Antstream Arcade, a retro gaming streaming service that will let you play classic games, including those you remember on the Amiga and Commodore 64, on your PC, Mac, console or phone.

Listen now

Episode 71: Ethan Kaplan, Fender

Stuart spoke with the general manager for digital at Fender to find out how to people can learn musical instruments online.

Listen now

Episode 70: Jamie Hindhaugh, BT Sport

Rik had a good chat with to the COO of BT Sport about the company’s expansion of its streaming app ahead of the new Premier League season.

Listen now

Episode 68: Laurel Christensen, GN Hearing

Stuart talked to the chief audiology officer at GN Hearing, the world’s leading hearing aid maker, where he found out how the company is developing its tech to deliver better, clearer sound for the hearing impaired. 

Listen now

Episode 67: Laz Tyrekidis, Aristocracy London

We met up with the founder of Aristocracy London, to talk about how the traditional tailor brand has turned to technology to make sure your next suit fits.

Listen now

Episode 66: David Alexander, Specialized

Stuart spoke with the category lead of Turbo at Specialized about the company’s e-Bike range.

Listen now

Episode 65: Chris Sheldrick, What3Words

We talked to the co-founder and CEO of What3Words about the company’s extraordinary system for mapping the world.

Listen now

Episode 64: Zeena Quershi, Sonantic 

Stuart talks to the co-founder of AI voice technology company Sonantic, Zeena Quershi, about creating a voice AI that can cry

Listen now

Episode 63: Daniel Mansson, Flow 

Stuart talked to the founder of Flow, a drug-free treatment for depression comprising of a brain stimulation headset and an app therapy program about how the new technology can help people suffering from depression. 

Listen now

Episode 62: Nick Holroyd, Ineos Team UK 

Stuart spoke with the technical director and chief designer for America’s Cup team Ineos about how it uses data to help bring home a victory in the world’s oldest international sporting event.

Listen now

Episode 61: Giovanni Filli, Exeger

Stuart spoke with the founder of startup Exeger who explained how his company can print solar cells on devices – that way, they can be powered by light without the need for bulkier solar panels.

Listen now

Episode 60: Samuel Raciti, Bolt

Stuart talked to the UK boss of Bolt as the Britain entered the trial phase of eScooters hitting the country’s streets.

Listen now

Episode 58: Andrew Elia, BAFTA games panel member

After news broke that Bose pulled out of the augmented reality market, it was fitting that Stuart interviewed a BAFTA games voting panel member about the future of AR in general.

Listen now

Episode 57: Dave Coplin

We interviewed the former Microsoft chief envisioning officer who detailed the future of working remotely and education in a post coronavirus world.

Listen now

Episode 56: Rob Holmes, Roku 

Rik interviewed the VP of programming at Roku about the free Roku Channel and how streaming boomed during lockdown.

Listen now

Episode 55: Giles Martin, Sonos

The world-renowned music producer and Sonos’ sound experience leader spoke with Rik about the Sonos Arc, the complexities of mixing music in Dolby Atmos, and how the best sound equipment should fade into the background.

Listen now

Episode 54: Tim Doubleday, Vicon

We spoke with the entertainment product manager at Vicon about how the world of motion capture is changing the way movies and games are created.

Listen now

Episode 53: Estelle Rubio

Stuart talked to the music producer, remixer and singer/songwriter to find out some of the technology tricks available to make music sound better.

Listen now

Episode 52: Jean-Baptiste Fontes, inventor

Stuart spoke with to the inventor of a new desk lamp that can help dyslexic sufferers read normally for the first time.

Listen now

Episode 51: Genevieve Bell, leading anthropologist and Intel

Stuart talked with the anthropologist, distinguished professor at the Australian National University and vice president of Intel about how we’re changing the way we interact with tech. She also explained what coming out of lockdown means and how we could use contact tracing to make that a reality.

Listen now

Episode 50: Patrick Dorsey, Intel, and Jason Mitchell, Accenture

As part of Pocket-lint’s sustainability month, we talked with Intel and Accenture about how they are working with the Sulubaaï Environmental Foundation to monitor coral reefs using AI.

Listen now

Episode 49: Louise Koch, Dell

Stuart caught up with Dell’s head of international sustainability to talk about how the company approaches eco-friendliness with its products. They also talked about Dell’s plans for the future, and how it is already changing the way the company builds and designs its computers.

Listen now

Episode 48: Andrew Hurst and Krzysztof Meinicke, Resideo

Continuing our sustainability month, Stuart chatted with Resideo, the new home for Honeywell home products, about how smart heating can save you bundles, while helping the planet by lowering your energy consumption.

Listen now

Episode 47: Stephen Prior, Forest Carbon

As part of Pocket-lint’s sustainability month, we spoke with the co-founder of Forest Carbon about how we can all plant many more trees to offset our carbon footprints and help save the planet.

Listen now

Episode 46: Spencer Hyman,

Stuart chatted with the co-founder of online chocolate store, about how the discovery of new products online can be made easier and better for consumers.

Listen now

Episode 45: Peter Virk, Land Rover

We caught up with Jaguar Land Rover’s connected car director at CES earlier this year to talk about the new Land Rover Defender why you’ll need your car to have not one but two SIM cards in it. 

Listen now

Episode 44: Peter Mühlmann, Trustpilot

Stuart spoke with the founder and CEO Trustpilot about the importance of customer reviews online, how his company makes sure the reviews are real, and to get some tips in spotting a fake reviews over real.

Listen now

Episode 43: Alex Evans, Media Molecule

Rik chatted with one of the driving forces behind one of our favourite games of all time, LittleBigPlanet, about his latest game: Dreams. He revealed why it is one of the most ambitious PS4 projects of all time, and why it’s great for young and old.

Listen now

Episode 42: Marius Lang, Lego

We caught up with Lego’s head of marketing in the UK and Ireland, Marius Lang, to talk about the company’s Hidden Side augmented reality sets, the future of Lego and whether there will be a Lego Movie 3.

Listen now

Episode 41: Graham Wheeler, HTC

Rik hooked up with HTC Europe’s general manager, Graham Wheeler, to talk about the expansion of the HTC Vive Cosmos headset range, how virtual reality is growing in general, and future plans for the firm at the heart of it.

Listen now

Episode 40: Jonathan Beard

Stuart chatted to the renowned movie and TV orchestrator and composer, Jonathan Beard, who has worked on plenty of top-notch series, including The Mandalorian, The Walking Dead, and The Handmaid’s Tale. He has a lot to say on how technology has changed the film and TV music business.

Listen here

Episode 39: Dugald Macdonald and Peter Husemeyer, Sportable

Stuart met with the duo behind high-performance, real-time 3D sports tracking and data company Sportable to discuss how the company’s technology helps improve rugby and other sports, for players, coaches and fans alike.

Listen now

Episode 38: Yasushi Murayama, Panasonic

During CES earlier in January 2020, we caught up with the global head of product planning at Panasonic TV to talk about the company’s new televisions, the importance of Filmmaker Mode, and whether services like Netflix are really keeping people watching telly.

Listen now

Episode 37: Gary Turner, Xero

Late last year, Stuart hosted a couple of fireside chats with several guest speakers at Xerocon. He used his backstage pass access to catch up with the co-founder and managing director of Xero, Gary Turner who explained how the company is embracing technology like AI in order to make chasing late payments easier.

Listen now

Episode 36: Nick Woodman, GoPro

When visiting CES in Las Vegas in January 2020, Stuart caught up with the founder and CEO of GoPro who explained what the company has been up to and what it has in store for us next.

Listen now

Episode 33: Mark Livingstone, Pharmacy2U

We caught up with the co-founder of LoveFilm to discuss his latest role as CEO of Pharmacy2U and how online prescriptions and healthcare are set to change in the future thanks to the internet and AI.

Listen now

Episode 32: Gilad Tiefenbrun, Linn

Stuart sat down with the managing director of renowned speaker brand Linn, to talk all things music and how our habits and tastes have changed over the years from an analogue music experience to a digital one.

Listen now

Episode 31: Scott Petty, Vodafone

We talked to Vodafone’s UK chief technology officer about the company’s continuing 5G rollout and why this generation of network tech is different to the last.

Listen now

Episode 30: Lucy Hughes, winner of the James Dyson award

Stuart caught up with the the student that not only won the UK leg of the James Dyson award, but also the overall global prize of £30,000. She talked about her winning invention – a new bioplastic made of organic fish waste – and what winning the overall honour meant for her.

Listen now

Episode 29: Andy Kerr, Bowers & Wilkins

We spoke to the director of product marketing at Bowers & Wilkins about how important it is to have good speakers and how the company went about developing the sound system for the Philips OLED+ 984 TV.

Listen now 

Episode 27: Danny MacAskill

Stuart caught up with pro mountain biker Danny MacAskill, who explained the work and tech required for his incredible YouTube videos, plus his plans for the future.

Listen now

Episode 26: Daniel Rausch, Amazon

Stuart met with Amazon’s vice president of smart home to talk about the future of Alexa and the work going on behind the scenes to address privacy concerns.

Listen now

Episode 25: Bamily

We chatted with up-and-coming band Bamily about the use of tech in music and why it doesn’t matter what digital quality you listen in, as long as you’re listening.

Listen now

Episode 24: James Haskell

The former England and Wasps rugby union star talked to Stuart about sports technology and how it can be better utilised for training. He didn’t hold back neither.

Listen now

Episode 23: Paul Franklin, Dneg

We got an insight on Hollywood special effects and digital actors from Oscar-winner Franklin in a great interview.

Listen now

Episode 22: Jesse Dorogusker, Square

Dorogusker gave us his opinion on stores like Amazon Go and whether customers will ever be comfortable with “invisible payment” systems.

Listen now

Episode 21: Ant Middleton

Editor Chris talked with the former SBS sniper and Royal Marine, now TV personality and author who revealed what he thinks about the latest Garmin sports watches and why his friends don’t invite him paintballing.

Listen now

Episode 20: Caspar Thykier, Zappar

We spoke with the co-founder of Zappar, Caspar Thykier, who revealed how augmented reality can improve our lives in the years to come.

Listen now

Episode 19: Robert Llewellyn, Red Dwarf star

Stuart sat down with Red Dwarf star Robert Llewellyn, who is a self-confessed electric car lover, to chat about the ways to save energy and cut bills in our smart homes.

Listen now

Episode 18 – Damon Crowhurst, Samsung

We talked with Samsung’s head of visual display about the company’s Wall TV concept. Plus, he revealed why displays are changing the way we shop, sporting events and much more.

Listen now

Episode 17 – Jordan Woodward, Rebellion

Fresh back from Gamescom, Pocket-lint’s Rik Henderson caught up with Jordan Woodward the lead level designer at Rebellion to talk about the company’s new game Zombie Army 4: Dead War, subscriptions and the wider discussions about in-game upgrades.

Listen now

Episode 16 – Sir Bradley Wiggins

Stuart interviewed Sir Bradley Wiggins, five-times Olympic Gold cycling medallist.  The former winner of the Tour de France and many other races talks about cycling, his new children’s bike range launching with Halfords, and how he used tech to train.

Listen now

Episode 15 – Anthony Nicholson, Gearbox Software

Rik Henderson, Pocket-lint’s resident gaming expert, flew to Los Angeles to interview Anthony Nicholson, senior producer at Gearbox Software to talk about the company’s latest game; Borderlands 3.

Listen now

Episode 14 – Dr Alex Allan, Kortical

Stuart talked to Dr Alex Allan, the CTO and co-founder of AI startup Kortical about AI and how it has the potential to fundamentally change the way we work and play over the next decade and beyond.

Listen now

Episode 13 – George Vaughan, Ascot racecourse 

Stuart chatted with CTO of Ascot racecourse George Vaughan about how the site is embracing technology to stay relevant.

Listen now

Episode 12 – Rhys Morgan, The Royal Academy of Engineering

Stuart spoke with Rhys Morgan, a director at The Royal Academy of Engineering, about how the Academy is working to get more people involved in the trade.

Listen now

Episode 11 – Scott Harvey, Global Dating Insights

Scott Harvey, editor of Global Dating Insights, told us about the state of online dating and how it’s changing traditional romantic behaviours.

Listen now

Episode 10 – Gareth Cousins

Stuart met Gareth Cousins, a Hollywood sound mixer who has worked on countless films and shows, including Gravity, Netflix’s Our Planet, Baby Driver and Batman Begins. 

Listen now

Episode 9 – Swupnil Sahai, Swing

Swupnil Sahai explained all about his clever Apple Watch app, Swing, that tracks your tennis shots on court.

Listen now

Episode 8 – Will Bex-Russell, Henry Buckley and Monica Son, Virgin Atlantic

Pocket-lint Contributor David Phelan talked to the team behind the new Virgin Atlantic cabin redesign.

Listen now

Episode 7 – Lee Armstrong, Plane Finder

Lee Armstrong, CTO of Plane Finder, a website that tracks thousands of planes every day as they fly through our skies, discussed WWDC and how you track planes around the world. 

Listen now

Episode 6 – Jack Dorsey, Twitter

Stuart interviewed Twitter and Square CEO, Jack Dorsey, during London Tech Week to talk about the future of cash.

Listen now

Episode 5 – Jonathan Nicholson, CAA

Stuart spoke to Jonathan Nicholson, the assistant director of communications at the Civil Aviation Authority to talk about the future of drones.

Listen now

Episode 4 – Phil Tufnell, ex-England cricketer, TV presenter and Nissan ambassador

Rik Henderson interviewed Phil Tufnell about cricket, tech in the sport and how small, regional clubs can be made sustainable through solar energy technology.

Listen now

Episode 3 – Cristiano Amon, Qualcomm

Stuart caught up with Qualcomm president Cristiano Amon at the EE 5G launch event to talk about why he and the company believes 5G is so important.

Listen now

Episode 2 – Julian Standford, Dolby

Pocket-lint contributor David Phelan interviewed Julian Stanford, the man responsible for Dolby Cinema in Europe

Listen now

Episode 1 – David Monks, Rolls-Royce

In our first episode, Rolls-Royce’s Project Manager, David Monks, spoke to Stuart at the company’s UK factory in the Sussex countryside. 

Listen now

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Liverpool's Trent Alexander-Arnold names Manchester United trait he fears most

Liverpool’s Trent Alexander-Arnold had admitted that he’s wary of Manchester United’s attacking talent. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side bounced back from a few underwhelming results in midweek, beating Atalanta 3-2 in ... Read more »

DOST receives foreign queries on COVID-19 symptom relief from VCO, herbal meds

virgin coconut oil Several countries have inquired about a Philippine study that suggested virgin coconut oil (VCO), lagundi, and tawa-tawa provided “symptomatic relief” against COVID-19, the Department of Science and ... Read more »

Dot banks on post-COVID rural appeal, pays employees to move

© Provided by Associated Press Aimie Logan explains how she electronically checks off items shown on the monitor attached to her forklift in loading pallets of food for delivery at ... Read more »

'Insurance killer' ex-cop found guilty on six counts of murder

© Provided by CapeTalk – Fraud and murder accused Nomia Ndlovu was found guilty on six counts of murder in the Palm Ridge Magistrate’s Court on Friday – Ndlovu was ... Read more »

Where Murphy, Ciattarelli stand on issues in NJ gov race

© Provided by Associated Press Incumbent Gov. Phil Murphy, D-N.J. speaks during a gubernatorial debate with Republican challenger Jack Ciattarelli at Rowan University’s Pfleeger Concert Hall Tuesday, Oct. 12, 2021, ... Read more »

UAE helps vaccinate more than 102 million children against polio in Pakistan

© Akhtar Soomro A child receives vaccine drops during an anti-polio campaign in a low-income neighbourhood in Karachi, Pakistan. Reuters The Emirates has helped vaccinate more than 102 million children ... Read more »

Watch FIU vs. Western Kentucky: TV channel, live stream info, start time

© Provided by CBS Sports Sep 24, 2016; Miami, FL, USA; FIU Golden Panthers cheerleaders cheer prior to a game against UCF Knights at FIU Stadium. Who’s Playing Western Kentucky ... Read more »

Sharjah to host National Libraries Summit from November 8-9

© Provided by Khaleej Times Sharjah to host National Libraries Summit from November 8-9 As part of the Sharjah International Book Fair, the Sharjah Book Authority (SBA) is organising the ... Read more »

'Rust' crew members 'didn't feel safe' prior to Alec Baldwin shooting. There were 2 accidental discharges on set last week, report says.

© ANNE LEBRETON/AFP via Getty Images Security guards stand at the entrance of Bonanza Creek Ranch in Santa Fe, New Mexico, after the deadly on-set tragedy. ANNE LEBRETON/AFP via Getty ... Read more »

Expo 2020 Dubai: Thought leaders push for gender equality in space sector

© Provided by Khaleej Times Expo 2020 Dubai: Thought leaders push for gender equality in space sector Breaking the glass ceiling in space and pushing for a more gender equal ... Read more »

UAE: Al-Futtaim Group to host open day for job-seekers

© Provided by Khaleej Times UAE: Al-Futtaim Group to host open day for job-seekers Al-Futtaim will host an open day for Emirati job seekers on Tuesday, October 26, the company ... Read more »

Top aviation experts to meet at Abu Dhabi aerospace summit

© Provided by Khaleej Times Top aviation experts to meet at Abu Dhabi aerospace summit Leading aviation, aerospace, space and defence leaders from across the world will meet in Abu ... Read more »

Delimitation will happen, followed by elections and restoration of statehood: Amit Shah in J K

Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Saturday said that delimitation will happen in Jammu and Kashmir, followed by elections and then restoration of statehood. “Why should we stop delimitation? Delimitation ... Read more »

One Avighna Park fire: Short-circuit likely cause, says Mumbai Fire Brigade

© Provided by Hindustan Times TheMumbai Fire Brigade has said that had the firefighting system at One Avighna Park high-rise got operational automatically, the fire would have come under control ... Read more »

Saudi Aramco sets 2050 zero carbon emissions target

© Provided by WION Energy giant Saudi Aramco committed to being a net zero enterprise by 2050, its chief said Saturday, shortly after the kingdom said it aimed to achieve ... Read more »

291 hectares of forest land to be diverted for Kondhane dam

© Provided by Hindustan Times Kondhane Dam project is proposed to be built across the Ulhas River and around 291 hectares of forest land is likely to be diverted for ... Read more »

China passes new law to reduce homework pressure on students

© Provided by Hindustan Times Children leave a school in Shekou area of Shenzhen, Guangdong province. China has passed a new law to cut down on students’ homework and off-school ... Read more »

Chelsea 7-0 Norwich: Mason Mount nets hat-trick as Premier League leaders run riot in massive win

© AFP via Getty Images masonmountchelsea23102021A.jpg Mason Mount scored his first Chelsea hat-trick as the Premier League leaders ran riot in a 7-0 romp against 10-man Norwich. The England midfielder ... Read more »

Soccer-Leaders Chelsea hammer Norwich 7-0 in Premier League

By Clare Lovell © Reuters/ANDREW BOYERS Premier League – Chelsea v Norwich City LONDON (Reuters) -A hat-trick from Mason Mount propelled Chelsea to a 7-0 win over bottom side Norwich ... Read more »

Mason Mount scores hat-trick as leaders Chelsea put seven past 10-man Norwich

© PA Wire Mason Mount, left, got a hat-trick (Tess Derry/PA) – PA Wire Mason Mount bagged a hat-trick as Chelsea handed hapless 10-man Norwich a 7-0 homegrown hammering to ... Read more »

‘The Bachelorette' Clare Crawley Proclaims ‘I Loved Loving' Dale Moss

“The Bachelorette” Clare Crawley is recovering from her recent breakup with Dale Moss. © Photo: David Buchan/Getty Images for Westfield Clare Crawley Crawley, 40, joined country singer and actress Jana ... Read more »

PM lancar Yayasan Keluarga Malaysia bantu anak terjejas Covid-19

© Provided by Free Malaysia Today Ismail Sabri Yaakob (tengah) pada Majlis Pelancaran Keluarga Malaysia di Pusat Konvensyen Borneo Kuching, Sarawak malam ini. (Gambar Bernama) PETALING JAYA: Perdana Menteri, Ismail ... Read more »
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