Black Friday Apple Watch deals 2021: our predictions and what to expect

Black Friday Apple Watch deals are always popular, so it pays to be prepared if you don’t want to miss out. With not one, not two, but five excellent options on the market there’s plenty to consider this year at a range of budgets. To help you score the best Black Friday Apple Watch deals, we’ve created this guide with everything you need to know, plus our expert predictions. 

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Black Friday falls on November 26 this year, which means we’re only a few weeks off now from the big day itself. We expect this year’s event to offer fantastic Black Friday Apple Watch deals, thanks to the release of the brand new Apple Watch Series 7. Not only do we have a fantastic new flagship product on the market, but it also means we’re much more likely to see record-low prices on the now older Apple Watch 6, SE, and Apple Watch 3. 

We’ve updated this article to include expert price predictions for each model further down the page – including our forecast for this year’s Black Friday Apple Watch 7 deals. We’re also covering when we expect deals to start (hint: it’s sooner than you think), general advice so you don’t miss out, and also which retailers we expect to offer the best promotions on the day. We’ve also got a selection of last year’s best Black Friday Apple Watch deals to check out as well as today’s best prices. 

As always, we’ll be updating this article regularly in the lead-up to the big day itself and with the deals themselves as they land, so don’t hesitate to bookmark this page and revisit. 

Today’s best Apple Watch deals

Even though we’re a few weeks away from the official start date for this year’s Black Friday Apple Watch deals, things are already starting to heat up at leading retailers in both the US and UK. We’ve rounded up today’s best prices just down below – including the Apple Watch Series 7, SE, 6, and Series 3. Surprisingly, a number of retailers (especially Amazon) are offering some good price cuts already.

You may think it’s early to start considering picking up an Apple Watch but definitely check out today’s options. As we’ll cover in more detail further down the page, Apple Watches tend to be popular on certain models and colors, so it can be better to snag one sooner rather than later before they sell out.

Black Friday AirPods deals: FAQ

When will Black Friday Apple Watch deals start in 2021?

Black Friday proper takes place on November 26 this year, but we should start to see deals popping up from about now onwards. If you’re looking to score the best Black Friday Apple Watch deals, things tend to heat up more and more the closer you get to Black Friday – with the week beforehand being particularly hot. That said, the more popular and recent models could sell out well before then so it might be better to opt for an early-bird deal.

Our top 3 tips for this year’s Black Friday Apple Watch deals

1. Research, research, research

Firstly, you’ll want to know exactly which model will be the best for your budget and needs. Our best Apple Watch buyer’s guide is a fantastic place to start. It’s got a full breakdown of every model in the range, as well a direct comparison from our experts. For more detailed information, you can search TechRadar for individual product reviews – see our Apple Watch SE page for example. 

Aside from knowing which model you’re aiming for, we’d also recommend choosing your desired color beforehand and checking in at Amazon (and other retailers) to gauge availability and price. Certain models and colors (especially the more subdued ones) tend to be more popular and therefore either retail for slightly higher prices. By doing a bit of research beforehand you’ll be able to gauge for yourself if a Black Friday Apple Watch price is the real deal or not.

2. Buy sooner rather than later

OK, so this one’s heavily dependant on which model you’re looking for, but as a general rule of thumb, it may be wise to pick up a deal sooner rather than later. Why? Well, in short, Black Friday deals on Apple products in general don’t tend to be massively better than those featured on other sales events (like Boxing Day or Amazon Prime Day) and they also tend to sell out quite quickly.

The caveat to this is that certain models (usually the older ones) and certain colors (usually the brighter ones) are less popular than others. If you like the red, green, or blue colors and are looking for an older model, for example, then you’ll likely find better deals and more stock on Black Friday.

However, if you’re looking for a later model then it could pay to snap one up sooner rather than later – we’re six weeks out (as of writing) and the Apple Watch SE in Silver is already sold out at Amazon US, for example.

3. Consider alternate retailers

Leading on from the above point – even though Amazon tends to be the best (and most popular) retailer for Black Friday Apple Watch deals, it’s not the only decent retailer by any means. These products are widely stocked by a plethora of retailers in both the UK and US, so it’s a great idea to widen your search, shop around, and consider alternatives if you find your desired model sold out at Amazon. Walmart, Best Buy, as well as smaller retailers like Adorama and B&H are all good picks for the US. Currys, John Lewis, Argos, are great for the UK, as are smaller retailers like Very, Box, and Laptops Direct.

We’ve included links to these retailers just below and we’ll also be including Apple Watch Black Friday deals from these picks on the day.  

Which model should I go for?

  • Best overall: Apple Watch 7
  • Best value: Apple Watch SE
  • Best for on a budget: Apple Watch 3
  • Black Friday wildcard: Apple Watch 6

The Apple Watch Series 7 is the latest release – one which includes a larger display (20% bigger than previously), IP6X dust resistance, and better durability. It’s the shiniest and most impressive Apple Watch on the market right now, although it carries the highest price tag and is also less likely to receive Black Friday deals (more on that below). 

It’s also functionally the same inside as the now superseded Apple Watch Series 6. This model’s officially discontinued now so it could be a prime target for a Black Friday clearance sale at leading retailers. With a beefy S6 processor, ECG and blood oxygen monitor, it’s still incredibly fully featured and a great buy for premium watch hunters.

On the budget side of things, you’ve got the Apple Watch SE and Series 3. The SE is the much more recent (and powerful) device of the two, so we’d recommend that one if your budget can stretch. The Apple Watch 3 is still supported with the latest software, however, and can do the job for both casual and fitness tasks if you’re on a comparatively shoe-string budget. 

Will there be Apple Watch 7 Black Friday deals?

Tough question. We think it’s fairly unlikely there’ll be good Apple Watch 7 Black Friday deals this year but we wouldn’t rule them out completely. 

For context, the Apple Watch 7 was released in mid-October, which means it’ll be barely a month old by the time Black Friday rolls around. That officially puts it in the ‘brand-spanking-new’ category and an outside bet for a price cut for sure.

That said, we have seen fairly modest price cuts on other Apple products after launch. The new iPad mini, for example, received a $40 discount at Amazon just a few weeks after launch – an unexpected but wholly welcome surprise. If that’s anything to go by, then there could be a slim chance of a slight price cut on the Apple Watch Series 7 over Black Friday.

Where are the best places to find Black Friday Apple Watch deals?

Top US retailers:


the best retailer for record-low prices 

Apple – gift cards and freebies with select devices

Best Buy – deals on the Apple Watch 3, SE, and Series 6

Walmart – competitive prices on all models, but stock tends to go quickly

Top UK retailers:


record-low prices on the Apple Watch

Apple see Apple’s latest and greatest smartwatch

Currys – save $100 when you trade in your old Apple Watch

Very – deals on the Apple Watch 3, SE, and the Series 6

Our guide will bring you all the best Black Friday Apple Watch deals with the lowest prices available from all your favorite retailers. Apple typically doesn’t offer discounts on its own devices, although the company did offer free gift cards with select devices during last year’s Black Friday sale. This means you’ll have to rely on third-party retailers like Amazon to find the best Black Friday Apple Watch deals. We’ve listed the most popular retailers below, so you can browse offers now and get a feel for what prices to expect during the upcoming November sale.

Black Friday Apple Watch deals – our predictions

The Black Friday Apple Watch deals we expect to see in 2021

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Apple Watch Series 7 Black Friday price: $399 to $389

We’d be surprised if the Apple Watch Series 7 gets a price cut on Black Friday but we’re not letting that stop us from being hopeful (a person can dream after all). If there are discounts, however, then we expect them to be extremely modest – somewhere in the $20/£20 range seems likely. These are brand new releases and highly desirable, so any big deals are likely to get snapped up quickly.

UK: £359 to £349

© Provided by TechRadar

Apple Watch Series 6 Black Friday

price: $349 to $319

Where we could see a decent Black Friday Apple Watch deal, however, is on the now older Apple Watch Series 6. This device is now officially discontinued so we could see retailers clearing out old stock on this device. We wouldn’t, however, expect anything too massive since it’s still a highly desirable device and one that’s just as feature-packed as the Series 7.

UK: £349 to £319

© Provided by TechRadar

Apple Watch SE Black Friday

price: $259 to $219

We’ve got big hopes for the Apple Watch SE over Black Friday. Not only will this device be a whole year old by November, but it’s also our current pick for overall value. We’ve seen some small price cuts recently from Amazon and other retailers but we’re holding out for a new record price – hopefully breaking the $220 / £240 barrier. Stock has been an issue on this model, however, so it could be worth picking one up sooner rather than later.

UK: £269 to £239

© Provided by TechRadar

Apple Watch Series 3 Black Friday price: $139 to $109

Finally we’ve got the Apple Watch Series 3 – 2017’s flagship device and the current budget option in the range. As the oldest device, this one’s the most likely to receive big price cuts. We’re hoping for the lowest price yet in both territories here – possibly breaking the $110 / £120 barrier. Stock has, however, been an issue at some retailers in both the UK and US over the past few weeks though so again this could be one to pick up early.

UK: £139 to £119

The best Black Friday Apple Watch deals last year

One of the best ways to predict what will happen in 2021 is to look back at last year’s best Apple Watch Black Friday deals. In the US, we saw the top-tier Apple Watch 6 discounted by up to $70 over Black Friday, with the 40mm GPS model dropping in price from $399 to $329.98 at Amazon.  

There were also big price cuts on the lower-spec but excellent value Apple Watch SE. (It isn’t as high-end as the Apple Watch 6, but we think it’s the best Apple Watch you can buy because it has all the best bits of the top-tier version, but it costs less money.) The lowest price we saw here was $229 for the 40mm GPS model at Best Buy – that’s a $50 discount from the full $279. Meanwhile, 2017’s best smartwatch – the Apple Watch Series 3 – dropped as low as $119 at Amazon and Walmart. 

Here’s a roundup of last year’s best Black Friday Apple Watch deals, as well as what we wrote about them at the time.

In the US

© Provided by TechRadar

Apple Watch Series 6 (40mm, GPS): $399

$329.98 at Amazon

The all-new Apple Watch Series 6 got a massive $69 price cut at Amazon in this Black Friday deal. The all-new 40mm smartwatch features a new S6 processor, blood oxygen monitoring, an ECG app, and elevation tracking.

© Provided by TechRadar

Apple Watch SE (40mm, GPS): $279

$229 at Best Buy

The Apple Watch SE previously dropped to $229 for those in the US, so we’d recommend waiting to see if that deal returns. If you’re desperate to buy right now, the best price is $20 off from Best Buy. You’re getting a Sport Band here, and your color choices are gold, silver or black.

© Provided by TechRadar

Apple Watch Series 3, 38mm: $199

$119 at Best Buy

Best Buy may not currently have such a great price for the Apple Watch Series 3 as the $119 discount we saw earlier, but the retailer does have consistent stock. If you’re desperate to get your Apple Watch 3 today, we’d recommend using this link.

© Provided by TechRadar

Apple Watch Series 3 GPS 42mm: $229

$214 at Best Buy (save $15)

You can also get the 42mm Apple Watch 3 on sale at Best Buy for $214. While that isn’t the lowest price we’ve seen for this model, which includes GPS technology, it’s near to that price (but it’s only available in black).

© Provided by TechRadar

Apple Watch SE (44mm, GPS): $309

$289 at Best Buy (save $20)

This model has previously been on sale for $259, but $289 is the best price right now for the smartwatch. You’re also getting a Sport Band here, and your color choices are gold, silver or black.

In the UK

© Provided by TechRadar

Apple Watch Series 3, GPS-only, 38mm: £279

£179 at Currys (save £100)

The Series 3 version of the Apple Watch is something of a sweet spot for value and performance, and this deal sees it equal its lowest ever price. It packs in a heart-rate monitor, GPS and an 18-hour battery life. This deal is also available for the silver/white version, while the larger 42mm model is also on sale for £199.  

© Provided by TechRadar

Apple Watch 5 Black Sport Band 44mm (GPS + Cell): £749

£495.99 at Amazon (save £253)

This is a huge saving on an otherwise-expensive piece of kit. With £253 off, Apple’s 2019 smartwatch becomes more much – if not actually – affordable, and we’d recommend looking at this if you don’t think you need the Series 6.

© Provided by TechRadar

Apple Watch 5 White Sport Band 40mm (GPS + Cell): £699

£452.99 at Amazon (save £246)

There’s nearly £250 off this sporty-looking version of the Apple Watch 5, which is a pretty huge saving compared to the initial price. the 44mm version is on sale too but its reduction isn’t as dramatic.

© Provided by TechRadar

Apple Watch Series 5 (44mm, GPS + Cellular): £529

£399.99 at Amazon (save £129.01)

Was down to £413.20, now down to £399.99. Need the larger version of the Apple Watch 5 with GPS and cellular? You’ll like this deal from Amazon that discounts £129 off the smartwatch with the price available on the space grey and the silver variants of the device.

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